2011-01-26-Paradise Existence

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Topic: Paradise Existence

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “When I’m on a roll, I prefer to carry on. I gather there are no objections from the mortal, so let us look at paradise existence, and what this existence would be seen to be by the wise, the thoughtful, the loving, and spiritual humans of this world. What we are doing here is making a comparison, and since we are comparing a perfect Paradise Being, and this Being’s wishes to serve, we cannot just take anyone out of your human population. We must compare your Paradise Cousin with this quite advanced human.

“Your human being is perhaps 35 years old, has behind him or her perhaps some 15 years of education, is at, or is approaching, the height of his or her maturity, and is spiritual by nature. And so we ask what this spirituality may be all about, and we decided that it is the wish to serve the Creator of all. Does this mature human individual have any idea of what the timelessness of Paradise living is all about? I should think not, but he or she would at some time be looking forward to experience such timelessness in a place of perfection.

“Let us now consider our Paradise Citizen. We cannot really question his level of maturity, since he was created perfect. We can neither claim that he has 15 years of education behind him, nor can we claim that it is as much as 15 billion years. Created before the advent of time since on Paradise time does not exist, his education has been ongoing almost since the creation of Paradise itself.

“Perfect in every regard he would be considered eternally patient, also, but as much as our spiritual human would wish to eventually experience timeless Paradise, our Paradise Citizen would wish to experience time-space living, and at long last after so much learning wish to involve the self in projects of co-creation with the Creator Himself, yes, to so serve. Not any part of this message will make sense to those who hope to ‘achieve heaven’ to then spend the rest of their eternal lives being entertained in some way.

“I promise you though that each and every one of you will sooner or later be awakened to the eternal task before you, and that is to serve the Creator of All, neither by coercion, by feelings of guilt, nor by motivation applied to you by others, but by an awakened long-innate drive. And that drive will then be as obviously natural to you as it is to your Paradise Citizen.


“This is ABC-22. I bid you goodnight.”