2010-09-05-TeaM: An Experiment in Pre-Mansionian Reality

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Topic: TeaM: An Experiment in Pre-Mansonian Reality

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Greetings, girls. This is your friend, Merium.

Renault: Hi.

MERIUM: I’ve been hanging out with you all this afternoon. We’re all such good friends. It warms my heart to see such associations. I am glad to see you are recovering from your surgery, my dear.

Renault: Thanks. It still hurts a lot.

MERIUM: Yes, it was quite invasive. You may need to forgive a little more before it is completely healed.

Renault: Forgive?

MERIUM: Forgive the surgeon, the nurses, yourself, the circumstances, the imperfection of the universe, incompleteness of mortality.

Renault: It just hurts a lot.

MERIUM: Andromadeus has stopped by. He has been looking for an opportunity to stick his foot in the door, as it were, and I am happy to see you avail yourselves this afternoon of the occasion so that we might proceed accordingly.

Renault: Welcome!

ANDROMADEUS: Thank you. I am Andromadeus, a Most High Observer, and it is good to be back with you. I saw the light on. Sometimes it’s not dark enough to see the light. Winters are often better for these occasions of tuning in to your space visitors, your celestial associates, heavenly helpers, because summertime is such a physical time of year for finite creatures, there is so much to do. But when things simmer down and much of the world goes dormant, the mind is given an opportunity to participate more fully, and thus we begin to see the light come on about this year when people’s minds return to school and other autumn pursuits.


I have been observing an emphasis on learning how to sit in Stillness and listen, and perhaps T/R. I had thought perhaps I would expound a bit upon how it works so [that] those who seem so mystified and put off by it will be able to take another look at what it is to those of you who have it in mind that it is the most natural thing in the world and will become even more natural as time goes by. Naturally, perception has a great deal to do with all of this.

Urantia is an experimental planet. The Teaching Mission is an experiment. Hoping to bridge the gap between where you are now in your consciousness, collective consciousness, and where you will be when you arrive at the level of understanding that would be appropriate for a world such as yours had it not had its setbacks – much closer to light and life and approaching the next epochal revelation. We are a progressive branch of government. We do not expect everyone to subscribe to the Teaching Mission or the Monjoronson Mission, but these are a part of the experiment, a part of the unfolding of His will, a part of the adventure and exploration, a part of reaching your potential, an exercise in cosmic consciousness and a dramatization of the characters inhabiting eternity.

Your culture provides a marvelous way of entertaining the higher levels of mind which enjoy a little exercise and self-reflection as yet another form of recreation and diversion, even something prepared for you by the celestial artisans. The bridging of the gap between isolation and full cognizance of your being a part of the cosmic neighborhood, in truth a friend and neighbor to all your heavenly helpers, is a natural desire for the young at heart and the child of God who is faith-filled that no matter what, they are loved and smiled upon. Even if they are discovered to be wrong in their perceptions, they will have developed greater spiritual acumen as a result and so the bottom line is God has succeeded once more where man has failed to reveal truth, beauty and goodness as it can be embraced by the evolving soul.

I wanted to mention that, however, I wanted to speak to the fact that there is a plan afoot. You are always so interested to know what phase we are in or what juncture or what role to play or what deeds to do. It is as if it were inherent in you that you want to find your place in the scheme of things and fulfill your potential therein and so where is your potential in the heavenly kingdom? Must you wait until you leave here in order to tap into the divine scheme of things? Must you wait until you awaken in Mansonia to participate in the conspiracy to uplift humanity? No, we know we can use you right away. As soon as you are found to be trustworthy.


Renault: How do we do that?

ANDROMADEUS: How do you become trustworthy?

Renault: How do we know?

ANDROMADEUS: I am unable to answer that.

Renault: What is the criteria of us helping out in the enlightenment unfolding?

ANDROMADEUS: That is something that is between you and God.

Renault: Oh, I see.

ANDROMADEUS: But if I see your light on, I can pretty well be assured that you passed muster, at least to some extent, and so I appeal to that light within that we know is trustworthy. It is of the Father, of the Source, but it is something you have accepted as your own. You are part of it. To the extent that you have married yourself to it, your soul shines brightly.

I might ask you: How do you know if you have been found trustworthy? Have you been found trustworthy?

Renault: I’m assuming so.

ANDROMADEUS: Have you asked to serve?

Renault: I’m sure I have.

ANDROMADEUS: Have you been permitted to serve?

Renault: I’m assuming so.

ANDROMADEUS: And have you served well?

Renault: I am assuming so. [Laughing] I don’t know!

ANDROMADEUS: It would stand to reason that you are trustworthy and have been found to be trustworthy. You are a nurse. You are entrusted constantly with the lives and the care of your patients and you have been in this profession for some years with many healed patients to attest to your value, your trustworthiness.

Renault: True.

ANDROMADEUS: This is a quality that you own. It is a quality of your soul that works in conjunction with the spirit. In fact, we have discussed this before. You assist the angels of health. They have found you trustworthy.

Renault: Oh, good!

ANDROMADEUS: They have sent you into the field that you enjoy, that you serve and that serves you.

Renault: True.

ANDROMADEUS: This is the beginning.

Renault: Pre-Mansonian beginning?

ANDROMADEUS: Pre-Mansonian beginning of your consciousness of being a part of the planetary government, a worker in the field of planetary government, yes. In morontia reality. Pre-Mansonian reality. We need the planet to mature as well as the individual on the planet, and so for in order for this to happen, you are assisting us in the unfolding of planetary evolution by living it, by acting it out, by demonstrating it, by being the players, the physical players of the spiritual psycho-drama that must take place in order for your world to grow up experientially.

Here you are leaders, and torchbearers. Obviously this is the case with people who are not aware of who they are spiritually speaking, but who act unconsciously in response to their divine Indweller; therefore it is not to say that you, as member of the Teaching Mission, or an affiliate of the Teaching Mission are special because of that, because all of the people in the world who are committed to serving and bettering humanity in their chosen field is a participant and a contributor to planetary government, whether they know it or not. Some of them are Reserve Corps of Destiny.

Being aware does not make one superior. It simply makes one aware. And in fact there are added responsibilities because of the awareness.

Renault: I know. You have all kinds of Lightworkers, all over the place, trying and helping to spread some of the enlightenment around.

ANDROMADEUS: There are people who are hungry. We have been mindful of this for some time. You have been mindful of this for some time. The harvest is great but the workers are few. Being chosen, being picked in the garden is your delight. You grow to become ripe and plucked and utilized for nourishment to others -- This is your destiny! -- and to begin again, renewed, in order to do the same thing again.

There are some just beginning to develop a spiritual consciousness, whereas some have been developing theirs for some time, perhaps under some doctrine or discipline or perhaps not at all, and still not interested. There is great variety in the harvest.

Renault: Variety in the harvest.

ANDROMADEUS: There is a problem with the transmitter/receiver device. A headache is drawing energy away from me. I may do well to retire for the afternoon with gratitude for the happenstance that gave me this opening. I’ll give you back to your friend and hostess. She seems to want to spend another moment with you. Thank you. Farewell.


MERIUM: You see me coming. You immediately feel better. You know I am going to fluff up your pillows and make you feel comfortable. And you respond accordingly. We all respond to the positivity of energy and affection. Praise is something we all enjoy, including our Eternal Parents. Rest is something we need less of as we grow up in spirit being-ness, but still we must rest, and the finite mortal must take this seriously. And so I release you to your rest and to the comfort of your own good company. Good friends in the flesh and in the spirit, enrich our very lives. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, even forever.

Renault: We always enjoy your company, Merium.

MERIUM: You too. I am your babysitter, elder sister, tutor, good friend, and teacher. I’ll see you another time. Bye-bye!