2010-11-12-The Mirror Technique


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Topic: The Mirror Technique



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Hello Monjoronson, what do you wish to do today?

Monjoronson: Hello to you dear one. First of all let me tell you what I don’t want to discuss, and that surrounds the whole of stasis and Earth changes, for they are all in the process and you will experience their manifestation in due course. I am more interested in the educational aspects of the process for those of you returning to Earth after stasis and when the changes have taken place. There are others of the Spiritual Hierarchy who are providing a running commentary on the changes, and I do not wish to interfere in that at present.

Vince: OK MoJo, I understand that well enough, so let’s get to the subject you wish to discuss. I am more than happy to exchange pleasantries with you, but I feel you want to get on with the matter in hand.

Monjoronson: You read the situation well, and so I wish to tackle the introduction to self healing. I am well pleased with what you and I have done with the Erethea website, where the Quiet Page has been set up and there are the rudiments of how an individual can achieve communion with God in the middle of a busy day, when they seemingly don’t have the time to spare. We will take that forward in the near future to address how an individual should obtain larger periods of quiet and their uses, but for now there is a more pressing matter.

I would like you to include this subject on the Quiet Page as a follow on from the Golden Minute piece within the next week, please.

Vince: OK then I’ll do that.


Monjoronson: In your world many people suffer one kind of illness or another from the mildest of conditions right up to terminal illness and these can be due to karmic conditions included in the DNA, or down to many forms of condition brought on by environmental, and work and family related issues.

I want to tackle here conditions caused to individuals directly and indirectly by other individuals in a work, social, family and shopping environment. This may at first appear to be quite odd, for whatever sickness could be attributable to other people, and why would they do that to you?

Your lives are lived in a kind of arena of great materialism which causes many to gain the maximum often at the expense of other people’s wellbeing. The effects on the recipient can be from a mild headache up to life threatening cancer. These conditions can be brought on by negative or destructive thought patterns being targeted at an individual by a family member, co-worker, a member of the public, or an acquaintance or “friend”.

Projecting negative or destructive thought patterns at individuals is a lot more common than you may think and it ranges from idle daydreaming from a person who has inadequate control over their mind, to deliberately projected destructive thoughts to people who the person wishes to harm or destroy. In extreme cases this can involve ritualistic ceremonies where vile deeds are done, and these are among the individuals I refer to as the Dark Ones.

Did you know that thought is a most powerful energy, and when used constructively as it should be, has the potential to bring much benefit to mankind as a whole as well as to individuals. This is how you should all be operating, and if you have an issue with another person, it should be possible to discuss it amicably and find a mutually beneficial outcome. But, because the world is full of people with many different levels of spirituality, this very often becomes impossible, or it is not wanted in any case.

An individual may find that they develop something like major headaches in the workplace, and spend a fortune over time on over-the-counter pain medication, not realising that they have been targeted by a co-worker who does not like them. You get thrown in with all manner of people in your lives and the potential is high for you to meet people who take a dislike to you and who may well be jealous of you. All they need to do is target you with negative or destructive thought, and if you do not realise what they are doing, you could even become ill and remain so for decades.

There are also those who are treated badly by a colleague, friend or family member and retaliate by creating an effigy and sticking pins in it, which acts contain all the ingredients to inflict suffering on another one of God’s children. Vince has seen much of this in his life, and knows of specific instances close to home, and directed at him personally; and overall such attacks are only too common.

Do you have a recurring condition which causes you discomfort or worse? Are such occurrences regular, and is there a pattern to their onset? Have you had an altercation, disagreement or upset with another person which occurred near the time of onset of the condition?

Being able to trace a condition back to the time, occasion and people involved is being half way along the road to fixing it. After some thought it may become quite obvious what caused it, but if it involves someone who you would least expect, then tracing the source is more difficult, and may take more time. The techniques we recommend to fix these issues do not project negative or destructive thoughts to those people who actually triggered the problem, or are suspected of doing so. There is no need to harm them in any way by directing adverse thoughts at them.

So, how do I suggest you deal with the problem? It is incredibly simple and does not require you to seek revenge, however much you may be tempted. What you do is to redirect the negative and destructive thoughts aimed at you from any given person, back to their source. You can do this with some simple visualisation techniques which only take a moment to learn, and I give them to you freely and with great love, so that you can stop these events and heal from them.

Visualise yourself with a large mirror in front of you, big enough to reach from the top of your head right down to the ground, with the reflective surface pointing away from you. Visualise each perpetrator sending their thought beam to you, and visualise them touching the mirror and being reflected back and returned to them, where they give the person the condition which they sent to you.

If you wish, and can do the visualisation, picture yourself with a protective glass dome over you, over which a locked steel cover is placed; thus protecting you from further attacks. It helps to do this every day until you have fully recovered to a normal condition, and if you can’t always remember, leave yourself some notes where you will see them. If you wanted to it could say something like; “daily mirror” or “reflections” which is enough to remind you without causing comment from others.

Imaging is very powerful and should only be used for good, but over the millennia many folks have decided to use it for dark purposes, and have paid the price for doing so in one or more incarnations. Turning people’s negative thoughts to you back on them is a defensive operation, and you are not initiating any kind of dark thought patterns. If you’ve identified the source correctly, and got the visualisation strong enough and regular enough, you should begin to see improvements quite soon.

If the onset of the conditions has been prolonged, then you may need to do visualisation over an extended period to achieve the results you are looking for, but in any event the visualisation process is a good lesson in using thought which can be used for the benefit of mankind, as it should be.

This is an introduction to self-healing, where we are showing you how to stop people making you sick and to give you a chance to recover. In later sessions, I shall discuss other ways of self healing and methods to heal other people and animals, for these skills and knowledge have been denied to you by the Dark Ones, and we are passionate about helping humanity to help themselves, aren’t we Vince?

Vince: Indeed we are, and it is also our belief that such knowledge should be given with love and without any charge whatsoever. I have read people who say that you should charge for information and the greater the quality of the information the more you should charge.

That doesn’t fit in with our spiritual philosophy, does it MoJo?


Monjoronson: No my dear one, it doesn’t. What we do has no price; we do it out of love for Humanity, love for Christ Michael Aton our true God, love for the Creation and the Source of All That Is.

Love is all, and money is a token of exchange for material goods and services and has no place in my work and with the Erethea Project. That is our philosophy, and that is a freewill choice for everyone to make commensurate with their circumstances.

I hope you will find this information helpful, and I look forward to the moment a little further down the line when I can give you the next instalment.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy with my dear friend Vince. 12th November 2010