2011-05-22-The Coming Storm

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Topic: The Coming Storm

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Paul Conklin



[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, The day gets closer when our Magisterial Son arrives in the flesh. This is a day that the prophets had looked forward to for so long, but they had to die before these things came to fruition. With our hearts and minds open let us welcome our Magisterial Son to our sphere. Let us work together as one, children of the dust and a divine entity from Paradise. May we hitch up our bootstraps and be about the Father's business. The long night of rebellion is ending and a great light is about to enter our shores. Amen!]


Dear brother it is a pleasure to speak with you once again. You are naturally concerned about coming events. You want to know if those coming events shall precipitate my arrival. I say in one word, ‘yes.’ The time for my incarnation is at hand. I have received the go ahead from our Father. With His blessing and reassurance I embark on this mission. This mission to reclaim souls that are shouting out for relief. The long darkness of the Lucifer rebellion has ended. A great light awaits to enter your world. This great light will be reflective of the Father’s love. The long night is ending and the dawn arises. A world so long steeped in the darkness of the Lucifer rebellion is about to enter into the never ending light of the Father.

Rejoice and shout for joy! Weep and cry out loud! For true freedom awaits to spring open the jail doors. The prison gates of your hearts shall be opened and your true heritage will be revealed. Throw off the shackles that restrict your movement. Let us be on our way. Let us be on our way to do the business of the Father. Let us reclaim this world for that glorious One. For it is as a result of that One that you all live and breathe and exist. We all owe our existence to that One. But not only that, His love will guide us through that coming storm. Be not afraid. Stand up with the strength of an army.

When you look up into the skies what do you see? It depends on your view does it not my brethren? If you look at things through rose colored glasses then you will get what it is that you expect. If you think that the glass is half empty you will receive that also. Why not think with the mind of the Eternal One? He sees the beginning and the end of all things. There is nothing that escapes His notice. There is nothing that concerns or upsets Him. He has the whole universe under His control. It is now time to take the hand of that One and trust in Him like a little child.

So, what can we expect my brother? There have already been many transmissions that have covered this topic, but here is more clarification. On that day things will seem fairly normal. Then things will turn around quickly. The whole earth shall shake with violence. Some areas will receive more damage due to their spot on the globe and due to the persistence of earthquake activity. Whole towns and villages will crumble and be destroyed. Even many cities will suffer catastrophic damage. There will be damage everywhere that you look. Although, that damage will be more severe in those areas that are already earthquake prone. As you can well understand those shore areas will also suffer catastrophic damage due to tsunamis generated by the worldwide quake.

My dear, dear brothers, do not succumb to fear when these things happen. When these things start to break out upon your world, call to us for aid. That is what we are here for. We are here to provide you comfort and strength when these cataclysms start. This is what we have been preparing all of you for these many years. We are now at the end game, so to speak. But I speak not of the end of this world. I speak of the coming natural cataclysms. These cataclysms are a necessary part of an evolutionary world. This is the end game in the sense that your whole world will turn upside down in a metaphoric sense. Everyone will have to stand up and take notice. Everyone will have to make a choice, one way or another. For I am here to adjudicate this world. But I come not with a gavel in hand ready to mete out stern justice. I come here with the love and the mercy of the Eternal Father ready to teach wayward children how to worship the Eternal One. For you are all wayward in a way. You all live on this world with that legacy of rebellion. Now is the time to learn a new way. Now is the time to learn the way of the Father on Paradise.

Fear not my brethren. This too shall pass. This event and the events that will follow shall be temporary. The end result will be a world that you can hardly recognize. For a rebuilding work will begin quickly. There is no question that the infrastructure will have to come back online and that may take some time. You will all experience hardships in one way or another. There will be food shortages and energy shortages. You will have to boil your water because some of the water treatment plants will be down. Some areas will have water and other areas will have little or no water. It is wise to stock up the necessities, but remember that the Father will provide. Worry not. Your day to day supplies will be met. That is all that should concern you. Don’t fret about tomorrow. Be concerned only about this day and all things shall be provided you.

I know that these things loom large in all of your minds. Let not these things come to vex or disturb you. Go about your daily business and fear not. Take reasonable precautions and keep supplies on hand. That is what wisdom dictates. But there are simply things that you cannot foresee. You cannot foresee every contingency. That is where we come in. That is why we are here my brothers. We have come here to help you at this auspicious time in Urantia’s history.

There are many of you that will rise up and take action when these things occur. Your heroics will be recorded for all the universe to see eternally. How can you fail my brothers? You have the strength of the Eternal One at your side. These are the times that call for much prayer and meditation. Go into the stillness often. Seek the advice of your Father fragments. Stay close to this mission and we will help you through. You are our little brothers and sisters. We are here to guide you through when these cataclysms occur.

My incarnation draws ever closer. You who have stuck with me through this time will be a vital part of my mission to reclaim this sphere for the Father. This experience will be the bedrock of your ascension career. You shall always look back at this time and marvel. You did not know that you had it in you. But you did have it in you. Now I long to get this mission officially started on your sphere. I acquiesce to the Father’s will as all of you do. We go forward in fearlessness. We go forward with the strength of the Eternal One. It won’t be much longer my brethren. Hold your heads up because my presence among you is nigh. The long night is ending and the dawn arises. Will you be there to greet me when the sun arises? That is up to each one of you. I bid you all a good evening.