2010-09-22-Natural Progression

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Topic: Natural Progression

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “There is a natural progression in spiritual awakening. First you perceive that there is something else beyond the material world, and then a curiosity to know your origin and destiny is born. Later God is discovered, and you attempt to understand your relationship with the Creator. During the stage that follows, you learn that you are a son/daughter of God, and therefore a sibling of all others in a big universal family.

“These are the initial steps that normally are contained in mortal life. From this point in time the additional morontial steps take place, which normally, and for most people of this world, occur after physical death. However, for a few -- and ever more individuals as time goes by – begins the exploration of these additional steps during their material life. The next step is the understanding that God actually lives in the hearts and the minds of human beings. It is then that the Thought Adjusters have an increasing influence upon the minds and the decisions of their beloved human charges.

“As you start to listen to your Thought Adjuster, progressive revelations of Truth become clearer to the conscious mind. The next level is where you start to explore your relationship with the Supreme, and begin to accept responsibility for your contributions to the experiential knowledge of the great universe. Many in your world today are on the threshold of this knowledge.

“The following levels will bring an increased knowledge about your relationship with the Supreme and your responsibility as a universal citizen. The final step of this part of your existence will be the fusion with the Thought Adjuster -- the moment at which you will be so adjusted to the will of your Father that there will be no possibility of you choosing a different path. At that moment you become one with God, and become a creator in training. The fusion is the last step of the career to refine the personality with the help of the Thought Adjuster, but it is only the prelude of the progressive exploration and understanding of the infinite possibilities of this union of man and God.”