2009-09-09-Forgiveness, Injustices, Defeating Illness


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Topic: Forgiveness, Injustices, Defeating Illness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): The grace of God when touched by the child of God becomes love from one to another, and from love acceptance joyfulness and peace and to one in great need the force of healing. This grace that becomes love returns to God in the devotion of faith and a life of service. I am Monjoronson. I will receive your questions.


Mary: Thank you. The first question is about forgiveness. You spoke recently of how the energy of forgiveness can heal the planet. You encouraged us to visualize the Magisterial mission that encircles the globe with the energy of forgiveness.


I see the wisdom of forgiveness but certain crimes make it very hard to be forgiving. In our town someone raped and murdered a little girl. Some acts of forgiveness don¹t take into account the preciousness of life. If we were to forgive someone like that are we not saying that that little girl¹s life was a waste if we forgive the person who took her life?

Monjoronson: This question may be answered on several levels. The force of forgiveness from the perspective of spirit is an energy field that is ever present when an act is committed which would beckon the granting of forgiveness spirit will offer. However, this forgiveness need not violate what to the mind is justice, the properness of behavior, fairness between individuals, and the upholding of truth. This level of forgiveness may take time to arrive and in certain individuals may never find the arrival. In a way it is a subset of the great problem of the existence of evil and why God lets bad things happen.

You have every right in the dimension of your physical world to restrain, to give verdict to action, and require retribution, rehabilitation, or some form of penalty and penance. The recognition of wrong and restitution ought not to ever prevent the human soul from giving forgiveness, for those who belong to the Father of all sense how the Father would react to even His most errant children. You know of His mercy for Lucifer. For centuries upon centuries, even millennia, this fallen angel may never reconcile his actions with universal truth and reality, but the Father still has arms open.

The situation you cite was tragic, and it occurs far too often on a world like Urantia. We who come from the realms beyond come with forgiveness, for much upon Urantia could be condemned and destroyed. But we are here with mercy to give.

It is a challenge to the human soul to give this forgiveness in the face of justice and morality. Rest in the ultimate justice of the Ancients of Days over the actions of all peoples. You as an individual are to be a child of God to another child of God no matter how delusional and disruptive that life is. The Father¹s life, the Father¹s love, and as his child to draw closer to His presence, to come to the level to be able to recognize the divine being you will need to learn to express the divine ways, and forgiveness is one of them. It will not answer your questions just as the presence of evil generally does not solve universe mystery why it does exist.

I offer this to you for consideration and to ponder.

Mary: Other aspects to this question, if they are to forgive as you suggest, some people find it impossible to forgive, could you speak to the difficulty humans have?

Monjoronson: As a growing soul you have attained or have not yet attained certain levels of spiritual maturity, and you may not be able to forgive, say for instance, a heinous act. However the spiritual import is to forgive. Until you reach the ability to forgive in that manner you can still express the state by forgiving yourself for that shortcoming.

  • Sensing the energy of forgiveness passing through you will assist you in other avenues that require your forgiveness.

To practice in the little things will strengthen you for the more difficult challenges. In short, where you cannot forgive, look for and learn to forgive in an aspect associated with the condition that you have difficulty expressing forgiveness. That can ignite the energy and begin the flow; the result will be your growth.

I thank you for that question.

Mary: I try to take forgiveness as a challenge. Sometimes I pray for a quality that will help me get there, like an increased understanding of the person and the situation, to work my way up to forgiving. I like your idea of forgiving yourself for not being able to forgive everything and to act like God would act. Thank you.


The next question: The circumstances of life force people at times to turn a blind eye to the cruelty and injustices witnessed being done to others. ³For allowing evil to transpire in my presence I feel ashamed and no better than those evildoers.² They hesitate to react because of their dependents. What is the divine approach that will help solve this dilemma? Must they turn a blind eye to cruelty and injustice?

Monjoronson: It is not the will of the Father to turn a blind eye to cruelty and injustice but to bring the transformation that allows beauty and goodness to prevail. You began your question with the phrase that ³your circumstances of life² cause you to need to turn a blind eye. If you are in a position where you cannot bring justice to the injustice and help to the cruel, then I recommend you focus your energy on changing those conditions of life that will allow you to address the problem directly. Those conditions might be gaining the confidence of another and counsel. It may perhaps require obtaining a source of authority that can leverage correction. If your conditions are so complex that you cannot make a move, that it would cause disastrous effects in other aspects of your relationships, you can change the conditions of your life by engaging the assistance of another who may not have those same entanglements.

I cannot here solve your problem, but I can point you to a point wherein you might effect a difference and change conditions and allow justice and righteousness to prevail. Be in a prayerful state of mind that you may receive the guidance of spirit.


Mary: Thank you. As preamble to the next question, in a previous response regarding the swine flu pandemic, you suggested we set our energetic fields higher and that would help us maintain some immunity to the virus. I understand that our thoughts and state of mind have a direct effect on our ability to prevent illness. From a spiritual perspective the practice of stillness will often increase our vibration levels. However it is difficult to perceive higher energetic fields. Do you have more insight to add that would give us practical advice in setting a higher energetic field especially when we are in need of it and have difficulty sensing it and are at the time unable to enter into a meditative state? How do we accomplish and maintain this higher energetic field?

Monjoronson: I will begin my response by first addressing one of the effects of this higher energetic field in regards to such a virus as this swine flu, that is, this higher energy as you have stated your awareness that mind effects the body. This energy orients the mind and its interface with the body to promote the body¹s immune resistance, so a real threat to the physical organism can be physically warded off. This energy field can promote the ability to withstand the attack. You ask how to recognize it, how to promote it. The dimension of your mind that functions to coordinate the projection of this energy is your superconscious level.

You have spoken of stillness as a means of developing or sensing this energy and this is precisely the way to do so. But I ask you to not look for the recognition of the state of that force, but to look from that state as the source of that energy and learn to recognize your lower states, your conscious dimension and your physical form as over there and not the higher state as some place afar. Merge with it. In some respects, no longer recognize it but become it. And stillness is how you can shift the focus of your presence from a consciously observing and longing for and reaching and attaining, to being the superconscious source of that force. It is not something you do overnight. It is something that is attained, a level of mastery as you develop your soul, as you ascend to the higher spiritual levels of life.

We ask you to make the effort to attain this, for it will be a contributing force in resisting many threats on the biological level of your being.

My last point: There will come a time for every individual when the physical form must cease to function, and what remains is you identified with that higher energy field and subsequently the fusion with God and self.

Thank you for the question. Mary: There were other aspects to this question which you may have already addressed. Are there additional techniques that they could practice to reach this higher energy level? You suggested stillness.

Monjoronson: Yes, indeed, and also to shift your focal point from looking up to it to being it and looking down from it.

Mary: Is there any sensory feedback that we could get to confirm that we are in a higher energy level?

Monjoronson: There will be a peace that passes all understanding. Do not look for an energy buzz, a sense of electrification, for spirit energy brings harmony and calmness, stability and strength. Not agitation or excitement. Just as the human body when in need of cleansing may itch, may feel dry, may feel greasy, dusty, alerts you to a condition that requires rectification. Once accomplished the body becomes quieter and no longer is signaling the brain that something must be done. The lack of sensory feedback signals that all is well. So it is when this energy field is well established with yourself, the physical form does not need sensory signals. All is peaceful and all is good. If you are witnessing a greater sense of well-being you may take that as a sensible feedback to working with that energy.


Mary: Thank you for being here tonight.

Monjoronson: It is always my pleasure to be in attendance. I also take it as my duty in the service of Michael to make myself available for my fellows that you may benefit. I am richly rewarded as well by having the opportunity to be engaged with you in this Correcting Time and this Magisterial Mission. I am enjoying the company I keep with my human associates. Let us continue to do the good work. Farewell.