2011-06-27-Magisterial Mission Update Number 3


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Topic: Cleansing of the Circuits

Group: Universal Service of Light


Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael, Kuwaya, Gabriel, Jacinth

TR: Michael Xavier


Reflectivity System Message


Editors Note: Much information has come forth regarding the sad plight of our planet’s energy grid which is required to provide the morontia beings a livelihood and also supports all spiritual personnel working on Urantia below the level of the high local universe Sons and Deity. It is presently also contaminating those still living in the flesh with its insidious idea of dependency on Lucifer to obtain deliverance his way. Due to this difficulty, new revelation is being made available about what has to be done to start cleaning these grids up which contain much of what Lucifer insisted should be done for Urantia’s dead. He forbade them to go to the mansion worlds and the grid energy he provided was filled with the fear of transgressing him to ascend by normal universe progression. This transcription is about the Urantia energy grid and the massive undertaking already in progress to clean it out and replace it with spiritual love and forgiveness.


Magisterial Mission

The Magisterial Son: There are many things going on behind the scenes presently regarding the planetary inter-working concerning Urantia and the plans regarding my incarnation. I will be bringing out only things that need to be known now, and to clarify some questions others may have. I will proceed to enlighten your human minds on the massive undertaking that is now taking place, even multi-dimensionally, most of which the human intellect wouldn’t be able to comprehend. In preparation to my physical arrival and with the advice of many of my paradise brethren I will try to convey to your human intellect regarding the cleansing of the Satania Rebellion, and all those working alongside you, who love you, as the Father loves you.

It is my sincere and strong admonishing that you all remember that we are working together, and to put aside your quarrels with one another, especially those who have been involved in the teaching mission, who I know are having a hard time with trusting this information. It has been brought to light that there has been so much erroneous information brought about in the past that it has been decreed that any new information be sanctioned by the auspices of the Ancients of Days and done through the implemented reflectivity.


You are all part of something much bigger then you now can see, and you must all trust and love one another tenderly. Remember that you are all on the front lines of this undertaking regarding the cleansing and light work that is underway which will prepare the way and usher in a new era. Put your differences aside and love one another, and forgive past mistakes as the Father forgives all of you. The apostle Peter when Michael was here on his final bestowal was admonished by your Creator Father in light of your Biblical documentation:

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Christ Michael: My children love and trust one another, for is this not what the kingdom of heaven is. I understand that you have all be through a lot, I understand, but this information must be brought out, and it is being brought about in this way, so please under my admonishing, put aside your differences and work together. I love you all. Have faith children on Urantia and know that the Father is in complete control and has you under the wings of His love.

The Magisterial Son: You all have specific parts and will coordinate with one another in harmony for the emerging planetary Supreme and Urantia’s bright future to bring light and life to this greatly loved sphere in Norlatiadek. As you work to open your hearts to the love of the Father on Paradise, you will be doing the will of the Father, for in love you were created, and in love you work together for the greatest good of all. Please do not allow the consciousness of mistrust, fear and ignorance of the divine around you to shake your faith in regards to the changes that will take place on the face of Urantia. This is the natural evolutionary struggle of every planet in the Cosmos. The history of Urantia is marred with rebellion, but not too far gone for the Father’s love.

Faith in the unseen Father is never in vain as He will surely show you the paths that have been laid before you to walk surefooted. I have spoken to you all before that you are bringing my incarnation to fruition with your focused hearts and collective divine consciousness to establish the collective consciousness of my pending arrival. Patience and understanding will play a role in the times ahead of you, as you will see things that may perplex you, as those around you may succumb to fear, you will serve as the anchors of light and bearers of truth that will pull the fearful from the depths of ignorance into the light of salvation, grace and mercy. Do not give into the consciousness of fear dear children of the Supreme, for you are greatly loved. Collectively you have been getting ready for many coming changes, but fear not, for the Father leads and loves every one of you working alongside one another. No one can shake you from the heart of the Fathers love, for He loves all of you as if you were the only child in all creation.

The universe is praying for the Paradise Father’s love to overshadow the confusion and fear that has run so rampant on Urantia. In all of Nebadon and even in Orvonton the angels cry for the Fathers love to break the chains of ignorance and fear this day on your small but greatly loved sphere of Urantia this day and forever more. It was stated by your prophet of old:

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

It is true, that there is not a leaf that falls that is not known before the spirit of the Paradise Father. The planetary undertaking happening now on Urantia is not too much for the Father to handle I assure you, so trust and have faith children for it will prove to be a great tool in this collective inter-working. You must collaborate together to bring this to fruition. Please, it is upon my sincere admonishing that you do not allow energies of mistrust and ignorance of the divine will of the Paradise Father to overshadow you.

The Most Highs admonish you that you “abide in the shadow of the Almighty” in all trouble and toil, for nothing is stronger than Love, for it is the most powerful thing is all creation. This brothers and sisters is what the Paradise Father is. You will certainly have help available that is supernatural and be provided every tool necessary to do the will of the Father in Paradise. The Ancients of Days have decreed special privileges to Urantia due to the interference of celestial and superhuman personalities that have tried to thwart the Fathers innocent children from the ascension process. This energy that seemingly growls and tries to engulf those who know not the Fathers true nature can be likened to a spoiled child crying for attention, for it has indeed already been defeated. These energies have no place in the kingdom of God, and the remaining energies existent on your greatly loved sphere that encompass all forms of negativity will be swallowed by the love of a collective Universe, Superuniverse, and the love of Paradise, yes even the love of Michael your Creator Father. I will defer to Kuwaya.


Kuwaya - Master spirit Number 2 – Voice of the Eternal Son - I spoke briefly with you in regards to the Melchizedeks yesterday which I will elaborate further on with you now. The Father Melchizedek is working from Salvington and is overseeing the undertaking on Urantia at this time, which includes many personalities. In a planetary crisis these Melchizedek Sons serve in many unique capacities. It is easily possible for such Melchizedeks to make themselves visible to mortal beings, and sometimes, such as the case of Machiventa incarnating with Abraham, come in the likeness of mortal flesh. This is not being brought to light by chance dear children of the Supreme. You will have a proceeding of Melchizedek receivers before the great and glorious day “of the Lord”. It has been conveyed to you through a child of the Paradise Fathers specialized Adjuster in conjunction with reflectivity process things that will now be made public.

[Editors Note: From previous documentation we learned that the Magisterial Mission is dependent on the cleanup of these circuits to operate well. The staff of the Magisterial Son has been trained to use Reflectivators and will make it available to all who have need for it. This is a cooperative effort between the Melchizedeks and all the various personnel assigned to work on the staff for the duration of the Magisterial Mission.]


This is also in preparation for the incarnation of my Avonal Son. There are some that already have this information and are wondering what this could mean. Fear not, and know that you are all working together wonderfully and you are doing well. The spirit of Michael, your Creator Son is working wonderfully in synchronicity of all the other undertakings and is coming together harmoniously. He is a wonderfully capable Universal Sovereign.

Teacher Sons

The Magisterial Son: I would like to introduce Jacinth to you, who is a Paradise Spiritual Son or Daynal, that is working from Uversa with my staff in correlation to the undertaking on Urantia. His Paradise Trinitarian Council is most appreciated now as he has worked in many Universes where rebellion has taken place. I would like to clarify some aspects of what Jacinth is undertaking.

All the Sons of God are beholden to these ever-faithful and universally efficient Trinity Teacher Sons. They are the exalted teachers of all spirit personalities, even the tried and true teachers of the Sons of God themselves. Jacinth’s order of Daynal-Sonship activities will be elaborated on more now due to the spiritual isolation of Urantia being lifted, as these things will further be brought out in time, appropriate to the information that will concern the reserve corps of destiny and the ones serving on the Magisterial Sons staff.

On the planetary level, Jacinth will be formulating plans concerning His projected spiritual sojourn on your sphere, which is in essence what Michael Xavier heard through reflectivity at length recently. He will not however have anything to do with terminating Urantia’s planetary dispensation, as I have been entrusted to this aspect of service. Jacinth will be wholly concerned with the initiation of a spiritual age, with the dawn of the era of spiritual realities on an evolutionary planet. He will make real the spiritual counterparts of material knowledge and temporal wisdom. We will be collaborating to effect the revelation of the Deities of Paradise to the children of Urantia and to all of Nebadon.

As the Father of a local universe, Christ Michael displays the infinite character of the Universal Father. As the bestowal Sons of mercy, I myself will be entrusted to reveal the nature of the Eternal Son of infinite compassion. As the true teachers of ascending personalities, the Trinity Daynal Sons disclose the teacher personality of the Infinite Spirit. In our divinely perfect co-operation, Michaels, Avonals, and Daynals are contributing to the actualization and revelation of the personality and sovereignty of God The Supreme in and to the time-space universes.

I will state that Michael Xavier through reflectivity heard a lengthy conversation in meditation in regards to the undertaking on Urantia. I will allow Jacinth to bring forth some of the things that are being addressed as the unfolding of this transpires before the eyes of the time space element on Urantia.


Trinity Teacher Son, Jacinth – Peace be upon you all on Urantia and in Nebadon. I am quite pleased to be involved in this glorious undertaking that is transpiring on Urantia. My heart is aglow with the love and service of the Paradise Father, as I will be undertaking some aspects of service that may seem “new” to some who have been involved with your Master Michael’s correcting time. It is my pleasure to be involved in this prestigious page in Nebadon, and on Urantia. I wish to state to you all whom have been so affected by rebellion and the effects therein, that there shall be shortly a time, when you look for the places of these energies of rebellion, and they shall be found not, for these things are not new to me, and can be remedied quickly, with the cooperative efforts of humans and celestial personalities.

I will touch base on some aspects of service being directed under my tutelage and direction, which may or may not be fully be understood by human mind, but will be brought out now to show that there is order and direction in all universe aspects of service in regards to the undertaking on Urantia.

Reflectivity, Circuits

The Ancient’s of Days are directly involved with this undertaking and have and will immediately detain any celestial or superhuman personality going outside proper personality channels, as directed by the spirit of truth. This will serve as a warning to those of the celestial nature as handled by your Seraphic Planetary Guardian and the Archangels. From this point forth any information brought forth must be sanctioned by the auspices of the Ancients of Days through reflectivity regarding the Magisterial Son, so as to conclude the questions many of you have under my admonishing. Christ Michael and your Magisterial Son have agreed whole hearted with this advice. Immanuel, whom you know as Michael’s elder brother, is also working with us all in His extensive Superuniverse and Paradise administrative functionality alongside Gabriel of Salvington, who is well aware of all facets of this undertaking.

Gabriel of Salvington: Sons and Daughters of the Most Highs and Michael. I admonish you all to entreat me to come to you, to serve as the administrative head for the information being brought forth at this time. There is nothing now that Lucifer and his followers have in place that is not known. I plead with you all that you allow Mercy and Grace to take precedence in your lives and accept this information as truth. I will come to all those who call. I usually do not interfere with human prayer, but Michael has given me “special permission” to come to all those who call for Grace and Mercy, even the celestials. I love you all children of Urantia, but enough is enough. I think you will all agree.

Trinity Teacher Son, Jacinth: Let this serve as a warning to the remaining celestial personalities acting in “sleeper cells” that we are fully aware of you, especially those that utilize personality channels. We will be utilizing the reflectivity service for information from this point forth in regards to the Magisterial Mission and the undertaking on Urantia, through the T/R’s that have been chosen for this assignment. Please, those who have the spiritual adeptness and capacity for this spiritual understanding, make yourself available, with no heart filled with Ego. We are all one children, and this is the beginning of understanding, not fear, as you have been taught. Spoke your prophet of old as He understood the energy grids in place.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

No more will fear play a part in this undertaking, for the knowledge of the Father of Paradise is knowledge of the Love of a Father.

This children of Urantia is Wisdom, and the Father disciplines those whom he loves, and whom walk erroneously He shows the path of righteousness. Let not your Ego get in the way of the Love being poured out. There has been so much information in the past that has been erroneous and inaccurate that under my advice, with the consent of Michael and the Magisterial Son, we have all agreed that this is the best way to handle this problem of transmissions on Urantia at present regarding new information being brought forth. This is for the protection of all personalities involved regarding this massive undertaking on your highly unusual but greatly loved sphere Urantia.

There is a large animal legacy of energy still in existence on Urantia due to the Caligastia and Lucifer rebellion, as was described at length earlier by the Melchizedeks. We are quite aware of every aspect that is still in existence regarding these energies, but make no mistake, there is a massive collective undertaking now underway involving many different personalities, human and celestial, to fully clear and remove these energies. Included in the human element are “special” and regular corps of destiny reservists involved in these aspects that may or may not include those reading this. There is “nothing under the heavens that is unknown” to the eyes of the Father. All those children of Urantia that have been oppressed by fear, confusion, and all the aspects therein shall soon feel the weight of these energies lifted.

There is also a Morontia anomaly included in this that we are fully aware of. This is being dealt with swiftly, as there is no aspect of this that is now unknown. When this has been handled and cleared we will bring out all the details of this celestial / Morontia anomaly of rebellious energy to light to human understanding.


It is my great privilege and honor to be with Michael and the Magisterial Son in this undertaking on Urantia. I send you my heartfelt love in service to the Paradise Father.