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Topic: Intention of Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Michael, LIGHT

TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Charles: [Cathy] I invite you all at this time to first apply your intentions to forming the circle again in the music room around the round table, seeing each other, feeling each others energy signatures and presence, installing each other in your construct of creation. Now, if you would all envision your circle and a pulsating, rotating light that goes around your circle and streams between the individuals, connecting them all as one and allow this circle of light to then rise above you in a column. This column being comprised of light, if focused outward, upward, will travel indefinitely going on an indefinite launch only ceasing when it comes in contact with an object. It is effortless to project a beam of light and have it go for a million miles. So it is you will project this combined beam of light out to a point that is what we are referring to as a portal. This beam of light will effortlessly go from where you are to this point of portal and you are aware that the rate of speed of light is very fast indeed.

Now you, who created and are creating in this moment this beam of light, your essence of self, your very being, your soul is of light and travels as effortlessly as does this beam of light that you project. You may, at will, choose to ride this beam of light and arrive at the portal; simply let go of the idea that you are somehow grounded to those physical aspects of yourself which are now simply generators projecting your essence outward. It is truly as easy as thought and if you will let go of the thoughts which bind you, the doubts which restrict you, the uncertainties which challenge you, then you are free and able to project yourself as easily as a light beam is projected out and beyond.

I bring you yet another attempt to put into word form what you are constructing in thought form. Your thoughts are however the more powerful force, these words are only an attempt to gather thought and stream it in a particular direction. If this is a useful tool for you, then I offer it to be utilized. Any way that you make these associations that works is proper, any tool that you find which helps is good and any experience that you have in this process is beautiful.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, it brings me great pleasure to once again come among you and be as one among you around your circle and to contribute my intention with yours as we direct this focus of intention to building a bridge, building a connection between dimensions. In observing your earlier conversation I could not help but be touched of course by your fond regard for me and this day of the year brings with it extra reflection on my service and commitment to your world. But I desire you to know as well of my affection and fond regard for each of you. It is truly a reciprocal relationship in that way, each one of us lending support to the other as you have discussed in doing to your brethren to simply lend support to be there with each other is greatly comforting and brings one a sense of being nurtured by those who so freely furnish love into the equation.

This building of the connection between dimensions is a good aspect to consider, not only in conjunction with this combined focal project of the portal or of the health and healing of the water [around the nuclear site in Japan], but such connections are also built between individuals as you have recognized. There is some distance to be covered between the experience of ones who are born of the spirit and are familiar with that dimension and ones who have yet to enter into that arena of experience, not because they choose it not but merely because they are unaware and therefore unable to choose it at all.

As we enter these times of increased spiritual pressure, you will see many of these who were previously inexperienced with engaging with spirit become experienced right before your eyes and this will be a time of great movement and acceptance of a dimension as yet undiscovered, an aspect of their being they have not explored. And you all, who have ventured into this arena and have gathered to yourselves this experience, may stand as beacons shining your light, our light, out for all to see so that they may find some point of reference in the darkness and set their bearings and pursue the light. The use of light in your visualizations is so potent because it provides such a tangible and yet illusive context to your understanding of universe energy which is also illusive and yet quite real, [therefore] this useful analogy of shining the light out, focusing the intention as a beam of light, using light to purify and to become self illuminated as well.

On this day where I observe you pause to reflect on me and my service, I accept your fond regards and return mine. It is remembered that I arose from one state into another on this day and now I would coordinate with each of you to rise again within you, to rise again in partnership with you as you go about and do good for us, as you proceed to live your life in accordance with your highest values, as you proceed to interact in a creative manner to portray your understanding of these higher principles; there I Am. I arise again through you and with you and you allow me the portal to the material plane, again merely another connection we have built and have established and utilize at will.

Thank you each one for providing me an entry point into our world. I will arrive through this portal that you provide and we shall rise up together from one state of being into a higher state of being, you joining me as I experience your effort and we rise together to the opportunity before us. This is what I consider about this day of having risen and having transformed from one state to another, so it is I come to you now and we are transformed from one state into another. So be it. I bring you once again my peace, my grace, my love, only to leave them with you, to gift them to you and provide ample opportunity for you to spread them about in good cheer in remembrance of me and in partnership with me. It is so. I take my leave, while you know I never depart completely from you. Be in peace, I go now.

Light: [Mark] I join you today, I am Light, pleased to have a group who will welcome me as you do. I stand with you in deep awe and respect and gratitude for the service of Michael, the love, the compassion, the familial connection that I feel and observe that you feel as well. It is such a gift of grace, the fact that Michael is, the fact that we are, and this relationship that we share is the true gift. It is one thing to know about others, it is one thing to be told of the existence of others, but when you have personal contact and develop a personal relationship, this becomes a sacred connection, a portal in and of itself, a means whereby you may traverse back and forth between individuals through this desire to do so, this connection that is built.

So what we share, our connection of relationship is so special to me and I appreciate the efforts made to establish this connection, to build it through our combined intention. This is what it takes to develop any relationship; there must be the intention to do so and the effort put forth to secure this intention. This is what is such a cherished gift about relationship. It is truly [that] they exist only because of the creative free will choice of the individuals. There is no other method, there is no other means whereby you may enjoy a relationship with another if you put forth no effort to do so and if it is not in your intention, it is only developed because of your desire and your energy. This is why relationships are sacred; they are a direct result of your free will choice, and indication of your desire and as such they represent your creative prerogatives in action else they would not exist.

That you have chosen to form such a bond, such a sacred connection with your Creator, your Father, your Brother, means that you have exercised your free will choice and established this bond because you desire to know your Divine Parent and be with Him and experience His presence. This is a sacred bond and the establishment of this bond had secured your position in eternity. The continued maintenance of any relationship determines its strength, and you will all witness that many friendships have faded and even dissolved from lack of maintenance, lack of feeding the circuit while others have grown stronger for the opposite reasons; you have provided the energy and fed the circuit. Your continued diligence to feed the circuit to your Divine Parent insures that your internal compass of direction remains secure and from such security, there springs freedom and creativity and it is a joy to observe such a phenomena in play among you and between you.

You rest solidly on the foundation provided by this security you have established through this relationship and all these steps that have brought you here represent your free will choice having manifested and become real, real enough to be a solid foundation. I greatly enjoy your discussions of the characteristics and uses and purposes of light. Whenever you are in discussion of this I am not far away as it is a primary interest of mine to shepherd you through the portal to greater understanding of the deeper aspects of working with light. Trust me, it will all become clear as we move forward in this process. In the meantime, we work with our understanding and our awareness of the principles in play while we increase our capacities to put even greater principles into play as they become ours in awareness.


I join with you all in recognition of the significance of this day and of Michael's service. Thank you for the opportunity to join you. I now leave you with my peace as well, good day.