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Topic: Introduction of Charles

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael



Vicki: Dear Father, we come together, this team, in gratitude and humility for the work that we do on behalf of Christ Michael and in the Magisterial Mission for Monjoronson. We enter this session today prepared to take the instruction from Charles or Monjoronson with open minds and open hearts as to how we can assist in bridging within our world, the many groups that are speaking to him. And so we ask for your guidance and we ask for your support. Amen.

  • Our first team meeting with Charles


CHARLES: Good morning, friends, this is Charles. (Good morning.) I am a Mighty Messenger. I once was a mortal of the realm in Orvonton, on a world that was in rebellion. My contact with Daniel has been amazing to him; I explained to him that I might seem quite palpable to him simply because I know how to relate to him as a material being, as those memories are very vivid in my own mind. Being of a material nature one time, I remember this with tremendous power. You who have lived through this rebellion, you have the potential to be Mighty Messengers yourself, and you will recall this lifetime with a great deal of clarity, and your contact with mortals will be as palpable as mine with Daniel.

I accepted this assignment, which is singular in its nature, as there are no other Mighty Messengers in a similar role as this, though there are other Mighty Messengers here present on Urantia. My work is directly related to the Triumvirate of Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa. My role is to help simplify and coordinate your relationships with the Triumvirate and other bodies and teams and councils. I can be for you, if you wish, a go-between, a singular personality which would assist you to understand the vast complexities of this global and this system program.

Magisterial Mission, Incarnation

  • Movement in the global arena, amalgamating with other groups

We are in the main flow of work of Monjoronson, Machiventa and Christ Michael at this time, as we work with you. We are now in the process of moving from the local and national, to the international level. It is important that we now begin to amalgamate with other groups, as they are able to enter into our fold, without compromising Christ Michael’s Correcting Time for this world.

  • Monjoronson is in council with Eternal Son on Paradise

As you may note, Monjoronson has been “away,” and has been more distant from your process. This is periodic with him, as he holds council with the Son in Paradise on occasion, and is much more remote from your situation. To him it would feel as though he were gone away only a few minutes or a few weeks, but to you, those days and weeks could feel like weeks and months and years. He will return very promptly, as he continues his descension journey to the material realm of your planet. This will take time. Almost all of you fail to appreciate the care with which an Avonal Son descends to a world. In the case of your planet, this must be done very carefully, cautiously, and with tremendous sagacity. You will see him eventually; even if you were on the morontial realm, you will “see him” on Urantia through the broadcast and reflectivity process on the Sea of Glass. This will be a tremendous event, throughout all of Nebadon. It will be cheered by those with whom, and by whom you have no awareness or knowledge, in places which are many light years away.

Know, dear ones, that I am very close to you; I have decreased my energy field to the point of the morontial and below. I am at the level of the Primary Midwayers and have a capacity to be with you in ways which you are unaware and do not realize. I am open for questions, if you have any at this time.

  • Reason Charles has been sent to work with us

Vicki: Charles, I’m wondering if at this time, you want to give us any direction in terms of where we should be placing our energy, and also how often we should be speaking and getting direction from you?

CHARLES: You will not get direction from me very often, unless you request it. I am available; I am here to help you avoid confusion. I am here particularly in the absence of Monjoronson, and it is one of the main reasons why I am here, as he has needed to withdraw from the lower realms of energy, to communicate with you. He has much work to do in Paradise and in the capital of Orvonton, and then with Christ Michael. I am here, not to take the place of Monjoronson, as that truly would be a mistake for you to assume that. Monjoronson has his work away, and he is attending to that. I am here for the three of you.


  • Assignments

How I wish you to proceed is to continue on with your educational programs. Do please be patient with this process, as you may not be actively called to become involved in that for a while, and I say, “a while” because again, it is developmental, not dependant upon time. You can be assured it will be weeks and months, rather than years, as we cannot afford the time any longer to dither about with years any longer. The times are changing rapidly on your world, and we must make the directions known to many as soon as possible. We are reluctant to provide too many resources too early, as we wish this process to grow from its own inertia, from its own evolution and development, to gain momentum and mass in it. We know that this provides a far more true and accurate picture of the future, rather than throwing resources at a problem, trying to solve it. That never works, for creative efforts are never quantitative in dimension, but simply qualitative in their capability.

I have no further comments to you. Again, do see us going forward with these workshops on an international basis; we will be pouring our resources—meaning the angels—into developing networks and associations which will pull you into other countries. We would rather have you be invited from the interest of others, rather than you pushing yourself into a nation or country or region on your own. It is important that you be wanted and needed and invited, before proceeding to develop this area.

I will leave you now and sit in the stadium, watching you and listening to you, if you want to continue.