2010-04-13-Free-Will and Foreknowing

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Topic: Free-Will and Foreknowing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “There is no way to predict from moment to moment what will be going on in this home. Some . . . regular folks we speak to have set patterns, set times, and set methods of taking in our lessons, and we prefer that. Here there are more unknown happenings than known happenings, making all our lives hectic and the mercurial (human) minds happy. In a sense, what happens in this home is a vague reflection of the seeming chaos we witness in the universe at large. I am Midwayer Chief Bzutu, stepping aside now for our brother Samuel.”

Samuel: “It is a seeming chaos in this household, and yet by and large a plethora of tasks is taken care of amidst unforeseen interruptions. To most it would seem that this world is in chaos; that the universe must likewise be chaotic, and yet, all is as it should be. I grant you that your planet’s wars and threats of war must make it hard to believe that overall order does prevail, but it would astound you how through the millennia countless other planets have progressed from utter aggression between clans, tribes and nations to lasting peace.

“The important thing for you to remember is that time-space was created to be a university of learning, and there is no means of learning if things that are wrong do not present themselves to you, for you to make them right. It is to you individually, and as a group, to progress. As the Celestials on high view you, you are seen as an organism that, bar for regular missteps, are on a long, long road to perfection. As you individually may see your world, it is a puzzle of untold billions of pieces that may one day show an overall pleasing panorama.

“On high the effect may well be seen as a fait accompli, whereas you, unable to foresee Paradise’s vision of a far, far distant future need to employ faith and trust. Here now we come to the question on many minds: How can the Creator of all rule in His/Her time-space domain when all time-space creatures are gifted with free-will prerogatives? Paradise over-control and human free will appear to be opposites, entirely contrary, but not so. The Creator always still remains in charge of which time-space creature is next to make an appearance and where.

“That must give you the clues. A family friend may well turn up just in time to easily solve a problem that is haunting an entire family. A new employee may well find a way to make a company more efficient. A researcher may well discover a new way to treat a troubling disease. A leader of the people may well manage to divide resources more equitably. Untold budding talent is available and is shared out to all in time-space. You all are gifted far beyond personal recognition of your great gifts in many areas.

“Should you fail to apply yourself in the direction in which you are so gifted, another will take your place, sooner or later, because the progress of your races is reckoned in degrees, not in time. The Creator who placed you here sees the beginning of billions of puzzle pieces, and the final panorama of perfection as the very last piece is slotted into place. Have your keen eyes on this work in progress, I recommend, my dear friends, and be there on the lookout with your personal contribution to the whole as the abounding opportunities present themselves for you to ‘place your puzzle pieces precisely where they fit’.


“I am Samuel of Panoptia. I say Adieu for now.”