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Topic: Special Session #24

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Moderator (Vicki): Okay, today is Friday, November 5th, the last day of the Melchizedek School. We are here at Susan and Tim’s. It has been absolutely beautiful. We have prepared questions for Monjoronson and we have been waiting all week for this! So here we go.

Daniel: He’s here with his press crew. (Laughter)

  • Guidance to unfold potentials and open doors of opportunity

MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. (Good evening; nice to have you here.) A rose by any other name is still a rose, is it not? [A reference to his name being pronounced differently.] Thorns are not! So, you have had all week to prepare for this; I smell bear trap bait! Let us begin. There is no question about your sincerity, who you are, your approach to the Father, or to your life in the flesh, and your earnest desire to fulfill the maximum potential, expression, that you have within yourselves in this lifetime. We are here to assist you to do just that. It is our wish to be of assistance to help guide you, to help unfold those potentials, even to open the doors of opportunity even a little crack, so you are aware of them ahead of time. Let us begin.

Student: Monjoronson, on October 5th, Machiventa in a Special Session, made a few comments, that I would like clarification on. (Monjoronson: Certainly.) He said it is now time to find those who are similar, and to share constructive thoughts and energies between the two, without losing your own identity. Who are those who are similar, and how do we find them?


  • Finding mortals who are similar

MONJORONSON: Those who are similar are similar to yourself; similar in interests; similar in temperament; similar in curiosity; similar in their intent and attention to move towards that which is greater than themselves, that which helps them become greater. And where are they? They are all around you, my friend. You are a fish in a school, in the river of life. You are traveling amongst many of them. You will come to identify them when you identify yourself, and come out and reveal yourself. You need not be afraid to do this, as you live in a reasonably temperate environment that is not too caustic and not too cold. There are many who are waiting for you to do so. When you do reveal yourself, some event or something that will attract their attention, you can point to it rather than pointing to yourself. You can ask to have this facilitate their own awakening, to begin to join you in this exciting journey of self-awareness and God awareness within themselves. Does this help? (Student: Yes, a lot.)

Student: Continuing on with what Machiventa said, he said, “We are assisting you and groups of individuals to make inroads into your old established religious organizations.” So how do we make those inroads into those old established religions?


  • Inroads into old established religious organizations

MONJORONSON: My friend, your unseen assistants have been doing that already. They are the ones who have been making the inroads. You do not need to make those inroads; those inroads have already been prepared and connections made. You simply need to reveal how they can come forward to find each other, to find you and you to find them. You are a way-shower; you need not be in the spotlight; you need not be in the connecting point of two circuits that arc across; you need not be there at all. You need not have any loss of friends or connections.

I wish to go back a bit and discuss what Machiventa did not say: What he did not say was that as you attract those who are similar, as you attract those who have empowerment, who seek empowerment with you, you will also at the same time be leaving those behind who do not contribute to your passage, do not contribute to your progress. There are associations which you will leave behind, not for lack of love, but simply because they cannot follow you, whether this involves individuals, or groups, or associations, or organizations.

The inroads have been made. We are waiting to co-create with you now the bringing forward of these people who are milling around in the sidelines, waiting for someone to call them. They see what is available, but they do not have the courage to come forward. And you do not need to be the center focus of attention, drawing them away from where they are; you simply provide a positive venue to which they will be attracted to, due to their curiosity. These people are God hungry. They hunger for light; they hunger for the truth. They know the truth when they hear it; they know the truth when they see it; they know the truth when they shake your hand.

Student: And you see these people within the Christian Church?

MONJORONSON: Oh, most definitely!

Student: They are hungry?

MONJORONSON: They are hungry! There are some who are simply as heretical as yourself, but they do not speak. (Laughter.) My friend, your sheep’s wool has been sheared from you a long time ago—they know who you are. And look at the benefit: You do not frighten them.

Student: This question is dear to my heart. This week we talked about the different languages we speak; the language of the Urantia Book. I’m from a tradition of language of the Christian Church, but I’m aware there is a language of the spirit. How do we transition from the language of the Urantia Book to the language of the spirit?


  • Using the language of the spirit

MONJORONSON: By speaking with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks through the angels; the angels are her children. The Holy Spirit is a very familiar figure in your church, as is the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, which is well spoken of by Jesus. These beings, these entities exist; they have never gone away. You simply need to make your friends familiar with those beings who are fully existent in your world, who have been forgotten out of those texts. How do you language this? You simply assign to some of these beings the fact that they may be angels.

Student: Okay, I get that. We were told the other day that we are the leavened sourdough kept in the boot for leavening more bread. I like that analogy in that I think of the Christian Church making inroads there. I’m trying to understand whether that is possible. Is that pushing the snowball up the hill? Or do you see the kind of change as the co-creative design team working inside the church to be that leaven? [Note: The “boot” refers to the cook’s wagon during the western cattle-drives. It was the place in the wagon where the sourdough starter was kept for making bread.]

MONJORONSON: Our appraisal of what has occurred this week is similar to some of you in that you have explored a continuum which is so dynamic and so powerful, and so laden with potential that many cannot grasp it, but must be fed small portions of it. Your church has many boots with leavening in them. They are waiting to be combined to go forward to many tables of flour and butter and milk to make new bread. It is simply someone who comes forward with the courage to express this leavening.

This is a non-religious enterprise that we provide to you. This has nothing to do with threatening that religion. What we present here is completely compatible within almost all Christian religions, if not every one of them. Which Christian does not seek closer union and communion with Jesus? Which approaching mystic does not seek further communion and union and a presence and awareness of the God presence within them and around them? None. None want to wait. None want to be held off. All want to come forward to experience that which they have yearned for, for so long. Where are your Luthers? Where are your Meister Eckharts? Where are your Hildegard von Bingens? Where are these? They are here now, my friend, and you are one of them. They are enchanted by your presence within their social group. They are waiting for you, for the other shoe to drop, and some are wondering too, whether they will be disappointed. This is completely the choice of those who are waiting to come forward.

We have not spoken with you without preparation for your own life’s course. There have been inroads made with you and many others throughout the Christian Church, and all its denominations and all its various forms. There are many who seek to do what you are preparing to do, though some have not the courage. Christians, too, who are thoroughly invested in this program of belief, are tired of hearing that the church is dead, for they know the old church truly is dead, but the church lives on within them. They wish to know the new church, this new body of believers who truly engage the presence of God. This has been tried before, but in a much more primitive basis in your social structure and history, a church of Mystics.

You have a living example with the Quakers. Many conventional Quakers are very much familiar with the lives and format of contemporary living in your society, whereas there is a large core group within this church body that fully knows the mystical life. It neither frightens them, nor makes them curious, but yearning for further fulfillment in their association with the Divine Presence of the Father within them. They have experienced this, and so have you—many of you—during this last week. You know what it is like to visit the one who is anointed within. You yearn for further contact; you are hungry, and so we have given you celestial teachers, made you far more aware of your guardian angels; you have begun the journey, and once begun there is no going back.

Student: Welcome and thank you, Monjoronson, for being here tonight.

MONJORONSON: I am here for you.

Student: I ask these questions, not only on my behalf, but also for Dr. Margaret “Jiin” Ngu, who has joined us for the week. What specific areas of service do you see as options for this group gathered here, of one acting co-creatively as a group? Also, acting co-creatively as individuals?


  • The intention of this training

MONJORONSON: First of all, you have begun a new relationship with yourself. This is primary to all the work that we do. If we fail in doing this one, we have fully failed your species. This is the emphasis, this is the center, this is the intention of this training. It is fully a great benefit when you return to your home environment, wherever that is or whatever you may call it, to then be light of heart, cheerful, knowing how to find relief and release through this new spiritual connection. You will be a light in the wilderness, surely. We ask you, too, to share your glee, your joy, with those who have similar interests. There is no sense sharing this with those who would reject you or the message. It is important that you either already know, or will know, those who have an affinity for what you know, who are curious about where you went and what you learned. That is part of your work if you wish, to then share that with them, to form a meditation group if you wish, a prayer group if you wish. Some work to build a merkabah, an energetic altar, so to speak, where you go and commune, several of you together, to share your energies for some project, for some healing, for something to be done, even if it is in your community, or perhaps particularly if it is in your community.


  • Where to use this training

And lastly, the program for where you would use this is in your places of employment, your places of association where you volunteer. We have provided you with a dynamic, powerful, new way of thinking, this co-creative design team process. You may not choose to call it that; you may wish to call it something else, but it is co-creative, it is conscious, it does involve a connection that surpasses your ordinary exchange between individuals. It is a means for improving the quality and content of your organizations, whether they are private, public or otherwise. Bring this process into your homes and share it with your children, your partner and your mate—perhaps even a neighbor who might be curious about where you went. Do not be afraid of being rejected, but simply say, “Thank you, I appreciate your opinion. I thank you for your perspective” and leave it at that. We are not looking for a hostile crowd; we are looking for a friendly crowd, a hungry crowd, a curious crowd, and each individual who may come forward.

Too often you may spend time working against the grain of the wood. Too often you have paddled up stream through the rocky shoals of a river to find one more to help heal and convince that they ought to be going with you. They have been told; the forerunners have come to them; they are fully informed through your many media that there is the “good news” among them. Do not work too hard to convince those who already know where the light is—simply show them a new way of reading their books, so to speak. Yes, there is much you can do in answering this question, and I thank you for the question.

Student: I have a follow-up question to that, Monjoronson: We realized rather early in this first Melchizedek School that there is a strong need for us to provide some additional support beyond this school. And also, some kind of communication link or a site where we can communicate together and bring some new information and share what we are all involved in. Have you got any recommendations for us?


  • Continuity

MONJORONSON: As your fearless leader said, “Make it so!” (Laughter.) Joking aside, yes, this is a very good plan to do, to have gone through what you have done this week, to learn what you have learned, to experience what you have experienced, and then go your own way and just let it plop on the ground or floor, is something that would be extremely difficult for you to do. You have made associations of brothers and sisters among you, friends who will remain fast with you through the years. Connections are essential; continuity of work is imperative. The heralding of the challenges you have overcome with victory, is important to share. You have so much to do and such a nice, sweet circle of friends to share with. We ask you to continue this continuity. Yes, there may be dropouts—people do have difficulties in their life, they become too busy; they must attend to the necessities of survival. But in the main, many of you will remain connected, sharing your successes and wisdom and advice, and you proceed. We wish this site of yours of this process to continue to gather those pearls of wisdom about this process, those wonderful little aphorisms that guide those who begin anew. You will eventually have an opportunity to speak and write about these first steps within a new community, just as I am speaking to you tonight. This is something to help prepare those who are across the world, reading what you are doing, following with eager anticipation of the next page, the next development, wondering when it will come to their community and how they may help sustain this process, and then they will have the idea, “I can start it here! I have enough material, I know the steps, I will begin.”

Student: Thank you. I have one more question: What areas in medicine and health do you see as opportunities or options to begin initiating, and any details on how we might proceed?

Healing, Health

  • Medicine and health

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to entertain that. We were aware of your questions, so I have had my physicians assist me in the answers. I wish you to begin exploring the conscious empowerment of the apothecaries that you use. The substances that are entering the human body are not empowered at the wave length or the frequency that is desirable to bring about lasting healing and cures deep within the areas that are necessary to have a healthy body. Your medicines are mainly very similar to the foods you eat that have been pulled from the ground, and have been cooked and washed and re-cooked and dried, and frozen—many, many processes leach the vibrational power from these foods, so that all you receive is the nutrition. Where is the chi? It is long gone. You must re-invent your medicines by imbuing them, investing them consciously with the power of the merkabah for healing, knowing that these molecules, these substances will go to the places where they are needed.

You have scientists who are working on the nano-technology of medicine delivery to intracellular areas. You can do that already with the medicines that you have, by investing them with the intelligence to go where they are needed. What I am speaking of is a ‘minded’ methodology of pharmacology. What the old ones would call shamanism or witchcraft or homeopathic healing techniques and technologies would be re-invested in your medicine. It is time now to do this. The one who originated this question is fully invested in this environment and she has now the capacity to know how to invest her medicines with this energy.

You need not know how it works, or why it works, but simply that your consciousness works similarly as placing someone in the merkabah. You bring your consciousness to bear upon this person with a stated intent; you do it strongly, powerfully—you do not do it weakly or without character—you do it with intention for the end result. You are in many ways asking the molecules to go where they are needed. This is directed use of your pharmacies, your substances for healing. You will find that eventually there is a psychotropic relationship between the drugs, the compounds that you develop and their application and use. I say ‘psychotropic’ because they need to be mildly sensitive to mind direction.

There is interest by your industry by people for purely certified organic foods; soon this will also come about in your apothecaries, your drugstores and the development and production of pharmacological substances. This is a new area of development which needs to be explored. There are some who are already exploring this but with other alternatives and motives in mind. Recently and in these recent years, there are those who are developing specific drugs, molecular manipulations of outlawed, illegal drugs that are in the no man’s land between those that are approved and those that are not approved – those that are illegal. These inventive, mischievous little lines will provide the precursors for these drugs.

Is this enough work for you to do? (Much laughter.)

Student: It’s a heck of a good start!


  • The global consciousness of humanity

MONJORONSON: We agree. Once these ideas enter the mind, you will begin to invest these ideas in your global consciousness, a consciousness of humanity. If you seek additional information about this, connect your consciousness to cosmic infinite mind and receive information about this. We only wish that those mischievous individuals were participants here tonight, to bring this into existence themselves. They would make tremendous progress in a very short few years. You see, you have not asked the question, but this is the answer — and, that is, you are beginning to, we are trying to lead you into an awakening of minded healing.

Yes, you have your metaphysical individuals who apply affirmations and connect to the healing of energy from Nebadonia, from universe center. We are now beginning to feed your consciousness with a capacity and capability to use your minds to bring about healing through the proper re-arrangement of your immune system and through your healing mechanism that exists in your mind. There is so much untapped potential within your minds, you really have little awareness of who you could be, were you to train your mind and be aware of all of its components.

You have more than sufficient mind power within you to do great and wondrous things. Your people have sought for miracles from God to heal this and the other, but the potential is truly within them to do the same thing. This is no panacea; this is no magic; this is no quick-fix—this is part of your evolution of your species into the new varieties that are here and growing. Your young children, who you call “crystal children” or “violet children” or “indigo children” are ones who will have the early capacity to do this. You have the capacity now to begin the process of up-lifting yourself. When we speak of the human genome, the genetic components of you and your children, you even now are re-writing your own gene structure and that of your children, through your behavior, your attitudes and your expectations. Make sure your expectations are “astronomical.”

Student: Monjoronson, we are sometimes intimidated by your stature, where you come from. Sometimes alleviating some of our questions about the different missions may be a little bit calming to us. I’ve heard the opinion that there has not been a Magisterial Mission that has failed. Could you speak to that opinion?

Assurance, Security

  • Reassurance and confidence

MONJORONSON: What can I say about success? (Laughter.) That sounds facetious, but it is true. I do not understand your question.

Student: The question is we, on an overall global scale, we have some little worries, anticipations about things, and it might be more reassuring to us to know that if that opinion is true, that there has not been any Magisterial Missions that have failed, we would gain some confidence in our own spiritual outlook.

MONJORONSON: You are in charge of your own confidence, sir. I cannot pour that into you. Trust me when I say that every Magisterial Mission has been successful. I would not be here speaking with you if we were not attempting to do that. That is why with Christ Michael, we are so careful, earnest to be here, to begin this process slowly, carefully, preparing the way. This is no sure cure, and there is no sure way of inducing and filling others with confidence. This is a matter of something they must build themselves; this is part of the character-building experience that you have in your life. This is part of how you become who you will be. When you are insecure, then you know that you need to build your sense of security, your assuredness of feeling safe where you can trust and then love. We see that within you—this is as potential. Now you must—with us—actualize that potential in our co-creative embrace.

Student: Sometimes, having a good cheerleader is the best thing for us.

MONJORONSON: We are not here as a “rah, rah group.” (More laughter.)

Student: Monjoronson, would you care to address what happened today after lunch? I know that you partially answered this question with some of Jim’s inquiries, but this is in reference to how this will impact the dynamic of future schools and workshops. (Monjoronson: Please be more specific.) (Moderator: What happened after lunch?) It was an addressing of the issue of the Urantia Book readers and non-readers and how do we reach those that do not have the language to understand….I apologize… (Student: Some of the advanced concepts that are presented.) )Moderator: It’s okay, take your time. If you need to start over, go ahead.) Chris and I don’t care to use that word of how the celestials are re-arranging the dynamics of the workshops to deal with the issues that arose today, regarding language differences… I’m still processing what happened today, so it’s hard for me to put into words.

MONJORONSON: Then wait until you have fully processed it so this does not add to your confusion.

Student: Monjoronson, may I address you now?

MONJORONSON: Or later. Your choice.

Energy, Transparency

  • New energy technology

Student: Uh, how about now. In the past I was fortunate enough to be guided to work with others to start a co-creative design team, before I even knew what it was, with a group of scientists, engineers, mechanics to develop energy devices and bring them to market that would free us from the oil industry. I felt that we had the right group, the right amount of intellectual power to do this. We all agreed to make it a co-creative effort, but when I moved away, it fell apart because there was a fear of communicating the progress of what we were doing, because of experiences by many members of the group, having their work removed from them as they made advancements. And so, this area of fear, I was not able to alleviate in this group, although I would have to say from the information we received from our celestial, I was not concerned about our safety but I could not convince the others.

If, I should ever start something like this again, perhaps you can give me some insight as to how I can overcome this fear of being stopped, because this type of technology that has come to my awareness is not being allowed by those who feel threatened by technology that would be sustainable, compared to the technology of the oil industry that we use now that is not sustainable.

Moderator: What is your question?

Student: How can I address this issue of human fear, to bring forth this technology to market, the safety of those who are working on this project?

MONJORONSON: Just as this gentleman requests confidence, there is no way to remove their fear. However, if you change the question as to “are there techniques to move ahead with this project safely,” then that is another issue.

Student: Then how can we move forward with this project safely, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Excellent question! (Laughter) You are a fast learner. (Student: Thank you—I work at it.) It is imperative that you work in an area of complete transparency. This is ironic, and antithetical to what you propose. However, in transparency there is also the widespread decimation of progress in a project such as this, where there are threats of death and loss of property and privilege and so on. It is imperative that these small pieces of progress be published daily, not waiting for a paper to be complete. Your other compatriots around the world who see this material are not stupid either; they will begin picking up these pieces and begin putting them together, theoretically or practically, whether on paper or on actual devices, and this you will see a spontaneous blooming of this new technology around the world, almost simultaneously.

The problem within most groups, such as these, is that there is always the carrot of profit, of control, of royalties, of untold wealth that is available by presenting this to market at the right time. My friend, there is simply too many slippery fish that are willing to steal this from you, so whether it is in the minds of individuals, or whether it is agents of large companies, or the governments that may be involved who see this, there is no defense against this kind of pernicious predation—this economic predation—therefore, to move ahead you must make it available to everyone simultaneously, piece by piece. Whether it is the development of a formula, whether it is the evolution of some system—engineering system or chemical process—begin to publish this and send it to representatives in like and similar positions around the world. They may be puzzled to see pieces of this show up in their email, but they will eventually make good sense of it and put it together. Yes, there may not be profit for you; there may not be large bank accounts and an easy life, but you will have assisted your human kind tremendously by your altruism, by your generosity and by the legacy that you leave. This in many ways is building an investment fund for the future of humankind, based on free enterprise, free with a different emphasis, “don’t cha think?”

Student: It’s a piece of cake! Thank you. It’s as I suspected.

I have another question: Years ago, upon finding myself with a pretty severe injury, I was made aware of a healing angel, and this healing angel made claim to the fact that there was a new order of angels to Urantia, whose sole purpose was to bring about healing of those that had physical illnesses or injuries. I would like to know how this group of healing angels ties in with the healing work that you spoke about earlier, of infusing our medicines with the energy of the merkabah, as well as our foods, to bring about healing.

Angelic Contact, Healing

  • Healing Angels

MONJORONSON: These are different programs, and there is very little overlap between them.

Student: I have not heard anyone else mention this group of healing angels. I do not want to be the only one aware of this information. Would you recommend that I share with those that are in the healing business about this group of angels? I have tried at times, but it doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

MONJORONSON: It would be too good to be true, would it not?

Student: I guess it would. Not for me, I mean it has brought healing. I’m very active now, I had a severe injury and there was nothing other than my work with my angel that brought about this healing.

MONJORONSON: This is at the higher levels of co-creative healing. You have heard of miraculous healing; well this is conscious, intentional, co-creative healing at the highest levels of possible doubt for you, though later it will become more evolved. To engage these angels, simply speak to your guides or your own guardian and request that one or more of these special healing angels to be with you and to communicate with you. You have the same capacity to speak with them as you do your Thought Adjuster.

Student: Thank you. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the resources….

MONJORONSON: This is deliberate.

Student: I suspected as much. Thank you.

Moderator: Rick, do these angels have a name?

Student: My healing angel’s name is Ephraim

Moderator: Monjoronson, is there a new order, or a name given to this order?

MONJORONSON: It is an existent order that has been used on other more evolved planets in Nebadon. It comes, of course, under the venue of Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of Nebadon. She is the mistress of all angelic realms; she is the Infinite Spirit’s representative in this locale. These angels were used, have been used, are being used on more evolve planets where mortals have a much more conscious evolution and relationship with the celestial and angelic realms. It is not necessary to use this in the language of Nebadon, but simply ‘healing angels’ of evolved natures is sufficient to bring them to you. They are available particularly for individuals who request them, rather than for their use on your behest or by your prayer. It is essential they work in many ways as your “parking angels,” to assist you consciously in this serendipitous occurrence of which it obviously was. This is to establish a new relationship with higher, more evolved spirit beings, to assist you in becoming more adept and competent, empowered in your daily life as you are faced with the difficulties of mortal, material living.

Student: I’d like to ask one last question. From your extreme vantage point … (Monjoronson: Oh come, you cannot resist just one more can you?) Can you critique our successes and failures this week, with the first Melchizedek School? What do you see as our next step?

  • Critique of successes and failures of the week

MONJORONSON: Most Definitely! We truly did not believe that this would occur, though we did not impede any part of it, but rather empowered, it to occur. What was set out to do was more daunting than the originator had thought it would be in any regard. Yet, it was vastly far more successful than even your celestial friends had anticipated. The celestial teachers who were in observance of this process this week are slightly less than “thunder struck,” they are deeply appreciative of what has occurred, and realize that you have bit off more than you could chew easily, with this process.

As has been suggested—and we support—that this be divided into much more individual progressive pieces, which if you review the history of this process, as continued to—what you may say ‘devolved’—it has begun to go to the lowest level. First, this one was teaching the co-creative design team process, then TRing, and then the idea developed of a gentle, progressive evolution of consciousness and conscious relationship with celestials and with the angelic realm. Now you see that even this may be overwhelming and this first part must be set apart as you yourself said as a teaser, [Melchizedek School 1], to draw those who would be curious about this, but yet fearful of engaging something far more developed. You never know who you will attract because sometimes the first novices in this group may become the masters and practitioners later on, in the most devolved classes that you teach.

You are very wise to make this [workshop] small, affordable, of short of duration so that individuals who would be marginally able to come there, or who are marginally interested would come to participate. You have hit on the success that it be of short duration, that it be reasonably priced and perhaps, located in an area where they could drive within 30 minutes of home, from where they live, in a metropolitan area. We do insist that this be in a peaceful realm. We would prefer highly that you not use any commercial building, but one that is set aside as a retreat in an urban, semi-urban, or rural area. The air is simply too filled with negative and chaotic energy in your cities to assist in the gentle, subtle processes that are involved in teaching others to become sensitive to that which occurs within them.

Remember friends, you are beginning to feed the little buds of morontial awareness in these individuals. This is a mighty and powerful process, and these do not go away once they are nurtured. So begin slowly, peacefully, gently to bring many people forward and they will determine which classes they come to next. The early classes can be framed in a very nominally advanced spiritual language, without reference to the documents that you have on hand that you have used for yourself. You should be fully aware that there will be people who are curious on the morning of the first day of where this came from, and where they can get more materials. Be prepared for an onslaught of this curiosity from those who seek more. Remember that you must feed, feed, feed those who are curious. When you do that, they will come back for more.

Is there further question to my statement to you, sir?

Student: No, thank you, that was very complete.


MONJORONSON: I wish to thank you for the thoughtfulness, your dedication and your commitment to devising these questions. I take no offense to any of them, but encourage you to continue this process. This is a meaningful way to develop and hone your own minds, so that you will have meaningful questions for your own celestial teacher, something that they can assist you on to grow and to feed your own curiosity. You have your own busy, patiently waiting celestial/angelic helpers with you, who will be glad to engage your questions. Know that they are patient enough even to tolerate your most inane questions. Thank you for your own patience tonight. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)