2010-04-08-Inner Life

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Topic: Inner Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this group of souls gathered around this campfire of warmth and peace and love. Thank you for the opportunity to share with each other in this moment your love, your peace and your grace. It's out there, it's all around us. We come to warm ourselves with its glow. Thank you for this opportunity to share this experience in this life together at this time. Thank you, each and every one of us, thank you for the opportunity to be here as ambassadors of your grace and your goodness. We all would volunteer to manifest your peace, to represent your goodness. We do this with our full consciousness that this is our gift, this is our mission, our purpose, to act as if we know, to act in certainty and with conviction that we are aware of your grace and your peace and your love. Help us to be these representatives for you. Help us to act as conduits in your name and for your sake and for ours. We would partner with you walking hand in hand through this life, leaning on you when necessary and sharing your joy whenever possible. This life is nothing but a gift, nothing but a blessing, it can go so easily; it is a miracle that we are all are even here and so we would not waste this miracle. We would not disregard the magnitude of this grace, rather we would drink this cup to the fullest and honor your name and your glory in so doing. Thank you.


Inner Voice: I am here to take advantage of this opportunity. I am referred to in this forum and context as this one's Inner Voice. Some refer to me as their I AM presence; others would see me as their Thought Adjuster or their little Voice or even their conscience as there are many ways that you could identify with this component of your being. I am thrilled to be in association with members of this group because, as has been stated, we come together unified in this purpose and sharing in this communal faith of collective I AM presences or Voices Within for whenever individuals who are sincere in seeking for spirit come together, there is this joining as well of this other dimension of self, this tying into the collective dimension.

Whereas you have learned about my order, we are tied not only together, but to He who has created us, the very First Source and Center of all that is. There is this network that issues out from the Creator and I am a part of this gigantic network, fragment of the whole, representatives of the whole, pieces of the Infinite. But here is the most amazing and miraculous aspect; you too are as fragments of this First Source and Center and yet even as the chips off the same block; you are graced with your individual pattern and grain and no two of you are identical. In a very true sense, this is even more miraculous, if you would consider it in those terms, then the facet that you refer to as the Thought Adjuster, because you are not only tied to this great network of sons and daughters of Divine Parents, but you have as well your own individual perspective and contribution to make to the collective and to the Supreme.

Whereas I may come in unadulterated and pure form to be partners with you and guide you in the ways of divinity, you are granted total authority to come to divinity as a matter of your choosing and in accordance with your own course of choices. Truly, this unique opportunity that you have is a grand gift of grace as has been mentioned. The partnership that we form and share is yet another form of grace, not only for you but for me as well. You see, you have something I do not; you have this unique gift of personality. You are entirely unique in all the universes of time and space and together we have this extraordinary opportunity to combine the uniqueness of your opportunity in time and space with the certainty and security of divine pattern.

However, it all rests with you; I am only onboard if you will have me; I am only able to gently lead if you will follow; I am only granted limited latitude to influence you. Most of what transpired, certainly in the beginning phases, is of your origin and desire. If you should decide to forsake my leading, this is your sovereign will which will be respected. But when you decide as you do in these moments, to look in my direction, to actively seek me, to give me the permission to have greater influence, then you may respond to my greater influence with your more certain choices. In this way we go back and forth working actively with each other although to you it may seem so passive for you are simply making your choices. But each choice that you make is influenced, is flavored by our relationship.

Many seek me looking for one who may be identified by the same standards that mortals of the realm identify each other, by the grand gift of unique personality. But I do not possess such characteristics or exhibit such traits. I am personality-less until and unless we partner together and I may share yours and you may share my divine pattern. Therefore, if you seek me seeking the personality of another, the distinct difference that you register between each other in this realm, you will miss me because I am a subtle influence, I am behind and underneath and around. I am not standing alone waiting to be recognized and identified as a sovereign individual personality unto myself.

That is the nature of my being and that is the nature of your being; to see everything in terms of what it is like to grow up and have an individual personality. You know of no other way; you have no other experience so certainly you would look to me [for] spiritual influence and attempt to identify a personality. Those who are engaged in the process of transmitting/receiving have had success in finding and corresponding with other individual personalities and this process is significantly different because you are able to register a sovereign individual when you make contact with one of your teachers or associates on the other side.

But when you look for me, I will not have that type of energy signature; I will not be identified by the same measure as you use to identify between yourselves. I am so close to you that you would not know what it like to be without me, and yet still you may seek and search wondering if I am there. I applaud the efforts of all those who join energy in this process of seeking for spiritual contact for certainly as you will bear witness, when you seek, certainly you find. There are always rewards for your having invested energy in the exploration of aspects of your being. So it is, even in this hour; there is a part of you connected and enjoying the connection and feeling the sensation of spiritual togetherness, being connected to the network that is spirit.

The words of advice I could impart to those who are on the spiritual path and who are engaged in the process is to keep on trying; bring yourselves repeatedly to this place. Every time you do you strengthen the bond, you literally create the network whereby you may traverse the distance between the mortal and the spiritual; you build the muscles necessary for you to climb the stairs; you exercise the faith that you have done it before and you will do it again. You recommit to the process and this is key, every day, every hour, it is up to you to commit, to re-commit. It is not assumed, it is not taken for granted, it is not done once and etched in stone. Every day, even every hour your free will choice is granted another opportunity. Each time that you signify to the forces at play that you are still committed and that you will commit again, each time this bond grows stronger and each time the choice becomes easier and the results become more fruitful.

So be it; it is so. Make it so, choose it, activate it, and watch it grow as I feel you can all bear witness to the truth of these statements. I simply affirm them at this time for you. Thank you for the opportunity for this marvelous chance to actually be asked and honored with the commitment once again to be given voice. It is not the goal, of course, that everyone strive for, to act in exactly such a capacity such as this that is being portrayed at this moment. It is simply the goal each day to get a step closer, a tiny little increment towards spirit. That is the goal and it takes innumerable forms and every form, each form is cherished by the Creator who has offered you these opportunities.

Take this cup and drink it. You have brought yourself to this place and you have created this cup; you have even filled it with that which you would partake of. So now, simply enjoy the fruits of your effort and be about this process with a little more faith each time, a little more conviction, a little more certainty. That is how we traverse the distance, in small increments. No gigantic steps of enormous magnitude. Even steps that seem enormous as the ones shard by my companion here today were no more than a small tweak in perception and this small tweak had the power to change the course of ones life and perhaps the course of others lives as well. But the step was not so grand, it was well within the parameters of any mortal experience. It simply was a matter of course and similar steps may be taken by anyone, given the right circumstances and the right culmination of seeking, desire, and action.


So be it; it is so. Thank you once again for accepting and allowing. I now retreat to my passive capacity. I am ever patient and will wait in my capacity until summoned and requested to come forward and then I will unhesitatingly come forward as I call you to witness even now. Thank you all and good evening.