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Topic: Healing of Urantia

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Nebadonia, Henry Z.

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, you know all things and you know the longings of our hearts. Nevertheless, I would make vocal a petition that you join us at this time; come as close to us as we can possibly manage. Be with us in this process; join us around our circle of soul. Today we would recognize the presence of Mother Spirit who works so closely and lovingly with us so as to even give us our life and all that we require to maintain it, truly, this selfless act of love and great demonstration of divinity in manifestation. Help us to recognize out role that we play in interfacing with this divinity on route to divinity. Help us to realize the link we are in this system of unfolding and give us the strength and the grace to unfold it in a magnificent glorious display to be enjoyed and indulged in by all of us who work to create it. We seek the will of our Divine Parents always and would move forward in confidence that we are proceeding in that direction, that this represents the desires of our hearts. Help us make it so. Thank you.



Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, it is my pleasure to join you again today, I am Elyon and pleased to join in the chorus as it were. You are all familiar with the tones of music as you so perceive them and you are well aware that adding additional tones and layering up individual contributions of tone creates great depth in the music. The more musicians that lend their voice, the greater overall tone and the magnificence of presence. So it is in the spiritual world with us coming together, each one lending our voice into the choir and creating a grand resonating effect in the hall that we are in.

When we come together and share these tones, we all feel a sense of harmony, a sense of contributing together to creating a flow with more energy because of our contribution, adding to the choir one more voice and one more until it is magnificently resonating. It is a great pleasure to stand together with others in a choir and feel swept up in the energy and in the collective movement while simultaneously experiencing the individual contribution. It is a glorious thing to perceive an individual vocalist for instance, step forward and be featured as an individual soloist and then as well, it is glorious to hear the collective combination of all the individual soloists as they work together in harmony for the overall good of the choir.

In order to be an effective choir, the individuals must demonstrate some commitment, they must show up and learn the music, find out where those around them are and join in together to exercise the same principles so that they flow well together. Surely you have all witnessed the success of accomplishment of a choir that demonstrates this commitment and engages in the steps necessary to create a magnificent masterpiece of the moment. All this training, all this exercise, all this practice, coming together in the final moment of execution when the glorious tones are created and resonate throughout a vast universe.

This same dynamic of coming together for a unified purpose and being willing to commit to a common pursuit is what brings all manner of spiritual groups together. There is a desire to encounter and explore these spiritual domains and there are innumerable methods and ways one can employ to bring about this condition so that one may experience the state. There is a very similar dynamic that happens when individuals pool together for this cause and their tones of sincerity and devotion and dedication ring throughout the process and they are heard to make beautiful music together in their own right.

It is always a pleasure to offer my voice into the mix, to mix with yours in tones of harmony and similar vibration so that we may intertwine together, offer our contributions and be the recipient of the combined tones we share together, the experience we have from coming together in a unique configuration in all of time, space, even eternity. Never again will there exist this moment with this combination of contributors, soloists, at this moment with all that we bring to it. There will be unique sounds and tones that may be enjoyed for their existence in this moment and their fleeting nature. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to chime in. I will now step back and allow this space for use by others, farewell.


Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings to you my children, it is I Nebadonia, the mother of your universe here today to share in the soft sentiment that your world holds this special day as it honors the mother on your world as it is known as Mother's Day. It is good to be a part of this ongoing collective, this circle of personality and energy which is strengthening itself on your world. We pray that all women and men will one day begin to fully harmonize on your world in all cultures, in all religious ideologies, and in all practical matters of living.

It falls to the mother to endure the burden to bring forth men into this world as well as women, to bring forth helpless children and to nurture, comfort, and to facilitate their initial training. In a sense, motherhood is the one tremendous collective responsibility existing on your world. It is predominantly the same in every culture. It is natural, it is just as much a part of being a human as are other tasks. It goes beyond the mind and incorporates everything within its physical system, within its body, to provide a nurture and a comfort to the child within. In that sense, I hold all of you in a womb of nourishment and comfort, that one day you will birth into a robust life of fitful service and quality harmony in the universe.

Motherhood should never be taken for granted. It is a necessary and primary act that results in the love union between human beings just as the soul is the love union between the human and the divine. Certainly it is that we give honor to today on your world, this ideal of motherhood. It is the mother which holds all of the knowledge, which holds all of the righteousness, which hold the ability to bring forth the tremendous goodness of physical life to assist the universe in the creation of eternal soul, individuals dedicated to the divine service of the will of the Father.


I support all of you today, especially women, as the burden of their task is further complicated by their inability to bring peace, full and nurturing peace into fruition. Hold strong to the peace that you bring into your own children, into your own family and trust that one day this nurturing peace will fill this world, will tame the discordant voice which exists. The task of motherhood is given to the strongest of the two sexes in an effort to show forth that one day your world will be saved by the loving, nurturing, and loving embrace of motherhood for motherhood provides the seeds, the pattern for the beauty and the harmony of life to issue forth through the struggle of childbirth into the ever present reality, nurturing the inner responsibility to hold in a personal correctness, the child of your charge.

Just as I am connected within all of you through the quality of mind circuitry, so is the mother always connected to the child. Mothers alone possess a certain knowingness. In an ideal society the family supports all aspects of itself, especially the qualities of motherhood. The mother brings all of the goodness into the family, all of its warmth and its joy, its nurturing, its arrangement. In a spiritual sense, all of you should search for this quality of nurturing and comfort in a spiritual sense which is within yourself. To nurture the ideal, nurture peace to bring forth the qualities which peace endures, the contentment of human life, the consecration of human life just as the mother holds forth the consecration of human life within her womb and consecrates her duty to that child and to her family.

I salute motherhood on a world such as yours. The burden and challenges are qualified by its creation of righteous and beautiful people. I pray that one day the world will return to truly honor the gifts which are resident within and know that motherhood is part of a whole, a large and important part of the whole, and needs the direction and support of the other half as much as the other half needs the support of motherhood. Go now in peace. Continue to grow in a greater understanding of your duty and remember all mothers on this day. I thank you for allowing me a voice today within this circle of light. Thank you.


Light: [Mark] Greetings friends, Light here with one more installation of creative intention. I would recall the mention and earlier session on the formation of portals and in particular, focusing on the portal within each of you, within each of us, that we develop through building this space and creating the energy for a connection to that which is out there and anchoring it to that which is within each and every one of us. This is the greatest portal to construct, the portal that allows you the connection to all that is and likewise, the connection of all that is out there to find a place to ground itself to your presence.

The use of this portal is how you are here right now. You activate this desire to come and form a circle together regardless of space and you do this through this internal portal that is your gateway out and beyond the limitations of self. Through this portal you literally can and do project your essence and your presence out to the location of your choosing. We utilize one central location as a reference and you access this through your individual portal. The place we meet has been termed the portal.

And so these are your method and mode of transport, your ability to shift your consciousness to any remote location of your choosing, the access gateway of how we enable ourselves to traverse any apparent distances or even time, to be able to assemble and work together in an alternate dimension. I thank you all for developing to the degree that you have, these gateways within, these access points which may be utilized to bring you into the spiritual dimension where we may meet at a common location of our desire. Once you have ultimately mastered this ability, you will realize with what ease you may utilize this process to traverse any distance and even any limitation of time. But for now we are barely discovering this gateway within. The opening to this portal has been obscured by virtue of your material covering, if you will, and it is a great pleasure to be in on the timing of your individual realization of this and your expanding awareness of this aspect of your being.


I join in the sentiment to wish you well, to go now in peace and enjoy this Mother's Day. As you recall those aspects of motherhood may we take those with us and embrace them every day but it is always good to have a special day to bring this to the forefront and into the recognition. Go in peace and in love and in light. I bid you have a good week, good by.