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Topic: What is Outside of Space

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


  • Moderator - Mary Rogers


Prayer: Monjoronson, we would like to welcome you into the circle of light workers and we are appreciative of your presence. As you know, these transcripts are being read far and wide and we can't wait to get started. Monjoronson: Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson here to join with you in this circle of light. I too arrive here eager to get started and I as well bring my petition to be in alignment with this process and with the Father throughout this process as I sense you do. Let us begin.


  • Monjoronson’s Mission

Question #1: Good evening Monjoronson. The first questioner offers a series of questions as follows:

What do you expect to achieve by your coming to this world Monjoronson? Do you have a time table that you are operating under and what is its parameter if so? What are you expecting us to do besides think good thoughts and be loving to those around us? When can we expect some "spirit candy" for dessert?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. I do discern in the tone of this line of questioning the very human desire to have a plan and to know what the plan is and by knowing the plan to form reasonable expectations which in the human condition includes reasonable time frames. First of all, the major plan that I am here involved in is the Magisterial Mission, part of the Correcting Time wherein we will swing the direction of this world once and for all in the direction of Light and Life. We will take the reins of a world which is in aimless directions and we will bring about a common direction and focus and purpose as will be evidenced by what will come to be know as the Magisterial Mission.

As far as time frames go, that is not something that is directly transferrable between our two vantage points. I am not bound and restricted by this element of time as all you humans are on this world. I have as long as it takes and I will be here for as long as it takes regardless of what that length of time may end up being. In the end, the time interval is almost completely up to you as individuals. You will determine how quickly you embrace these new truths and principles and therefore how quickly you may move into this next phase of our development.

As for what I expect you to do, I make no impositions upon you or bold expectations. I will forever follow the universal mandate of respecting your freewill and never will I be one to mandate actions or intentions for another. These are to be given as gifts, not demanded as taxes. So, in another sense this part of the question is as well, up to you. I would hope that many of you would choose to join with me in creating this shift in awareness and consciousness and by so doing would find ways in which to help facilitate this process. The ways are innumerable, the service opportunities abound. Once again this will be up to you to choose and implement to the degree you desire to do so in your lives.

And finally, your inquiry about when you will get some spiritual fruits or treats for your efforts and I say you are receiving them even now. They come as a direct result of your investment in your own individual personal spiritual growth and in any service opportunities you avail yourselves of for the benefit of all. Every such activity is well rewarded with the fruits of this spiritual pursuit. They might not rise to your standard of expectations as to what you would like in terms of your dessert or candy but they are far more significant and they will be with you long after the taste of such temporal treats have vanished. Look for the rewards for your efforts, they are most certainly there and they most certainly are generously provided as they are earned in this process. Thank you for your questions.

  • God’s Will

Question #2: The next question concerns the difficulty we have discerning what God's will is and this questioner says they go through a process that part of them feels that there is a distinct and definite part for them to play, that there are objective points that they should be hitting to be in alignment with God's will. They ask for guidance and hope for the best. They assume a posture of going with the flow and trust that God is opening the right doors with the correct timing and it works sometimes. Part of them feels that anything and everything is within God's will. If I stay in the right attitude and am present in each moment and open to brothers and sisters that need anything, that God is in this for the experience and He is not putting too much emphasis on the exact circumstance but allowing life to unfold within our free will. Sometimes this questioners feels adrift and is not sure that going with the flow is correct, that they sometimes ask for objective guidance as in their current search for a job and they hear only silence. So they are actively seeking to know and do God's will but are experiencing some difficulty getting a handle on it so if you would address this question we would appreciate it, thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this thoughtful contribution on your experience on feeling in tune and in the flow with the overall direction that the Father would have you take and I would make a brief analogy that you are, as you stated, predominantly in the flow, going with the flow as you would be rowing your boat down the river. The direction that you go when you are going with the flow means that there is sometimes added momentum when the current rises and you feel that you are well in tune with the river when you are enjoying your effort in combination with the effort with the flow and making great progress and enjoying the journey.

There are other times when you hit slow spots in the flow and you are not even certain of the direction any more. You may paddle back and forth looking for the course to take and be rather bored with the journey but nevertheless you are still undergoing it. It is still happening by virtue of the fact that you are traveling this great flow with intention. You have put your boat in and you are manning the oars and therefore by definition you are doing God's will, you are engaged in the overall plan of taking this journey.

Your question seeks to define if there is a time when you are not doing God's will or not engaged in this journey. That would be likened to turning your boat and pointing it upstream and you will immediately notice that the journey turns difficult and much effort is required to make very little progress and there is a great feeling of fruitlessness and of swimming upstream. That my friend is the only time you may consider yourself to be not engaged in the flow that the Father would have you be in, is when you turn about and pursue alternate directions which demonstrate immediately that they require extraordinary amounts of effort for very little gain. The way to the Father is easy and certain, simply keep your vessel pointed with the flow downstream and trust that your actions are in harmony with the overall design that the Father has for you because you are making progress at greater and lesser rates but nevertheless steady and sure progress. Fear not my friend, it takes great effort to not go with the flow and you will recognize this difference instantly and see the contrast that you desire to see if you turn about and go the opposite direction. As far as your temporal decisions about job searches or whatever the details might be, it is well and good to look for guidance but one must paddle in the direction of that destination of their own free will choice and make their effort to proceed in the directions they are drawn towards and then, the current of the river may be of great assistance in getting you there but to not make the choice is to pull in your oars and hope that the river will not only assist you but point you in the right direction and bring you to the destination of your choice. It is a combination effort, the flow is certainly there but effort is required on your part as well to steer your own vessel in the direction of your own choosing. I hope this metaphor helps to bring some illumination to your inquiries. Thank you.

  • Sound

Question #3: Can you tell us if and how sound heals Monjoronson? We have a questioner who had the experience of a cessation to pain in their back after they listened to some demo tracks on a CD of Tibetan singing bowls and sound vibrations on this CD apparently elicited a cessation to the pain in their back. They are curious about how sound vibrations heal.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your questions and your observations of your personal experience in relationship to sound waves. It has long been studied in some of the religions, this relationship of tone to energy manipulation and it has been pretty well been documented that different tones being of different frequency have been found to correspond to the different energy centers of the body you may refer to as chakras. Often times pain is a symptom which occurs as a result of energy blockage within the vehicle. As you know this series of energy stations in your body called chakras provide the circuitry for an energy field within you that utilizes these stations in your body to transmit energy back and forth thus wiring your vehicle into higher dimensions. When there is a blockage at one of these stations there is a cessation of free energy movement and just as with the circulation of your blood carrying vital nutrients it is imperative that your energy has free pathways to flow just as your circulation has free pathways to flow.

These different tones that you refer to have corresponded to these different stations of your electrical system, that is your electrical spiritual system, and have been unsuccessfully used to open up these stations along the route to create for greater flow of this energy. It sounds from your observation as though you have first hand experienced the demonstration of what I am describing. Many have on your world experienced this opening up of certain blockages as a result of their response to certain tones.

You have a statement on your world that music and tone may be the language of the universe and it is quite true that tones are carrier waves for a great many things and they do not require words or interpretations but rather can get right to the heart of the matter or whatever chakra might be in play. There is much yet to be discovered and utilized in this field of tone therapy but I do bring you certain validation of this universe principle in response to your request, thank you.

  • The Use of Gender Pronouns

Question #4: This questioner would like to know why the Spirit of Truth is referred to as "It," the pronoun "It" as opposed to the pronoun "He." They feel the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of Jesus which has personality though they would prefer the genderless "He" pronoun. They say spirit may not have gender as we know it in human life but the Spirit of Truth has personality to them. Is there any particular reason behind this?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It illustrates the nature of the difficulty we face in translating concepts into human word forms or word symbols. I invite you in all your readings of printed materials, to make every attempt to derive the meaning and value without getting hung up or derailed by the choice of words that any author may choose to use. In a sense, these limitations of language are quite restrictive. There are only so many words to be used and in only so many combinations and one can endlessly debate whether there is gender involved or not involved and if so what is the proper use of terms, punctuation, capitalization and a myriad of other distracting elements for what is trying to transpire. I invite you to try to see beyond all of these limitations and take the underlying tone of truth, the grain of truth that is being attempted of description and allow the variation of thought forms.

Similar difficulties are encountered in the translation of values and meanings from one language to another. In some languages it is most important to put the gender descriptive well ahead of all other descriptions and in other cultures it's almost entirely absent. Does this change the meaning of what is being attempted to describe? Only if you make it so. If you insist upon 100% accuracy in this process we are undergoing right now, we are destined to fail to meet your expectations for we are even now in my attempt to answer your inquiry, in an ongoing process of translation. My thought patterns are being transcribed in real time into the thought patterns of this transmitter/receiver and therefore they have undergone certain changes right there. Then the material itself can be interpreted in a number of ways.

This issue of spirit having gender for instance, spirit is quite genderless, therefore spirit of any kind is free from gender. Therefore referring to "It" as "It" could be quite appropriate. When referring to Michael in any regard, we may attach "He" because we know Him to be a male of the species. But to trip on this distinction surely means that meaning and value can be missed or lost in favor of grammatical accuracy and I invite you to rise above the temptation to discern with the strict analysis of the mind and rather be open to the interpretation of the heart and the spirit.

You know when you talk to a friend on the phone, they may not even finish their sentence and you know what they mean because you are discerning the underlying message and the tone of what they are trying to say and so you are not concerned when they mis-speak or mispronounce or even fail to finish their thought for you have granted this flexibility between you. Likewise, I invite you to allow this same sort of allowance be made in the discussions that you are exposed to from one such as myself. We are all trying our best to get messages across many different barriers and across many different dimensions. Therefore we do our best, grammatically and to maintain sentence structure and cohesive thought patterns. I hope this serves by way of explanation, thank you.

  • Your Senses

Question #5: [Your Senses] This next questioner is curious about the interface that you have with us and they want to know how you perceive things about us. Do you hear our thoughts? Do your hear thoughts of every one of just those who are willing to communicate with you? Do you have access to our media such as the internet and television and if so follow current events? Does someone call you with their mind and you hear it and then come to listen to their thoughts? Exactly, within your ability to explain such a thing, how do you perceive and connect with us. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your questions. I perceive that they are designed to create a greater intimacy between us and I respect this intention. First of all, you should know that myself and all of the other teachers, all of us on our side of the veil if you will, are bound by the mandate to respect the sovereignty of each individuals free will choice and this shall never be violated. Therefore your individual person is private unto yourself. Your individual choices are unique and individual and private unto yourself. We are not mind readers, we are not able to get from you, anything that you are not willing to give.

This speaks to part of your question as to how this process occurs. It is absolutely necessary for you as an individual seeking contact with myself or any of the others, to actively invite us in as part of your free will choice. Once having given us this latitude, we are then able to share thought patterns with you as you are willing to share them with us. This is a continual ongoing process, by that I mean, having once petitioned to commune with us in this way it is never assumed that this invitation extends beyond the moment it is offered.

This is the significance and importance of re-petitioning for such communion if you so desire because each day, each hour is a new opportunity to recommit to your choice of desiring that you commune with one of my order or any of ones who are not in physical incarnation. I do not have eyes nor ears, therefore I cannot watch television or hear the radio. I cannot even hear your verbal requests to me but I can pick up on your vibration, your wave length, your projection of intention and I can respond in kind with my projection of intention and we are able to meet in the middle in a realm which has nothing to do with verbalizing or observing with the eyes of the flesh or the ears of the flesh.

Those are the parameters and conditions under which you may interpret your world and each other and your environment but I do not share these same senses as you have. Rather, I respond to your calling of a spiritual nature and you may in kind respond to my response to your calling by allowing an avenue of communion between us but it is never our operating procedure to forcibly extract anything from you at any time. That refers to any information or thought patterns or commitments from you or any way shape or form for us to coerce or modify your environment or surroundings.

We can observe your actions but even this is primarily a result of how your actions relate to your spiritual life and therefore we are back again to the spiritual wavelengths. We are not concerned with the many, many details that are in your world. We have a much broader perspective and our only fields of interest have to do with spiritual application of universe principles to you as an individual. To the degree that you are willing to involve yourself in those parameters, you provide us latitude to work with you in this joint venture in spiritual growth and ascension. But we await your choices, your decisions and your invitations to become involved with you, ever ready to extend our willing gesture in your direction, nevertheless the entire game really rests with you and how much you wish to be involved at what intervals and under what conditions and we will continually honor your choices, your decisions and your requests in this regard. I hope this helps to shed some light on this relationship that we have together. Thank you.

  • Cause and Effect

Question #6:[Power and Glory of Our Creator Son] The next questioner has been learning about our sun and the astounding features and statistics about our sun and how much energy is contained within the sun and given out by the sun. This sun of ours is considered to be just an average star yet it has such a lot of power contained within it for us to comprehend, it is amazing. So, they would like to ask: How does the power and glory of our Creator Son compare to our star? Does the power and seemingly inexhaustible energy of the stars give us a whisper of understanding the same qualities within our Creator Son? Thank you for your consideration.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. Truly it is magnificent to observe the many many features around you in your environment which are all as a direct result of your Creator. Seeing these features, the magnificent world on which you live and the sun which makes your existence possible your minds naturally wander to the grandeur and magnitude of the one who has created the grandeur and magnitude that you can see in your lives.

When you say, does this give us a whisper of the truth? I would seize that exclamation as being proper as it is just a whisper. No amount of descriptive terms are useful in trying to bridge the gap between what you think it might be like based upon those things you have observed. It is rather like observing a shadow and trying to define the substance that created it. They are tied together, inextricably linked but they are two completely different things, one is the cause and the other the effect. Likewise, your Creator is the cause, your sun and your world are the effect and trying to define the substance from what little you know about the shadow is simply too far afield. There is too much missing information as to the great difference in the natures between these two different phenomenon's.

Nevertheless I share your humble appreciation of the magnitude of creation and I appreciate that from your perspective it is unfathomably distant and large and that is how it will have to be at this stage of your growth and evolution. One day it will be far easier for you to make this leap in awareness between this cause and effect but right now you don't even have significant appreciation of the effect to even begin to comprehend the cause. It is simply a condition of your station in your ascension career that this is beyond your ability to comprehend and embrace but your respect for this relationship is to be commended and your desire to know all will one day be satisfied. Keep asking these questions and you will grow closer and closer to the enhanced capacity that you will need to receive such answers as you seek. Thank you.

  • The Merkaba

Question #7: [Merkaba] This next questioner is asking for help in figuring out the "merkaba" and they would like you to please discuss the "merkaba" as a tool for things such as spiritual growth or reaching stillness. Is there a proper way to visualize this ethereal energy system as it surrounds us? What is its proper use? What colors are involved and where? Are rotational fields involved? What is the difference in establishing a personal "merkaba" and a group "merkaba"?

So as you can see from the numerous questions about the details of the "merkaba," this person is struggling to understand it and asking if you could help them through this. They thank you for your efforts to enlighten.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your efforts to put forth questions in an attempt to secure a greater understanding. I pick up in your line of questioning that there is a great concern for what is proper and what is right to be done when in the process of utilizing energy fields you are referring to as the merkaba and I also pick up on this concept of struggling with the process. I would like to turn both of those thought frames around because such an application of utilizing energy fields should not be a struggle and should not be confined by the inherent belief that there are strictly proper ways and improper ways to utilize and employ this energy structure of a merkaba.

What this energy field is, is very simple, very basic and very easy. It is not complicated, it is not difficult and it is very difficult to do it wrong; that is there is hardly an improper use of such an attempt to utilize energy fields such as this. This whole concept refers to the idea of simply and easily bringing your intention into the process of stringing together your energy in conjunction with the energy of others in a continuous route or circuit or loop or field and in so doing you are able to generate the benefit of many times the individual values of the individual contributors to this circuit.

That is, as one single light bulb, you are not all that brilliant and your luminosity only carries so far. The more lights you install on your string of lights the more luminosity you all enjoy by virtue of being strung together and bound together in this single circuit. If you string enough little generators of light together they provide enough illumination that they outshine and out-power single sources which are greater in potential but are but a single filament and are only of one direction and focus. Many lights strung on a string may wind their way around in a number of directions and provide light in all different directions. They may light up a far greater area than any single light source and yet it is nothing more that a combination of little individual bulbs all focusing and concentrating their energy to act together as one. This is the concept in a nutshell.

You may do this at any time singly as your own individual light or you may form one of these circuits, these merkabas by simply plugging in and installing others who are also generators in this process. Every individual on this world is a generator of their own energy field. Every individual has their own energy signature and their own luminescence. When you think of another individual and their image comes to mind for you, there is also an energy signature behind their recollection. This energy signature is what you would install in your string of lights to make your circuitry of a merkaba.

They need not be physically present because these energy signatures are of a spiritual nature and are not bound by time nor space. They need not be aware in the moment that you are using them and their energy to further your circuitry. You may call on celestial personalities or mortal personalities to fill in your string of energy and in so doing you assemble all of these energy fields into one large energy field. It is exceedingly helpful if these contributors to the merkaba are all willing contributors and in awareness of this process but it not strictly required that they be so.

You may choose to put the energy of your mother in your string of energy and she need not be aware in the moment that you choose to do this but you have a certain connection with her and know that she would approve of joining you in such an endeavor and therefore here addition to your circuit is quite acceptable and accommodating. You may utilize friends, relatives, celestial personalities by invitation or by simple installation on your behalf and in so doing you create these living energy circuits which maintain their own energy signatures even in the absence of participants as they may come and go in and out of this field; that is all these little generators in this string of lights may choose to come and go and yet there is still this presence of illumination provided by the combination of the whole.

This combination now exists and has its own energy signature and may be drawn on by any of the participants to provide strength and comfort and assurance and power. When you have a well disciplined group of individuals engaged in this process you have a well oiled machine which may be put to work for many purposes with greater effect and significance. I hope this description has filled in a few blanks for you. Overall, it is my desire that you not be overburdened by the concept of proper and improper methods for experimenting with what is a creative and experiential process; rather I encourage you to experiment and try and combine different combinations and see for yourself the relative effectiveness of your efforts without the concern that you could fail the course or somehow lose the struggle. Thank you.

  • Transcending Space

Question #8: [Space] My question is what exists outside the boundaries of space? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Every mortal of the realm, may in their own time wish to have an answer to such a question of what is on the other side of the wall, what is beyond the next valley, what is beyond your sight or your knowledge or your realm of experience? This is normal and natural for humans to have this curiosity for what is beyond.

I am beyond, you are beyond, we are beyond the confines of space. The spiritual component of you and of all humans on this planet will one day venture well out beyond the wall or the valley or over the mountain and realize that there are continually new horizons to see and to arrive at and to cross over and that we as spiritual beings are the ones who will traverse this distance and gain the next horizon.

It is quite impossible of description to a mortal being what it is like to shed this physical existence and be solely a spiritual being without the confines of a material location that you currently call your body.

There are no equivalents except perhaps an occasional dream state where you are freed from your vehicle and are able to traverse space as if it were no obstacle at all. That is what your ascension career will provide for you, this ability to traverse space and within it its limitations of time into a realm where those characteristics simply don't apply and therefore all of your current references become null and void. The only reference you will have will be your individual being in relationship to other individual beings, all of which are spirit limitless, boundless, timeless and spaceless.

It is actually quite busy out in the realm of spirit, there is always a lot going on and rather than the idea that most humans have that space is just an endless series of emptiness and nothingness, when you are in spirit form and not bound by the constrictions of moving through this arena of time and space, all of creation becomes your playground and you are able to traverse incomprehensible distances in the blink of an eye at the suggestion of your will and you quickly grasp that all the former conditions and limitations that so clearly defined your being, your environment and the conditions of your experience are only temporarily in place when you are a mortal of the realm or even a morontia being and that these conditions only exist in these locations and under these circumstances of time and space.

Once you transcend these arenas you will realize the vast limitations of awareness and perception that you had when you were surrounded by this cloak of time and space and there will be a great sense of freedom and this will be your opportunity to embrace an entirely new paradigm, one which cannot be described to you as you are a finite creature firmly rooted in time and space and we are attempting a description of the infinite, timeless and spaceless. You can entertain thoughts and have ideas about what this means but you have no experiential resources to draw from. Therefore you cannot know, you can only conjecture and wonder and guess.

Do not worry, all the answers you seek will be found in this continuing process of ascension. Even such broad topics as what is on the other side of the wall will be answered to your satisfaction as you personally achieve these horizons and go beyond them as a direct result of your efforts at pursuing them.


Thank you all for these questions tonight. I hope my attempts to answer them have proved successful to some degree. I bid you all good evening and farewell.