2009-03-04-With a Common Mind


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: With a Common Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Machiventa, Unknown

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “This is a rather subdued household I have arrived in (all are tired – it’s already in the AM). Even the parrot feels a little less like a parrot at this time. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. We are all aligned. We are all connected. I will step aside for another.”

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I greet you all, my dear students. I have some good news for you, and for many others. A large contingent of Mentori has now gathered, and they are now at their tasks.

“These are specialists of all kinds. They are progressive in their ways. They are healers, and they come from many different sources, even from this Super Universe ‘availability.’ So far, as it concerns your additional Midway Helpers, they are from this local universe. A percentage of Mentori Specialists have arrived from far beyond our realm. The greater number of these consists of individuals of different species you have never heard of. They are still unrevealed, but they are specialists.

“It is in keeping with Michael’s mandates that, shall we say, all holes will be plugged in this ship that must now move forward without any undue loss of momentum, without anyone having to bail it out, as was much the case in the past.

“Let us sail forward with this additional help, and one might say: ‘Witness the miracles!” There are among the Mentori those whom you know as Archangels, Seraphim, Secondary Midwayers, and Primary Midwayers, Life Carrier Specialists, Geneticists, and former human beings, also. You will find amongst these even those who have spiritized (fused). I will in turn step aside for another. Adieu.”

Mentor: “I speak with the common voice of all those who are progress oriented, and belong to the Mentori. We are advanced individuals and specialists in our specific healing professions. We are trained to function with a common mind. Therefore, I am the voice of all, and you may refer to me as Mentor. Mentori is the plural. Mentor, when you listen to my personal deliberations.

“You have long known that we would arrive on your planet, for you were given that information by your Midwayer Friends (in 2001). You will see, as we go about our business, that a great deal of healing will take place on this planet, where it is so badly needed. Many of us have put our further ascension on hold, in a sense -- have put our further spiritual progression on hold -- and yet, we know that in dealing with the ‘lowly human’ we are dealing with equally-loved brothers and sisters. We are here to assist you, to move you forward, to bring you out of this Correcting Time and into Light and Life. Indeed, we shall be here for a prolonged period of time.

“I thank you for your willing ear. It is for you such a late hour. We will not apologize for the fact that we have brought you a great deal of work during days just past. We know we can count on you, and your 11:11 group, to divide up the work amongst yourself, and see this through. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your patience. This is Mentor, the common voice of all who belong to my group. Our love goes with you all.”

George: “This is George. Thank you all.”