2010-08-23-Black Rot and Mosquitoes


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Topic: Black Rot and Mosquitoes



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Hello Monjoronson, that last message of yours was a difficult one to receive I must say; was there a particular reason for that, please?


Monjoronson: Hello dear fellow; there were a number of reasons, about which I will give you a clue.

Firstly, you were not settled sufficiently on any of the three days over which we had the sessions, due to heavy fatigue, illness and disturbances within the home environment at particular times. Your new computing location isn’t ideal, but it does have benefits which the previous one didn’t at certain times of the day.

Secondly, there is an awful lot of activity going on in my dimension, as we are engaged in last minute preparations and the count-down to the “OFF”. Imagine the clock hands just about showing midnight, and the hammer is inching its way forward to hit the gong, and that’s about where we are at now.

I still can’t express it in terms of the calendar and clock face of your material world, for things don’t quite work like that; but it is now so close for you, as to be described as imminent. That is why His Worship gave the last message through Kibo: “It is Time – Ya es Tiempo!” Christ Michael has staked everything on this upcoming Ascension process and the Geophysical and Weather events followed by Stasis. It is new, because you ones are to go forward “In Body”, for that is Michael’s way and it’s the right way to do it.

There is to be no more standing about waiting to see what the Dark Ones will do, as we are pig sick of them and more uncreations involving them are now forecast. They have shown complete and utter disregard for anything but themselves and their Global Slavery project, and there is now no desire to rescue them for rehabilitation, as the Black Rot within them is pretty much total and not reversible. It was Michael’s desire to give all of His created children who had strayed into the Darkness, the option to repent and become of the Light once more, but upon exceptionally close inspection in the light of recent events, and including but not limited to BP’s Gulf of Mexico debacle, it became patently obvious that rehabilitation of the vast majority of the individuals concerned was very unlikely.

Most mothers and fathers who love their children unconditionally will go to almost any lengths to help them out of trouble and set them on the right path, but there comes a time when it becomes obvious that the wayward offspring is as you would say; “Taking the Piss!” This point was reached some time ago, but Michael went the extra mile to extend his open arms and say to them; “Come along and show me your sorrow for what you have done, and ye shall be forgiven”. But they did not and continued to enjoy mirth at the expense of Him and calling Him “soft” and “gutless”. He took this on the chin, as you would say, but the time arrived when the needs of the whole population of Earth, and the greater needs of The Creation itself became the dominant imperatives and the “Get Out of Jail” tickets held by the Dark Ones reached their “Use By” point and have now fully expired.

They are no longer expected to change or defect and so a larger number of people than was originally planned shall be uncreated; the ultimate sanction and rather like swatting mosquitoes, except I do not want give mosquitoes a bad name, for unlike the Dark Ones they are a much smaller threat to Humanity.

So there we are, making omelettes and actually breaking some eggs in the process.

Vince: Well, I feel that an epoch is ending and a new one beginning and I suppose that in a very short period of time we shall see the changes manifesting and then the really hard work for us will begin.

Monjoronson: That is so, but you will never have previously experienced satisfaction of an ongoing job being well done, of the magnitude ye ones shall experience. You will know without question that you are doing God’s Work.


And now I must take my leave of you and further attend to my duties.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince. 23rd August 2010