2010-03-05-Perfection and Experience

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Topic: Perfection and Experience

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Aaron, Samuel

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Bzutu: “My student has now reached the appropriately relaxed state of mind so that I can come through to him unhindered, to first of all set a record straight that neither one of you have at any time been without a Teacher in your daily business of tending to those who have questions, those who join the 11:11 Progress lists of varied languages, those who are prompted by us Midwayers with the 11:11 wake-up calls. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. It is by special request that during this evening we hear from both, Teacher Samuel and Teacher Aaron. I will facilitate. The Teachers appear to be ready for you now on another, far-away sphere.”


Teacher Aaron: “This is your Teacher Aaron. Indeed, I have been coming through to you on many occasions, and so has Samuel. Often when you are meditating we have been in touch, but mostly whilst you have been at your tasks.

“This evening we speak about perfection and experience. Perfection and experience are not the same. They are almost contradicting terms. One can be perfect, or near perfect, but lack experience. One can be greatly imperfect and yet be very experienced. Specifically this evening we speak of our Creator Son, Michael, and our Mother Spirit, Nebadonia. First, however, I will give you an ‘earthly’ example of experience. The eagle, flying so high, perfectly negotiating and carried by the up-draughts, does not know, has not experienced, the daily living of the deep-sea creature that is born, lives, functions perfectly, and dies in the total darkness of its realm. The eagle may be perfect in flight, and the deep sea creature may be perfectly adapted to its environment. Both could be seen as perfect, but one does not have the experiences of the other.

“It is a function of the time space worlds for the God-knowing creatures of our Creator of all to experience life in myriad ways. This needs to be started at some time, somewhere. For this to occur, the Daughters of Mother Spirit and the Michael Sons appear from Paradise and build their local universes. They are perfect in every way. They are capable of creating the many different creatures that occupy time-space in the various realms of time – human ‘linear time,’ and all more flexible times of the morontia and spirit realms. This does not mean that our Creator Son and His Consort, Nebadonia, have all the experiences of one and all of their countless individual creatures.

“The creation into existence of their local time-space universe must precede, it must start, it must begin at some point as a physical reality, and after this the Creator Son and the Daughter of Mother Spirit can go ahead and create the various creatures. However, for them to fully understand what time-space living is all about, they need to experience the various lives of some of the creatures of their own creation.

“For our local universe Creator Son, Michael, to appear on your world as the Babe of Bethlehem, named Yeshua ben Joseph, was to learn more about the lowest order of His Creation – human beings – as well as achieve other milestones of progress in His career.

“He brought to this troubled world news of the love and goodness of the Father Creator of all, He won the final battle over long-raging Lucifer rebellion, He taught about an ideal life to be lived here by setting His example, He taught His disciples how to further His work, and arguably, most importantly, He at last, after billions of years, won full sovereignty over the entire local universe of His very own creation by this latest bestowal on Urantia.


“‘Paradise-born’ Creator Sons and Daughters start their time-space careers ‘from the top down’ so that countless of their creatures can start their careers ‘from the bottom up’ – from terrestrial dust to Paradise. Your Teacher, Samuel, can take this further, later, when the (pet parrots’) noise lessens. This is Aaron. I send my love to you all.”

George: “Amen! Goodbye for now.”

Session 2

(after a break due to our noisy parrots)


Teacher Samuel: “This is your Teacher Samuel. Well might you question Nebadonia’s experiential growth when She does not leave Her headquarters, but that is simply answered. She is Michael’s Consort, His Complement, but She is also the Daughter of the Third Source and Centre -- the Creator of Mind -- and in that respect She fully shares Michael’s experiences. Besides, the creation of many beings, angels among them, is an ever ongoing task for local universe Mother Spirits still building their universes.

“In all, there were seven Michael bestowals covering a period of about one billion years. In the first bestowal He suddenly appeared as an unknown Melchizedek, functioned as a Melchizedek, and He won the love and praise of all for His good work, so much so, He was declared Chief of Melchizedeks.

“In the second bestowal He appeared as a Lanonandek Son, taking over from a rebellious System Sovereign (Lanonandek), and ruling the system in fairness and justice, until a new, permanent Sovereign was appointed.

“In the third He was a Material Son, or Adam, and became an acting Planetary Prince in yet another (the second) of Nebadon’s rebellions. Here, however, the Planetary Prince and his staff were rehabilitated through the good work of our Michael.

“In the fourth bestowal He was a supreme-order Seraphim. In reality He became the private secretary to more than twenty Master Teachers functioning on about as many different worlds. As you can see, each time He fills the position of one of lesser standing in the universe hierarchy, yet all of us, and all of you, are addressed by Him as His brothers and sisters – children of the one almighty Creator God.

“In the fifth bestowal He experienced that of an advancing fused Spirit, an ascending mortal, given the name Eventod. Once more, He fulfilled all His duties to perfection.

“In the sixth bestowal He accepted the position of a morontia mortal, served well, and it became obvious to all around Him that He understood so much better what it meant to be one of His own creatures, because of His living these diverse lives.

“In His seventh and last bestowal He chose Urantia over millions of other worlds in His domain to live an exemplary life. As on each earlier bestowal, the places of His sojourn were left greatly the better for His having been there. Indeed, as my brother Aaron taught you, perfection does not equate experience. For those of human origin, experience is designed to bring you to co-creation perfection . . . in time-space. For those of Paradise origin, made perfect from their moment of their creation, time-space is designed to allow them to contribute . . . through work experience.

“It is the dearest wish of many, if not all on Paradise, to be of great use in time-space, merely to contribute to the glory of the Father of all. We next, almost impatiently, await the appearance of the Paradise Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, to this troubled sphere. This is Samuel of Panoptia, your Teacher and Friend. Au revoir.”


Bzutu: “Painless I call this brief effort, and we are done for now. There is a much more of a detailed description in your text.”

George: “Thank you all.”