2010-04-16-Insidious Onslaught, Soul Hunger


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Topic: Insidious Onslaught, Soul Hunger

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Bzutu: “This is Midwayer ABC-22. I bring greetings to you, to yours, and to all who will read this transcript in whatever language, from the many of us (celestials) who know you well, and those who know of you, and follow with interest the doings of the 11:11 Progress Group. You may not see it this way, but together with us you have been conducting a soft war -- a war against misinformation, distraction, and the intentional sidelining of religion and spirituality – yes, an insidious onslaught.


“Indeed, the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated, and the culprit and his sidekicks are no more, but long before their demise, many of those of religion, those selling commercial goods, and those proposing to be the servants of humanity in governments, began to interfere with the normal desire of men and women to be ‘spiritual beings in the making’ by suppressing in every way possible the innate human soul-hunger to seek and find.

“Those who were meant to be the servants of God rather thought themselves to be His highly favored representatives. At first that was not so bad a position to take up. For them to decide to make ‘all-knowing decisions’ on His behalf was only the beginning of a serious downward trend that ended in decrees, dictates, dogma and ‘laws of untruth.’ No greater error was made than to delete references to the indwelling Spark of God, the Thought Adjuster.

“Many who were traders thought of ways to turn religious celebrations into a distracting time for giving presents. Many of you do not remember what the celebrations stand for, yet Kris Kringle and the Easter bunny have become larger than life. Whilst you hunger for spiritual progress, you try in vain to still that hunger with the chocolate of Easter, and the lavish meals of Christmas.

“More is the pity that in an ever-growing number of schools any form of religious education as well as prayer is now forbidden, and yet it is the ‘religion stepping stone’ for the primary school student that allows the high school student to discern the flaws in these teachings, and the mature adult to become sensitive to the Spirit of Truth to discern Truth from within. As fewer individuals are robbed of the opportunity to either accept or reject religion, evermore adults consider their hereafter much later in life, too late in life, or not at all.

“The never-ending acquisition of ‘the latest’ and the debts it brings, and the regular ingestion of too much rich food and the widespread obesity that results, are merely the symptoms of spiritual hunger that are neither understood, nor ever satisfied.

“The 11:11 Progress Group, human and celestial, together with other awakened groups and individuals are fighting a soft war by recommending meditation, for only in the stillness of your hearts, in touch with your indwelling Spirit, will you discern Truth and reject the misinformation of the churches, the distraction of blaring commerce. As well, you will grasp that separation of church and state will in time come to mean the abolition of the churches, and much of spirituality with it.


“Hear some more from Teacher Samuel about soul-hunger now. I am ABC-22.”

Session 2


Samuel: “Thank you Chief Bzutu. It is the wonder of the higher spheres’ communication that I missed not a word of the Chief’s lecture, which I so admired for its clarity and the strength of personality shining through. The gift of personality never dies, it merely becomes refined, and so you will find my thoughts transposed to be of a quieter and factual nature as are those of Teacher Aaron, here by my side. Thank heavens for the outspoken Urantia Midwayers.

“We long ago established that everything existing in time-space has physicality, including mind, thoughts, and emotions, also the soul. It is about the Sparks of God -- the Thought Adjusters – that we may well speak of their functions, not in great detail about their nature, as much will ever remain unknown. Suffice to say they have a task when indwelling a human being, and that task is to, together with the positive, progressive human mind, create soul growth.

“On normal worlds, as I at times dare to describe Panoptia of latter times– and perhaps the term ‘extra-ordinary’ should truly apply – such a thing as Soul Hunger is a well known, heartily felt, and an oft discussed quality. Those brought by the Life Carriers to the young planet had some of the blood of their material sons and daughters. In its own right Panoptia hosted its own Adam and Eve, and so we evolved with greater innate spiritual ability by virtue of strong soul hunger.

“The question now on your mind must be, ‘Are we disadvantaged?’ No question about it! You are! And yet there are feelings akin to envy towards you on normal worlds, where education about the human soul and the indwelling Spark of God are remembered each day, where there is no fear expressed or implied in religion, where there is no talk of hell and purgatory, where religious celebrations are just that, and where governments are progressive, by the people, for the people.

“There is a flipside to this coin. There are great rewards to those who answer the call to actively seek and find in answer to even the slightest of noticeable soul hunger. Credit is awarded to those who believe in a God when there is no Paradise Representative stationed on their planet. There is recompense for those who endure under dire circumstances. Indeed, my human friend, the organizers of future time-space affairs will be found amongst those of you of moral fiber.

“Even of a long life it can be said that time is short, so let the world and its insidious onslaught pass you by. Meditate, and let the veil that hides the spiritual world so rend asunder that you may learn, and achieve more, as you energetically, happily, and fearlessly, co-create with your all-knowing Spark of God.


“Aaron and I wish you all well.”

Session 3


Aaron: “Thank you Samuel. My small part of this lengthy lesson on soul hunger deals with the onslaught on the senses and emotions, particularly as it applies to so-called world news, presented by those who could hardly have a clue about the real status quo, ‘dished up’ to these news anchors, and you, by those who know only too well the untruths it contains, the half-truths bandied about, the needless digressions into the privacy of a starlet, model, or representative of government.”

George (feeling uncomfortable): “I’m making it clear that this part of this transmission may well be edited out, or the whole thing may not even go to the lists.”

Aaron: “Yes indeed, you will always have those two options. However, you can clearly see that the western nations are in a recruiting drive once more, for all-out wars must be planned well in advance. Considerable preparation must be attended to, and well prior to hostilities. The enemy cannot be seen as families, all of whom have the best at heart for children and the community. They must be thoroughly demonized. Yes brother, same old . . . Let us agree that since time immemorial stones have been coming down onto all heads, with you all doing your utmost to ‘regress this world’ to what it is, then blaming the other.

“It would be too much to ask for you to spiritually advance to the point where wars could finally be at an end, but in order to achieve such a goal, you may need to be fed a generous dose of honesty, intravenously perhaps, to realize that offence can never be defense, rendition is kidnapping, quite, and the term collateral damage should apply to property only, not to your God-given brothers and sisters of all colors, nations and creeds.

“Likewise, see it now clearly in your mind’s eye that the Creator will not award you for blowing yourself up in order to hurt others, nor for talking some poor child into wearing such a vest. Pardon us for occasionally looking down our noses at you all, and considering the hangman’s noose no worst than the electric chair, the needle no better than the sword or the bullet. It’s all murder, whether state sponsored or by ‘private arrangement.’

“If you are unable to change these things, at least do not be disadvantaged by mentally dwelling upon these mind poisons. Only love will solve that barbaric streak, which too many of you still display. Only the acceptance of all others as children of the one Creator will stir in you the soul-hunger that will progress you in this life. I am Aaron.”


Sharmon: “There you have it my dear mortal brother. Rest assured we can let you have it straight, and we favor no one person, race or nationality. I guess we can count on you to consider this entire transmission before posting any of it. I leave you now, after giving you the love of all who volunteered to speak on this day about soul-growth. This is Sharmon, accepted by many to be the best dressed in the Midway Realm.”