2010-04-28-Value of Teamwork


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Topic: Value of Teamwork

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “This is Midwayer Mathew doing the honors. It is by Samuel’s request, and Machiventa’s permission, that the Midwayer facilitators, at least, be recognized. This, not only in this transmission, which itself will deal with interdependence, but on future occasions. On my part, suffice it to say the Midwayers will treasure being recognized for their part in this project to bring about a greater understanding of the need to be co-workers to fulfill the mandates of the time-space universes, to progress toward perfection. This is 3:33, Mathew. Your Teacher now has the floor.”


Samuel: “Thank you my dear friend, Mathew. More than just the ‘incidental’ Midway Worker are involved in bringing this lesson to you in a language that can be understood by many. I speak of Primary Midwayers and Seraphim fulfilling their desired duties by being part of this communication effort, always. The catchphrase of the time-space worlds is interdependence, yes, teamwork, my dear student, both an innate drive to gather the troops to fix whatever ails, but also a clearly understood mandate from the Creator of all to not only be perfect, but to also make perfect.

“By engaging in teamwork for a common positive cause here on earth, you not only produce advancement in your personal spiritual status, as well as ample soul growth, you also contribute to the progress of your co-workers, and they contribute to you, exponentially. More and more as you journey into higher realms, will you be able to support, thus become the recipient of, Mother Spirit’s greater, more extensive, and more capable mind endowments, allowing you to work as part of ever greater groups, taking in more information, and more complex information, at an increasingly faster rate.

“It is recommended that if you can make the time, you join a group with a positive common goal. Should you find yourself so committed that you can’t, your alternative is to daily set aside a little time to meditate, and consider your Celestial Contacts, including your Destiny Guardians, to be members of your group for a positive common cause. It could so be that your indwelling Spark of the Creator of all applies to be a member of your group! What great progress you will make by having the ultimate in intellect, the