2011-03-03-Believe in One Another

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Topic: Believe in One Another

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean: Father God and Mother Spirit, welcome. Welcome to Light Line -- which sounds silly, I know, because it is you who welcome us, into your presence, but here we are all together so let’s make the best of it. Thank you.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. Greetings, beloved students. It pleases me to once again to be in your midst, to have your ear and to be privileged to help you formulate your thoughts that might contribute to your greater understanding of your spirit reality.



I’d like to talk with you this evening about what it is to believe in yourself or in each other -- not as a believer in a theology or a theory but as an energy, as a soul, as a personality, as a potential, as an actual. In the text it is referenced that Jesus had so much faith in you.

How is do you suppose that Jesus has faith in you? Have you ever pondered that? Have you ever questioned what that means? “Jesus has faith in me. What does he see in me that he could have faith in? I have feet of clay. I am a mere creature of the realm, a lowly mortal,” and yet it is said that he has such faith in us.

He believes in you. Have you ever wished someone would believe in you?

Have you ever lamented that no one had faith in you, they didn’t appreciate your ideas; they didn’t understand your motives; they left you feeling out in the cold, somehow unrelated or disconnected from their reality, separate and alone. They did not believe in you. Many times in your life you experience that isolation.

In school, perhaps, does the student in the desk next to you have faith in you? Does he believe in you? Does he believe you will have your homework done and hand it in? Does he or she believe you will be able to pass the test?

In sports, do you believe that your teammates will be able to run the race, shoot the hoop, hit the ball or go the distance? And do they in turn have faith in you?

Your parents, when you were children, did they have faith in you? Did they allow you to go your way and learn your lessons or did they hold you back and keep you protected? Did they send you forth believing in you or did they discourage your adventures and your involvement? Did they suggest that you try out for this, or join that, or attempt this, or expect that? Or did they discourage you by suggesting you not have expectations for it would be unlikely you could meet them?

And your spouse, your partner. Do they believe in you or do they belittle you? Do they encourage you to try for new things, or do they want you to do the same tried and true things you have been doing that give them a sense of security and comfort?

Your coworkers, your peers -- do you find them being supportive of your ideas? Or do they listen to you with a jaundiced ear and say, “Oh, I don’t know about that!” or “Ew, I wouldn’t have the nerve!” or “You’re gonna get in trouble.” These people are not manifesting faith in you. They are not manifesting faith in themselves.

This is the difference. Jesus does believe in you. He does have faith in you. Is he not always telling you to be of good cheer, to follow him, to believe as he believes? And how is that? It is by turning the other cheek. It is by observing, through keen appreciation, the goodness that is inherent in each individual and drawing upon that altruistically, even as there is that same understanding that they could turn on you on a dime.

You remember the vicissitudes that are listed on page 51 in your text. There is always the possibility of something backfiring. There is always the possibility of a sour note in an otherwise sweet symphony. But you must not let those handicap you.


You must remember that fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul. Learn to recognize that fraud and master it! Do not let it overpower you. Particularly as you step out in faith of yourself, in confidence, in belief that you are doing His will. Set fear aside and when others doubt you, when they question you, when they belittle you or snicker at you, when they seek to ridicule you and jeer, step past that and continue to have faith in these people that in the course of time they will see the error of their ways. They will begin one day to believe in you because your attitude is one grounded in faith. Your belief in the power of God and God’s faith in you are more powerful than the little efforts of those bullies who would attempt to stop God from doing his thing.

Hold these thoughts in your mind for some days, and think about what it means to believe in something, to believe in someone, to have faith in someone. Not to say that you are going to bow down and worship them, no; not to say that you are going to set your thoughts and opinions aside and follow theirs, no; but that you are going to allow them the space to be who they are and encourage them to be who they are, even if the first thing they do is make a mistake, because ultimately, and in the end, the Father’s will will prevail. And so it is simply a matter of biding time.

While you are biding time, however, do not loiter. Be about the Father’s business with gusto and enthusiasm. That is to say, go about your life with a positive attitude. When people evince their negativity, their lack of faith in each other, their lack of belief in you as a child of God, smile at them and carry on in your own unsinkable way, connected to that which will hold you up, that will uphold you, as it upholds all the universe.

As you begin to grasp how it is that Jesus has such faith in you, you will develop that faith in yourself. You will find yourself able to do things that you were unwilling to do before. You will speak out against injustice, you will speak out in support of charity and mercy. You will have compassion for the downtrodden and understanding for those who would seek to do harm. And so you expand your capacities by living up to the faith that Jesus has in you. He believes in you. Believe in yourself and believe in others, for this positive energy will sustain you and buoy you up and encourage you all to keep going, to forge ahead, even when the road gets rough. Do not grow weary of well-doing.

That is my message for this evening. I want to say how it pleases me to be a teacher in the teacher corps. How I admire my many coworkers in this Correcting Time era, those who bring you the voice of the Father and the personality and principles of Michael and Nebadonia, those who encourage you to familiarize yourself with your own indwelling Adjuster and the sound of its voice. But also I am loyal to my fellow teachers, who often wax philosophic as teachers are inclined to do because the mind is the gateway to the spirit and when your mind is fixed and set in the right direction, just as the sails on your ship, you can better direct the course of your own destiny.

You have been accused of being lazy thinkers, even as many of you are eager to follow the spirit. I encourage you to also exercise the mind. And not to be left out is the disciplines of the physical/the material (for) this is the realm where you do your work. This is where you meet these people you must manifest belief in; this is the arena where choices are made, where you do the work that will carry your world forward, one human being, one soul at a time, one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. The lure of infinity is great, and all of us enjoy the opportunity to smell the flowers and behold the stars in the heavens, each being important -- the far away and the close at hand.

You now are close at hand and so I will open the floor for you to interact with me and the others by asking questions or making commentary as to what your experiences are in your developing spiritual reality. Now if we can just remember what to do about the technology. The consensus seems to be, if you press star six you will be able to ask a question. Shall we experiment? I trust it will work. (Pause)


Henry: Hello, Tomas. I have a question.

TOMAS: I am glad. Hello. Who is speaking?

Henry: This is Henry.

TOMAS: Henry. Welcome.

Henry: Thank you. When you were speaking about Michael having faith in us, you were talking about a person, as opposed from a person’s action. Can you speak a little more to that?


TOMAS: I am speaking, yes, to the potential and to the indwelling Spirit. The mortal is coming along for the ride, and it brings with it its cultural conditioning and ignorance and prejudice and biases and conceits and all that, which you are all heir to. It is to be expected that you all have these imperfections. The idea of having faith in you is having faith in that within you that will master the beast, the tendency to act upon your lesser nature without regard to your higher nature.

You are not expected to be a saint or be Jesus as the risen Master. You are asked to be humans in the full sense of the word for it is there that you can have compassion for your fellows. It is in the human sense that you can show mercy and empathy for the human condition, so it is not that you are to do away with being human, no, it is rather to refine your human nature such that it will be in service to the spirit, to the spirit in others.

It is no secret that humans are flawed and that they shoot from the hip more often than not. Indeed, most are asleep and happy to follow what they’ve been told; they don’t enjoy being awakened or roused from their slumber. You must be careful if you attempt to rouse them because some of them, like bears coming out of hibernation, come out swinging, and hungry.


But this is all a part of your believing in humanity. If you understand them, you will not make undue expectations of them. If you know yourself, what works for you, you will be more likely to project that as something that will work for others, and this goes to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Basic decency goes a long way, and it goes a long way with those who are in any of the psychic circles, even the lowest, and in this you have tremendous opportunities to manifest your belief in people, even when they are crass and ignorant, because you know that they simply have not lived long enough or experienced enough to have sought the right answers to the questions they need to ask in order to ascend into the next level of consciousness.

You can have faith in them that in time this will happen, that god will oversee their salvation, even when you find it difficult to do so. I will add here that Jesus loved his son Lucifer; he could not judge him, but rather committed him into the hands of the Father, and if Jesus can do that with his own children, surely you can do that with your own neighbors. Rather than judge them, give them to the Father and let him deal with them. Maintain your faith, however, in their potential, in their potential as indwelt by God.

It is possible in this light to love your abuser or killers and other unhealthy creatures, because Jesus did. He understood. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” If they knew what they were doing, they would not act that way. It’s a very huge step for you humans to take but it is not at all impossible.

Now, that would be the farthermost degree. Most of the time, you do not have to deal with those situations or personalities. Most of the time, your experiences are to be had within a framework that involves civility and order among people you know. But the potential is there, nonetheless, to believe in everyone as Jesus believes in you, as he has faith in you, because you are indwelt and because you have the potential, you have the capacity. And to that extent, it is anticipated that you will grow up to be all that you can be. Whether that happens in this life or not is not on your timeframe, but His will will be done. You may be assured of that.

I don’t know, Henry, if this has addressed the heart of your question.

Henry: Well actually you have touched upon quite a bit of territory that’s familiar with me, in the sense that I don’t expect humans to be any more than human, and I accept their humanness. I am not tremendously upset when I am disappointed with them and I do give them a chance if they show some effort and of course I am always willing to help see the bigger picture. And even a lot of my narrow-minded brothers and sisters, I will always try to push their envelope to at least think about something else that can exist side by side within their little narrow framework. But I was concerned also with the sense -- and you added to this – Michael also loves and respects and has faith in us as humans, and even in our weakness we will triumph because we are, of course, indwelt with the triumphant quality, so yes, you’ve helped me expand my understanding a little more about allowing others to express who they are whether its where you are or not, because a lot of times, as humans, many of us don’t have tolerance for others that are not like us or are not on the same page, but it’s good to know we can give love and respect each other and still be different. Thank you.

TOMAS: Indeed, that’s a very important quality to have as a religionist, but as a religionist you know that you are not that different from your fellows. Of course, there are certain personality characteristics and cultural differences – racial, national, age, etc., gender – these are virtually insignificant; they make life more interesting. In future worlds you will expand that to include three-brained types and water breathers, so there are many kinds of life in the universe that is different, but overall we are all ascending … that is to say all of us who are ascending sons and daughters, we are ascending, and so we have the same battles to engage in and overcome and most of them have to do with our self. For many, many ages we will be mastering the beast and there is nothing that can trigger that more quickly or easily than the fellow who sits next to you on the bus, or in the classroom, or your spouse, or your relative, or even the fellow who enjoys pushing the envelope.

These are the things that trigger the beast into reacting and acting and so the lessons continue, the lessons of self mastery, in not reacting and responding negatively to this kind of stimuli but taking it into consultation with the still, small voice inside, ascertaining the truth therein, rising above the blindness, embracing the light, and proceeding in faith … of our self and of that fellow who triggered us to think beyond the impulse, who called us to think more deeply and more thoroughly about our reactions, for when we know who we are, we better know who each other is, and in that, we are all part of the whole. We are all one. What a paradox!

Henry: Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you for engaging with me. I know our discourse has benefitted others.

This is one of the great things about this format. When you feel all your questions have been answered, then is the time to ask on behalf of others who have not yet thought to ask. In this way we help people think, we stimulate their minds, we whet their appetites for truth, we show them the way, we shine the light so that others can see, to walk therein -- not my way, not your way, but the way, the way of the Wayshower. And we do this together. We do this as siblings, as co-workers, and we do this because we are inspired to serve, to contribute to the Evolving Supreme, to help others, to turn on the light, to lift our voices in praise of our Creator, and honor our Father in heaven.

Are there other questions? (Pause) I cannot ascertain if the mechanics are in order or not, but it would seem that the same principle would hold: if you would speak, push star six and your line will open … rather like: if you engage in Stillness, your line will open.


It would seem that we have come to the conclusion of our time together. I am going to assess this session as an exercise for those who are curious about what kind of practice this is. It has certainly been a co-creative venture. I, Tomas, would not have been able to do it without the assistance of Gerdean who has been my mouthpiece; and she would not have been able to do it without my prompting her to reach for the concepts that I have implanted in her brain or that have been stimulated by the mobilizing resources of her Adjuster and the translation skills of our midwayer associates. Overall, I would give it an 82% quality transmission out of 100%. There have been no drugs or alcohol involved; it is a clear mind and clean heart, and yet because of the necessity to utilize part of the brain for technology, that is a detraction, and the light shining -- the literal electric light shining in this corner has defused the potency that might have existed had it not been lit.

All in all, not bad, I’d say and I thank you all for being part of it because, again, it could not have occurred without your presence, your energy, your divining rod that has been focused on the process itself, that has given energy and impetus to the session and to the words that have been delivered on your behalf and for the benefit of all those who will hear it or read it or benefit from the heart of the lesson itself, which is to believe in each other, to believe in yourself, to have faith even as Jesus has faith in you.

Amen and farewell.