2010-12-06-Worthiness and Unconditional Love

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Topic: Worthiness and Unconditional Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon, Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon (MNO-6): “Here I am, my dear human friend, poking my head in just to say hello, and to remind you that behind every profound insult regarding your daily activities of bringing cheer and good news to many, there is a fearful, likely a fundamentalist religionist, who deep down feels unworthy. Quite a claim: Fearful, a religionist of rather fundamentalist persuasion, and one who feels quite unworthy. Indeed!

“Think back now, my brother, of how the religion in which you were brought up made you fear the Creator Father of us all. Not all your siblings, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, are as quick to disregard the impossible, the improbable, and the outright ridiculous of religious teachings, of dogma. The Creator of all was not on the side of those who slaughtered the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites and more – men, women, children and beasts. We watched, shuddered, but were not allowed to interfere with human free will.

“Even the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a nuclear accident long in the making. All who live, have ever lived, and are yet to be born, are worthy and subject to the never ending unconditional love of the Creator. I now hand you over to my younger cousin. I am Sharmon, who loves you.”

Bzutu: “Time for ‘Junior’ to have his say. With your ability to track planets, stars, and galaxies in the ever expanding universes, even your scientific minds of today must begin to admit that there is incredible intelligence behind this unbelievable beauty and elegance that is the cradle for untold time-space life. Would it not be perfectly logical that such intelligence, willing to share His realm with the likes of us, and the likes of you, be endowed with a love that cannot be fathomed?

“However, this is not about us, because we know we are useful, worthy, and loved. This is about you, the Creator’s human ‘harvest’, those who are indwelt with a Fragment of the Creator himself, which bestows upon you life eternal in preparation of important tasks to be conducted in the far-flung universes of distant time and space. Knowing this must assure you of both your worthiness, as well as the unfathomable unconditional love your Creator has for you.

“Let the time approach when you can at last return this unconditional love by ending all wars in consideration of the worthiness of your siblings of all races, from all lands, and of all religions, who are each indwelt by a Fragment of God.


“This is ABC-22. I wish you good evening.”