2010-01-15-Hierarchy of Caring


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Topic: Hierarchy of Caring

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: “It is a function of ‘Paradise-existent eternity’ that allows all time-space progress and regress to be known from the beginning of time to the ‘ever-drifting-away’ future. That total knowledge is needed on high for changes to be made, personalities – both created and evolving – to be inserted into the time-space realm to be effective in producing a consistent forward trend toward eventual perfection of the universes of time in space.

“It is a function of time-space to allow for all God-knowing creatures of basic knowledge and often doubtful morals and behavior to initially acquire a mere modicum of love for their Creator, and slowly as the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Wisdom and Worship take a greater hold on, make a better connection with, the evolving personalities, human, angelic, and all, to bring these creatures into the intended fold of cooperation with, and veneration for, the Creator of All.

“Paradise and all who dwell there are perfect in many respects, imperfect in no respects, and they are so created. The Creator is perfect in all respects, and always was, and always will be, and one of the countless aspects of this total perfection is a love that is unconditional for all offspring – human, all morontia personalities, pre-spirit, and Paradise citizens, no exceptions.

“No exceptions, brother, even at the human level of good, bad, and even indifferent to the ever-present beckoning of the all-important Wisdom and Worship Adjutant Mind Spirits is there the Creator’s unconditional love, for the term, ‘evolutionary’ says it all. You are born incomplete, and you have the task and the choice to do your utmost to become perfected and the proof of your personal perfection is unconditional love for all.

“How you shortchange yourselves on absolute essentials. Are you clear in the knowledge that there must at least be a basic understanding of, and interest in, the individual, the family, the tribe, the race? With understanding of, and interest in, the other, there can be respect, even growing to become admiration, and only respect and admiration can blossom into conditional love. So often this is a house of cards, with the ace of hearts at the pinnacle.

“So often that house of cards is on a shaky foundation of mere physical attraction that lacks understanding of another’s motivation, is subject to the upheavals of disrespect, and prone to the biting blizzards of articulated or inferred disapproval. Mark this, my lovelies: Your relationships require thought and tolerance, give and take, understanding of the other, acceptance of explanation, respect for the differences, and admiration for the other God-chosen personality.

“Without this from both, or all, parties, your ace of hearts may well tumble down onto a deck of cards in great disarray, but aware of the need for understanding and interest, acceptance, respect and admiration, you may well come close to embracing within you the Creator’s unconditional love towards all. This is Sharmon giving you my version of the hierarchy of caring. My love goes out to you all.”