2011-02-05-Will You Open Your Hearts

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Topic: Will You Open Your Hearts

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Paul Conklin


[From the Transmitter: I have been having a strong urge all day [February 05, 2011] to take a message from Siraya, the voice of the Father. When I did finally sit down at the keyboard the words flowed. The beauty coming through is overwhelming at times. I know that our Eternal Father loves us more than we can know. He wants us to know how precious we are to Him. I have excluded the first paragraph from this message for personal reasons. I may share it with you one day, but I can't do that now. I hope you are as touched by this message as I was. - Paul C.]


Siraya: Tonight I would like to talk about the prevailing conditions on Urantia. It may surprise you to know that what is occurring on Urantia is already done and over with from the Father’s perspective. You live in the linear time frame, but I live in a zone where time is non-existent. You are born. You live. You die and go on to the mansion worlds. All these things are sequential to you. But to me and to all Paradise associates these events are simultaneous. I understand that you cannot grasp this as yet, but you shall grasp it one day.

Here is a little trick for you. Imagine that you are on Paradise. You see things from my perspective and from the Father’s perspective. You see the ending from the beginning. You see the beginning before it starts. All events are lodged in the eternal now. That is why from the Father’s perspective you have already arrived on Paradise. You have already slept the last sleep of the ages and you have awakened into Paradise. When you awaken on the shores of Paradise you will be entering into eternity for the first time. But again my child, these events are simultaneous from our perspective.

Now, take that infinite paradigm and apply that to the world of your origin. It seems to you that the Lucifer rebellion and all of its sophistries and evils have been going on for an eternity. Of course, even two hundred thousand years seems to be an eternity from a finite perspective. But if you have the infinite paradigm as your perspective you will not writhe in anguish when you look at the events occurring on your world. You will see the final events of the Lucifer rebellion playing out and the entry into the age of light and life.

My dear child, raise yourself on high in a spiritual sense. You see my son you can raise yourself high above the happenings of your world. You can become the salt of the earth for those of your brethren that are suffering. You can help them to have an infinite perspective. You can heal their wounds and provide salve for their burns. You have the power to do that my child. But you do not live in a vacuum. Spiritual energies continue to pour forth on your world at a prodigious rate. These spiritual energies are also providing a needed boost to the weary citizens of Urantia.

You are the light of the world my child just as your brethren that accompany you are the light of the world. You have heard it said from your Creator Son that a light cannot be hidden under a basket. But that light is revealed to the world for all to see. Be the light of the world that all can look to and take comfort. You all have the properties to do just that.

Whatever it is you dream my son can become a reality. That is what the Eternal Father had in mind when he created you and all your Urantian kin. He wanted to share the prerogatives of creatorship with his precious children. Can there be a gift more precious than that? A gift that does not come from the outside. But a gift that comes from the inside. It is like the Father of us all has given you all that resides inside of Himself. Does that not inspire you? Does that not cause you to well up with tears of joy?

Never imagine that the Father of us all is a hopelessly serious being that expects lockstep obedience. The Father of us all is a playful entity. He wants to get down into the sandbox and feel the sand between his toes. He wants to help us build that sand castle that entered our mind. He wants us to fill our pails with wet sand and then dump the pail over and see the developing form. Sand castles that little children make are just the beginning. Can you just imagine the things that you and the Eternal One will build together? Your sandbox is not just the world, but the universe at large. You will take your Father’s hand skipping down galaxies and skating on starlight. There is so much to do my children. There is so much joy that awaits.

Will you open your hearts my children and take the hand of your Father? He desires to build whatever it is that you desire. His joy will be complete as you discover the unparalleled joy of living. No, my dear ones, I am not talking about mere existence. I am talking about eternal life. An eternal life of endless joys and unfathomable glories. Isn’t that to be expected? What would you expect from such a Father as this? He wants to give you so much my children and He already has. He has given you His life and His love.

Do you not think that the Eternal One is deeply touched as you give back? He sees you struggling and yet you give so much of yourselves. He is deeply pleased and deeply proud. “These are my children,” he boasts. What Father is there that does not boast in his children? You see my children that is how much the First Source and Center loves you. He loves you more than I can express to you. He has the joy of witnessing the spirit of discovery as His precious mortal children endure the bumps and bruises that will bring His children to His doorstep on Paradise.

As you see the recent developments on your precious Urantia, take heart. These things that you witness are just temporary. These things will soon blow away like the chaff blows away in the wind nevermore to be found. Go forth with great joy my children. Let your hearts be filled with great joy as you bring this message of glad tidings to your brethren. You all know the deep secrets of happiness. The deepest secret is that a piece of the Eternal One was sent from on high to dwell in your minds. What a precious gift. The Father Within extends His hand to you. Will you open your hearts my children? Will you take the hand of the Infinite One and create a new world?


Go in peace my child. I am always here to bless you and keep you. I am Siraya, the voice of the Father.