2010-05-19-Independent Thinking

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Topic: Independent Thinking

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu, here to do the honors, to be friendly, amenable, useful, outspoken and clear in my deliberations. Many who receive regular messages from their Teachers have the idea that their Teacher stands right next to them. They don’t, we do. Former humans no longer have the body to suit this dense material environment, we have. We may well enter your home through a wall or closed door, through your ceiling, or a window tightly shut. We may even spring from your wardrobe, and touch you on the shoulder.

“Between the Teachers that are former humans, and us Midwayers, there will at least be two sets of Seraphim and a Primary Midwayer, possibly more of each. In the process of conducting these communications, the translation of languages regularly takes place. And yet, we are capable of projecting the Teachers’ decisiveness or gentleness, their strength and humor, their intonations and more, allowing you the soul-felt recognition of their speech. I’ll release my grip on you now (he’s joking), and hand you to your Teacher.”


Samuel: “Thank you my dear friend, ABC-22. This is Samuel, a former human from Panoptia; a famous planet only second to yours. Panoptia will always be my home planet, Mansonia Seven is my present residence, and Mansonia six and five is where I teach face to face, when my lessons are not broadcast to Urantia. This appropriate question from a student has been well answered, I suggest. Now we are ready to handle the rather more urgent issue of the soldier.

“I am familiar with loss of life in floods, death in forest fires, for in my younger years I was a volunteer when tragedy raised its head and the lively and fit became more active, still. I’m not familiar with death in war, and certainly not the way you are familiar with it, having caused death, survived death yourself, but having been injured. Indeed, what I am about to remind you and others of, has been covered by 11:11 Progress Teachers in earlier lectures, but there is no harm in revisiting these concepts of the stages of a slowly advancing civilization.

“Initially, a rather productive area may house a loose population that may not contain a single family unit, among whose members fights may break out. The family unit comes next, but it may be weary of its neighbors. The extended family is an improvement on this, and in this situation the members’ sharing is most important. The clan can be considered next, the tribe a further development, but ever those outside the clan, or the tribe, may easily be seen as enemies.

“The last stage but one is the nation, and this is the stage you were in, young, eager, patriotic, and ready to attack and kill the enemy. And you did kill for your country, only to become more civilized at your still young age to realize that the one you killed was your brother. Only now do you realize that he, too, wanted a life, a wife and children, a home as a safe haven.

“You have done your thinking, your independent thinking. You have progressed to personally be in that last, that highest stage of civilization, where ever more individuals see all on this earth and beyond, perceived and quite invisible, as brothers and sisters. Congratulations! Feel good about your progress, and leave the past behind.


“Stand tall, my young soldier friend, and if you wish, look down on the old and haggard failures of leaders that still see their selves as important, while they regressed in their callousness, rounding up yet more youngsters to fight their unneeded wars. Direct your disdain at them, not the self. This is Samuel. I send my love to all.”