2009-03-15-A Lesson on Child-like Faith

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Topic: A Lesson on Child-like Faith

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Good morning dear one, Ophelius here, and the Circle, to speak to you on this quiet Sunday morning. Today’s lesson is on Child-like faith. What does it mean to have child-like faith? What exactly did the Master mean when he said, ‘To enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must be as a child, and have child-like faith?’ This lesson is to be considered in context with my lesson on salvation, for to come to the place of salvation, you must have child-like faith.

“We use the child as an example to illuminate the qualities necessary for true faith as a precursor to salvation. A young child, when spoken to by his parents, believes without doubt that which the parent says, and it formulates no counter speculation as to the intent and purpose, or the meaning of the truth therein. The child believes the words of the parents, that it must be true, and it must be for good purpose, whether or not the child completely understands its meaning.

“So also is it true for the born-again believer to take the word of the Son, who is in the Father, and the Father in the Son, and believe that truth being for good purpose, yet not understanding the ascension plan in its entirety, but spiritually knowing it is the better way. It is this better way that is key to the Kingdom of Heaven through salvation. When we allow the indwelling Spirit to reveal the truth of the Kingdom to the mind, with child-like faith, we can reconcile all doubt and accept the truth of eternal life without reservation, spiritually knowing that the Son has prepared a place for us in the Father’s abode. I know whereof I speak, dear one, for I am in the Father’s house and his glory abounds all around me, yet notwithstanding, I know only a minuscule part of the ascension plan, but I have faith in the finality of it.

“How do we come to that point where we lay aside all skepticism, and open our heart to the light of truth? For many, it is the disillusionment and disappointments of material existence that lay bare the infant soul to cry out for a new direction -- a new and better way. It is often this wounded heart that reaches out in child-like trust and humility, to be shown the better way, for their way has proved to be futile. So you see, to have child-like faith, one must strip away pride and wear the cloak of humility -- to come to the Father like a little child and say, ‘Father, show me the way.’ He is faithful and just, and opens his ear to the cries of his children who ask with child-like faith.

“You, the agrondonters of Urantia -- those who believe without seeing, having passed through such adversity, and yet, have that child-like faith, will be duly rewarded, for you are the salt of the earth and the light in the darkness -- you are the children -- you have sonship with the Father of all creation. I commend you for your determination to persevere in the face of those who doubt you, and doubt the Father, for their road will be much more difficult in the next world -- for those that would be first, shall be last, and those that would be least, shall be greatest in the Kingdom. Oh, little children, if you could only behold what my eyes see here before me, and all the wonders of this heavenly abode -- if you could have only a glimpse of the beauty and grandeur of this spirit life, you would lose all fear of death and shed no tear for those loved ones that have passed before you. You would run with excitement, like a child, and tell everyone you know of what you have beheld and the truth therein. Your life would have a new vigor and meaning, and you would from that day on, make your business, the Father’s business -- your will, His will -- and make brotherhood your ambition.

“It is the illusion of the material world that impedes this child-like faith in many, but it is an essential part of God’s plan of creation -- this is your starting point, a place that is furthest from Him -- yet is He closer than a brother, for He dwells within the mind of every man, woman, and child on Urantia, and He is determined to pilot you home to Paradise. Be of good cheer, and love the life that you have, knowing you have the eternal assurance of life everlasting.

“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”