2010-11-25-Ducks in a Row


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Topic: Ducks in a Row



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Good Morning Mojo.


Monjoronson: Good Morning. Do you understand how the Pyramids were built? That was a rhetorical question, for I know that you haven’t the foggiest idea, but the techniques of cutting rock to very fine tolerances and moving huge pieces of stone, and which were once guarded by senior priests and their stonemasons have been pretty well lost from your world, although they exist in many other places in the Creation.

It is well that this knowledge isn’t with your Dark Ones, for it would allow them to develop alternative methods of making themselves even richer and you ones poorer. At many times in the past on your planet, various techniques have been used to produce goods, great works, food and other matters which in your world today would make your scientists take notice and be green with envy, after they had temporarily suspended their disbelief. They don’t often do that you know, for there is nobody as blind as a scientist heading towards the only outcome he is prepared to contemplate.

There are many clean and green technologies due to be introduced to your world, after Ascension and not before. On several previous occasions humanity has been given technological and scientific ideas through people who understood the spiritual worth of them, but in a world ruled by Materialism they required funds to develop them into usable products which, let it be said, would have made an amazing contribution to the benefit of you all. But the Money Men did what they always do and refused the funding, and in some instances wiped out the individuals concerned.

That is why oil, gas, coal, and so many elements from the Periodic Table, have been extracted from the depths of the planet, and which have lead to the coming geophysical upheaval you will soon experience in your reality. Man does not understand the need for reservoirs of oil, gas and coal; except to extract and burn them and provide a few with material riches beyond the imagination of most people. They are there for a reason and were not meant to be extracted in the vast way that they have been, and so when the end of your civilisation as you know it occurs, you have the foolish Dark Ones to thank for that.

It is not my intention to reveal the suppressed technologies and go into detail about the natural resources, for at the last few minutes before midnight of your civilisation is simply isn’t appropriate. It will be for those staying with Planet Earth to contain among their numbers those who will also bring the suppressed knowledge to your society and it is with the intention of providing humanity with the clean and green resources they should have had for many thousands of years.

The Dark Ones are even at this late stage running around like headless chickens, for their game is over, even though it does not appear so in your daily media. They are running out of options and their time is just about up.


Vince: I certainly look forward to the very great challenges of our civilisation on our ascended planet.

Monjoronson: And so you should, because it’s what you came here for all those many thousands of years ago, and you are now awake to this, aren’t you?

Vince: What takes place in meditation remains a private matter, but since you brought this up in a conversation which you intended for publication, I shall answer your question.

Yes, for the first time today in our daily meditation time, I remembered previously being asked if I wanted to be part of a project involving the development of Earth. I’ll keep calling it Earth as this is the place for plain speaking, and not everyone knows that Earth is also known as Urantia.

Although some of the memory is hazy, I can distinctly remember being asked and answering in the affirmative, in this big white hall with very many people assembled there for the purpose. Not all of my incarnations worked out as they should have, but I understand that what we all do in terms of spiritual development in the next few weeks will be crucial to the outcome of the project, and for the individuals concerned as well.

I am currently putting all my Ducks in a Row, as the saying goes, and working out which things to say goodbye to and although I’m somewhat aware of the future challenges we face, there have been times of great happiness in this current lifetime, even after I found out the prison planet regime we were in, thanks to the Dark Ones. I really do wish them all the best, because they are the most ignorant of all humanity. Here are people who can afford to be educated at the finest schools and universities, and yet they haven’t worked out that they live in a dimension and on a planet which is subject to Divine Law and under the jurisdiction of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

They are going to pay a heavy price for their crimes against humanity; against this and other planets affected by them; and against the Spiritual Hierarchy, and even the finest education seems not to include a module about spiritual common sense. It’s just so sad to see the Dark and Evil ways of these people, and we must hope that even at this late hour, some of them can be rescued from the mire of their own making.

Monjoronson: Thank you for expressing your thoughts on the matter, and I know they are genuine.

We have a kind of rolling programme with those who are often referred to as Ground Crew and others associated with the Ascension Project, which is intended to open up your spiritual gaze to the point of remembering you being asked to serve your Lord God on Earth.

Speaking personally, and since you ask, you come under the heading of “and others”, because you work for me. There are also others who think they are Ground Crew, but are not in the strictest application of the terminology. It is not my place to tell anyone at this time what they will actually be doing as the process rolls along and we get into the main event, but there are people who have special talents who will undertake specialist missions and will not be involved in general Ground Crew matters. Either way, it’s nothing for anybody to get upset about, for you’re on Christ Michael’s team whatever the task turns out to be, and that is something I shall not reveal at present. Some folk already know what they will be doing; some think they know what they will be doing; and the vast majority don’t know what they’ll be doing.


Do you know, I think we are done for the day? You must now conserve your physical resources for the next couple of days, so I shall just wish everybody good health and good fortune, and send my deepest blessings to each and every one of you reading this.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince. 25th November 2010