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Topic: Desire to Serve

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening my beloved friends. This is Tomas. I am glad to be here in the company of you and other celestials that enjoy observing and participating in these sessions. We are here in delight of your interest to expand your consciousness and your cosmic neighborhood. I have a couple things this evening I wanted to specifically make mention of, uppermost is to thank all of you who are so diligent and have been so faithful for so long in the services you perform in this process of contact.


Transmitting, Service'

The transmitter receivers are of course an essential part of our development with you -- you here on this planet. Eventually their roles will be eliminated but not in this lifetime. In this lifetime, we are very appreciative of those who have the courage to take the leap of faith and allow themselves to formulate the words and express them in faith that there is a purpose to this process, one which serves humanity.

The true gratitude is for the desire to serve. The desire to serve cannot be diminished in any way. This not only includes the obvious, but the subtle, which I will get to in a moment.

Another group of persons I and we would like to commend are those of you who are skilled in technology. The development of the Teacher Corps, the Teaching Mission, the Monjoronson Mission, all these efforts in opening your world to ours, is a natural consequence of your enlarged and expanded ability to communicate technologically. It goes beyond the telephone which served adequately for starters but now there are so many tools and toys available it is up-stepping our opportunities considerably, such as you discussed this evening before our program commenced.

The people who transcribe these sessions are unsung heroes, certainly. The task of typing up for posterity the spoken word can be tedious and tiresome. Many beginning T/R’s particularly are unaware of how critical a word can be and thus gaps in comprehension can be had – not that any of these will stop the process, but they will slow it down - and so those of you who suffer the pangs of conscientious transcription are to be commended for your untiring efforts.

The healers among you, those who know there is something to be said for the power of will and in conjunction with divine will, your will can be manifested and in terms of healing body mind and spirit from the ills and ravages of such a life on such a planet, many of you are tapping into sources of energy that will one day become aspects of the medical profession whereas today it is rather black and white science. In a short time the avenues of comfort and strength that spirit provides will become an essential part of the diagnosis and cure for humanity.

And there are all those who provide the listening ears, the humble and eager audiences, the recipients, the collective body of people who await the words, the messages, the counsel, the good cheer, the admonitions and the cautionary remarks that come from your mentors on high. You are the salt of the earth; you are the ones that will move the world forward. The others implement it, but you are the ones who carry it out, and we opt to pause this evening in our presentations to offer our profound and sincere thanks to all of you who contribute to this unfolding of spirit reality; even when you don’t understand what’s going on, you willingly and eagerly, even blindly follow where indeed no man has gone before. Your adventurous spirit, your exploratory nature, your experimental appetite has connected with our desire to re-encircuit you in the greater reality and it’s working well, we are happy to report.


  • Update and Pep Talk

Along those lines, I also would like to talk this evening about … well, what you might call a progress report. It is incumbent upon us to keep you apprised of developments, at least in general. I know that we who are invited to the briefings that are held every morning in our sphere to bring one another up to date on the critical areas of action or in the alternative in those areas which are flagging and in danger of dying out, that need stimulated, these are brought to our attention and angels are instigated to assist in the process of evolving your world and so we like to pass on some of our insights to you so that you are not flying blind.

It is a fact that the mortal mind is very short-sighted. This I say not to belittle you in any way but to reflect upon the short term nature of your lives here, generally under 100 years and often much of that is not particularly focused on what might be contributory. But without going into the details of how time is squandered, it is my purpose to reflect with you for a moment on how it is that time passes on the material world at a different pace and in a different paradigm than it does in the morontia world and in the spiritual circuits.

We have observed many of you move from youth into middle age. We have observed many of you move from middle age into old age. We have seen many of you translate and leave this sphere and awaken in the resurrection halls. This is a part of the process of time and space. And yet, in many ways, our voice is the same. We are unchanged. We are as immediate as you sit and listen today as we were 15 or 20 years ago, and so your time frame is not the same as our time frame and you forget. You despair. You become discouraged. You cannot see with the same perspective that we see how effective your work is, our work is, and how rapidly and steadily spirit reality is in fact progressing on Urantia.

I tell you this to encourage you because I know that many of you have become disheartened by many of the things that you have seen and experienced. When you become tired, when you grow weary, when you are over-extended, it is easy to succumb to doubt and despair. It is easy for you to say, “Ah, all those teachers are a figment of my imagination. It’s all just wishful thinking. It’s all just another escape from reality which is unbearable. How could there be a loving God. It’s all hogwash. Bah! Humbug!”


  • Riding the wave of living waters

We see this happening on a daily basis, and yet there are waves of consciousness that do in fact come over you as a body, waves of uplifting energy, and you ride this wave. We observe you ride it. We observe you swim out to catch it. We watch you stand up on your board and courageously work your way into the pipeline of your experience and thrill to the opportunity before you of riding the living waters. We also observe you crash on the beach and sometimes neglect to get back up because you are just exhausted. This is wonderful play in the fields of the Lord.

And in your reflective times you will indeed be able to see how many waves you caught and how many times you rode it -- successfully and joyfully and often -- in company with your peers. It is not a job you do alone, even though you are agondonters. When you lift up from your doomsday scenarios and your exhaustion from the vagaries of the human existence, and when you sense and feel that there are others also acting concert with spirit, you cannot help but be encouraged and lifted up, you cannot help but recognize the truth, beauty and goodness resident within each other.

Even when you have a bad day, when you have or a bad attitude, or when your peers seem to be particularly grumpy or downhearted, you know what it takes to put yourself back on top of the situation: it is a simple surrender to the divine elements that oversee not only you and your life and the lives of your friends and the movement that you have created, but the teachers that have co-created it with you and the supernal helpers hither and yon who exist to uplift you and bring your forward. You will not be left bereft or without aid and comfort.

But you are short sighted and you do forget. This little bonfire I am attempting to ignite under you is simply to say that while your perspective is short and you see your friends come and go, live and die, opportunities rise and fall, and still there is murder and mayhem, war and gore, now a new oil spill, there another conflict, expenses, diseases and all that stuff, it is simply part of the uphill struggle that evolving worlds endure. I know I need not remind you to remember the Master and his admonitions to be of good cheer. He did indeed say one day people would know of the happy heart that indwells the believer. And you are believers. You have within you the happy heart that you receive when you put yourself in the hands of Christ-consciousness.

Recca: [technological lapse] … still where our input, our contributions have contributed to an improvement over maybe a hundred or two hundred years of perspective and work on it.


  • Your Faith Enlarged

TOMAS: Yes, I like to think I can. And it is elemental, it is so simple, but it is so critical and so apparent, the effects are so long-range and all-encompassing, and that is the enlarged faith of each of you as agondonters. You are not as alone in your experiences as you were before we arrived. There are others like you who also believe in the connection between the isolated mortal of the realm and the thriving, throbbing, living universe, and when you meet each other in the flesh you recognize each other as a fellow sojourner. Prior to this experience, you did not have that kind of assurance. You didn’t allow yourself to open in trust of that mutual understanding. It was all rather academic but it was not experienced.

Now you have experienced your cosmic neighborhood, the people that you have come to know and love through the spirit and through our work together will be your associates forevermore. At one time you never thought that far ahead but now it is taken for granted. There are many of you who look forward to carrying on in the mansion worlds what you undertook here under the direction of a social architect or other agency that provides you service work, service projects. And so your most obvious example is in yourself. This is, of course, why I encourage you to keep it up and not revert to that disbelief that was your norm for so many years before we came along and activated and reality-ized your greater reality by and through the socio-spiritual community that we have been formulating.

  • Your Faith Reinforced

Not necessarily secondary to that but on a bit bigger scale is groups that have formed. Many groups have come and gone, yes. That does not mean that they have failed; it means they have fulfilled a temporary purpose, but the seed that was planted in being a part of that group remains within the individuals who were part of that group and that seed will be planted elsewhere in another time in another place so that another community experience can be had and known; in this way the groups grow. They may not be as formal and dynamic as the first groups were when the Teaching Mission was young, but the synergy that takes place in one of these groups where you share your living faith alters you. You are not ever the same. You have been expanded.

This is why it is so very difficult for those who have known this as a way of life to suddenly find themselves isolated. It can be very disheartening, as if to say the entire experience was an illusion of some kind, and why I am telling you it is not an illusion, it is part of the process. It’s part of the anvil of experience that forges your character because you must learn to have faith even without others around you to reinforce your faith. But when others are around you that do reinforce your faith, you can make hay while the sun shines. You can take advantage of that synergy and get as much accomplished as a group as possible, knowing it will ebb and flow, and there will probably come a time when you will walk alone again, at least for some segment of time, perhaps even just long enough to experience a respite from the activity or a chance to take your experience under advisement with your own God-consciousness so that you may be prepared for the next experience ahead.


Recca: Thank you!

TOMAS: You are surely welcome. You see, your response is something that you knew already.

Recca: Um-hum. TOMAS: You just needed to be reminded. Recca: True.

Morning Briefings

Student: Hello, Tomas. It’s a pleasure to speak to you. TOMAS: Hello?

Student: When you receive updates in the morning, do you receive news of our Magisterial Son and what his activities are on Urantia?

TOMAS: Who am I speaking with? Ron: This is Ron.

TOMAS: It depends on whether I am invited to attend or not. I am not invited every morning. If I am on a roll somewhere, if I am on assignment, and things are clicking on at a merry pace, I am left to my own devices to act in full faith that what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing at the time. Generally it is between assignments that we experience more of the morning briefings, and what is covered in the morning briefings will depend upon where the focus is at large. The phrase “at large” is the key phrase here because, again, there is a perspective that reaches beyond the immediate concern to the overall concern.

Just as I was speaking to your experience, wishing for you to lift up to my perspective, I am encouraged to lift up to the perspective of the Most Highs or the agencies that oversee the Project, and that would certainly include Monjoronson. Monjoronson may not be at every meeting, but he is certainly notified of what transpires at every meeting. They are rather put on by the Most Highs because they are the ones who rule in the kingdoms of men and it is the kingdoms of men that we are focused on. Your work in our world is our task in many, many regards. Monjoronson certainly has his focus and his tasks as well, many of which we are not even aware of what they are, but he is a trustworthy administrator and when he visits and calls the meeting to order, which is his right to do when he is “in town,” we are all glad of his perspective which is, of course, even beyond that of the Most Highs.

All of the orders have their own assigned tasks to do, just as you have your own tasks assigned to do here. And again whether or not we understand what each other’s tasks may be, we may be assured that we are all about the Father’s business one way or another, whether we are conscious of it or not, but in full faith that his will is being done and his kingdom is being revealed. It is thrilling for us, in fact, to occasionally watch all the pieces fall into place and a new level of reality present itself as having acquired lasting reality in the universe as compared to experiential reality.

I guess you might say it is like watching the Evolving Supreme get dressed in the morning. Sometimes we rejoice to see her putting on her shoes for the first time, even though we have all polished her shoes and observed them sitting there in the closet, have even tried walking around in them. You see the analogy I am trying to make, foolish though it may be? It is just sometimes a thrill to see all the pieces fall into place.


  • Volunteer or Assigned

Ron: Thank you, Tomas. Felix: Hello, Tomas. This is Felix. TOMAS: Yes, Felix! How are you, my friend?

Felix: I’m doing good, Tomas. Thank you. I find your work very interesting. You know, it’s very uplifting and very special. Did you actually choose to do this job on your own free will or were you assigned to it? What does it take to do this work that you do now?

TOMAS: Well, I did volunteer. But after I volunteered, I had to undergo considerable training. And just because I volunteered was not an automatic acceptance. There are many who volunteer who are not accepted. There can only be so many who serve at one time or you would be inundated, you would be overwhelmed with all the people/ entities/ presences/ energies that want to come here and assist. So I feel very, very fortunate to have been selected.

I feel that one of the reasons I was selected is because in my native sphere/ my home planet, I was a cultural anthropologist and I lived in a world, a portion -- a quadrant of my world, similar to Government on a Neighboring Planet in that it was segregated from the rest of the planet and my quadrant was quite advanced while the rest of the planet was quite primitive and there was a distinct demarcation between the two. My job on my world was to venture into the primitive tribes of the planet, study them, and bring back my findings to my world and so I feel qualified to come here to a rather primitive planet comprised of sundry tribes of people, study them, study you, and take back my findings, which indeed is what report in my morning briefings when I am called to do so. In that way we keep everyone informed what the developments are, what the needs are, and although I have never been confirmed in my opinion as to why I was selected, I feel that nonetheless and no one has told me I was incorrect so I will assume I am not too far off base. Anyway, I am very happy to have been chosen and I will serve here for some time in this Project.

Now, I tell you, I have served already in a short time several capacities. I have hosted several groups and started several groups. I have visited many groups and have even sojourned to other countries, even other worlds that were caught up in the rebellion and isolated, so I have not wasted time since being assigned to this task and since volunteering. So I guess those both apply. I was assigned here because I volunteered to come here. Does that answer your question?

Felix: Absolutely. It’s fascinating. Thank you for your insight.

TOMAS: I will take that further, Felix, to say that when you volunteer to step forth in service to the Master, you will be assigned tasks, too, according to your skills and abilities. If you set yourself up as available and eager to be of service, most certainly an avenue will be presented to you to serve, just as it happened to me, so consider that. If you want to get involved in the enlightenment of this world, in the progress of its people, or any of the sectors of planetary service, you are certainly encouraged to volunteer because there are certainly many tasks that would welcome your efforts.

Felix: That’s excellent. I am certainly looking forward to that. TOMAS: Enjoy. Felix: Thank you.


  • Planetary Wellness

Marty: Teacher Tomas, this is Marty. I would like to bring up a different subject. TOMAS: Yes, Marty.

Marty: You mentioned before, in the question of our medical practices, that it was done specifically through our black and white sciences, is what you said, and that eventually spiritual practices would become part of the medical healing professions.


Marty: Now, this is what I’m asking. The relationship of spiritual energy to material energy has everything to do with the healing process and there are many people who live in the spiritual energy in a spiritual life who don’t get sick and when Jesus healed people he said it was their faith that healed them. And now we are dealing with a world that is sick – and it’s physically, ecologically and spiritually -- I mean, it’s like an insane world. And I bring this up, the question of spiritual of energy to our material life, and we talk about praying for help with the problems that we have. I’ll say no more. Maybe you can just relate to the question that I’m asking.

TOMAS: It is a very open-ended question, very broad, and frankly difficult to approach because it is so broad. The planet is a physical creation, much like you are a physical creation, and as you take care of yourself, you enjoy good health, effectiveness, happiness. The same with Mother Earth: as long as she is taken care of, she is happy and effective in her task of housing and providing for those that depend on her.

Your citizenry here has not yet learned how to take care of themselves; therefore they are not experienced in taking care of their world. They do go hand in hand. Once you realize you are not here for your own selfish purposes but as a part of a much bigger cosmic organism, your spiritual nature becomes activated and you recognize your responsibility to yourself, your neighbors, your loved ones, your land, your property, all that you are given stewardship over. And as humanity/ the human race evolves and becomes god-conscious, it too will learn that it needs to be caring and attentive to its needs, its loved ones, and its world.

Because so many are detached/ removed/ ignorant of their own connection to deity, they cannot see the effects of their causes. You who are god-conscious can see and you despair when these people don’t see as you see how they are harming themselves and the world. They are making your life more difficult because of their ignorance. This is the task we face, Marty. This earth has a great resilience [technological gap]. You would do well to sound the alarm that continual abuse of your homeland and the homeland of every individual who lives on this planet is unacceptable.


  • Evolving Social Morés

Recall that in the neighboring planet referenced in the Urantia Paper 72, it came to pass that the unequal distribution of wealth was addressed through the morés by virtually shaming those who had so much largess into moderating their vulgar displays of wealth, allowing those who choose to live closer to the earth and more humbly, the opportunity to stand tall as a man among men without having to defend itself for its lack of material trappings. This same kind of social consciousness can go a long way toward ridding the culture of those who think that bigger is better, more is better, more expensive is superior and all those things that did indeed provide motivation for slothful man at one time and that through competition allowed much progress to be made but has now reached the point of absurdity. How much does one family need, after all?

But the problem is, you see, you are all enamored of it. You all want it. To some extent or another, you are all impressed with the mansion on the hill, with the limousine, with the unlimited funds. You really must detach from that yearning and put your eggs in a different basket. As it says in the scriptures, “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also,” and so as you embrace your treasure of the spirit, enjoy it for all its worth, for it’s worth everything. It is indeed the pearl of great price.

But at the same time, be careful of those who would seek to inveigle you into the game they play that is no longer that entertaining but has, rather, become destructive and disingenuous. As long as there are people starving to death, it is a vulgar display of wealth to live as a materialist. And as a religionist, you could make that point very clearly as you pass by. It will take time for that social moré to intervene, but it is necessary. It is time. You cannot allow Mother Earth to bleed out, and believe me, she is being bled, just as humanity has been bled for years and years by those who seek wealth at the expense of the less fortunate.


I will pray with you that the Source of us all infuse us each with as much capacity as we have to dedicate to the cause as it is presented to us and may we give ourselves to that cause with jubilant rejoicing. Amen and farewell.