2010-02-13-Consider the Entire Gamut


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Consider the Entire Gamut

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “I greet you, brother, and the thought comes to mind about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. I brought some friends along, quite a few students, and we now barely fit into the space of this small office. Some of your visitors are former humans of long, long ago, and Andrea is here to translate the lesson, so they all will understand what is being said. Firstly, greetings to you both from all who right here have their ears trained.

“I wish to talk with you about patience, and this talk will be beneficial to all who are so involved with the 11:11 Progress Group. For you it can be hard to see what progress you are making. Equally, or even more so, it would be difficult to ascertain what progress your Midwayer friends are making. It would be interesting for you to see the numbers that are actually taught by us, and it would astound you to learn of the number of Teachers, like Aaron and Samuel.

“Go back over the years of our contact, and recall clearly now for how long we worked with you subliminally, allowing you to wake up in the morning knowing what you needed to know. Think of the length of time during which our lessons for you came word for word, slowly, tirelessly. Think of the time when we strung together a number of sentences, and let you muddle your way through the lesson, and finally, as we gave you the mere concept only, then supervised your writing.

“Consider the entire gamut of these experiences and in your impatience of ‘not a thing happening fast enough,’ consider that at this point in time millions are being taught in some way or another – in their dreams, with a few words, a sentence here and there, a new concept that suddenly ‘arrives at the gray matter,’ even fiction or poetry that happens to awaken, or is made to ring a bell. It is not for the whole of humanity to see us and hear from us regularly to then post our lessons.

“We are at our tasks, tirelessly, relentlessly, and with great patience this world will be turned around to resemble a normal world, perhaps outshine a great many others, as our Prince Machiventa sees to Michael’s mandates for the rehabilitation of this troubled sphere. With just one person at a time, we will gain the numbers that will make for true democracy and equality, a sharing and caring that will lead this world away from total enslavement of all, which some do project.

“Remember, ignorance is no longer bliss, and that which is imbued with love and faith, equality and charity, truth, beauty and goodness, always wins, for these are the rules, the very laws, of the Creator of all, who will have it no other way. It’s good to find you at your post. Au revoir from us all. This is ABC-22.”


George Orwell’s book “1984” containing the saying “Ignorance is Bliss” was inspired by the Midwayers. They, not George Orwell, inspired the title, and therewith left their signature on the inspired work. It was in fact also a silent hint to those on High that the 1,111 loyal Midwayers were looking forward to the return of the 873 banished Midwayers, so the entire tribe of 1984 would be together again.

However, my thoughts that George Orwell was actually considering a rather much later date/title for his book are just that … merely my thoughts.