2011-03-10-An Important Step in Your Journey

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Topic: An Important Step in Your Journey

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Hunger for righteousness and thirst for justice. These are the only requisites to enter the Kingdom. There are some who hear the promise of salvation and ask about the procedure to acquire it. They think that a few prayers and some rituals will make it possible. Others enter by the ‘narrow door’ and wish to be better, because something inside them guides them towards that purpose. These are the ones who hear ‘the voice of God’ and decide to do His will.

“This is an important step in your journey, when you stop looking ‘out there’ and realize that the changes must come from within. You have understood that it all depends on you, on your decisions and your desires – on what you let into your mind. You understand that you are not alone in this, that you can count on the help of God Himself to obtain what He has promised you. From now on start taking firm steps toward your destiny and start taking advantage of the treasure hidden within you – the presence of God.

“Patience. I can attest that we are walking to where I want to take you. I know the final destination, even when you cannot see it. It is not important how much longer we have to travel. Rejoice in knowing that today you are one step closer than you were yesterday, even when you feel that you have not at all advanced. Little by little you will begin to understand the signs and you will realize how much you have grown. This is a slow process that has to be completed by natural means, without ‘miracles’ or special effects.

“The achievement of spiritual elevation is always a personal one. When a creature makes this possible – right up to the point of being ready to be fused with a Fragment of God – it is something that is attained by his or her own merits and efforts. The credit for raising the self from the material realm to a true spirituality will forever be yours. Your experiences will serve others as well, and they will be your contribution to the Supreme Being. It is the affirmation of the human will who liberates herself by joining with the divine will and becoming creative and eternal. This exaltation of the human will would not be possible if this will was to be controlled externally. This is the reason for free will; so the creature can discover and know that the path of the Father is really the best path, after the experiences of an entire life at many levels of existence.

“This is the reason why in a world like Urantia a soul who achieves this becomes so valuable. The souls in this world are mostly blind and confused. When one of these souls surrenders freely to the will of the Father, in an intelligent fashion and knowing that this is the best for that soul in particular – and for the entire universe – it is displaying a great trust in God that is beyond the normal. That soul has felt the internal impulse of knowing that he or she is under the protection of God, and that soul has decided to surrender to his or her Father even without having seen Him. Even when they don’t see, these souls know. By developing such trust while being so young on the universal scale, their future offers the promise that these souls will never abandon their path. They will fulfill all that is expected of them, because as they didn’t go astray in this world, while having all the possible valid excuses, they will not falter after they have ‘seen and heard’. This is what it means to be an Agondonter.

“The path of the Agondonters is not an easy one. But even when the path is hard and the risks great, the rewards are also great. This is the time when the ones who will be able to see and hear with ease are being born. Your struggles of the present will be incomprehensible for these children of the future. The time of the Agondonters will end with this era. However, do not feel pity for those coming after you, because the spiritual achievements of these new generations will greatly surpass everything that has been achieved in this sphere as of now. The Father is always fair and He never takes anything away without leaving something even better in its place.”