2011-07-14-Borrowed Dogma

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Topic: Borrowed Dogma

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “You are a race of followers and there are really very few independent thinkers among you. You fall into line when you are made to feel small. You fall into line when you are made to feel insignificant. You will fall into line when you are made to feel guilty. Perhaps present company here is excluded, I hasten to add, before tempers rise and we lose our communication, yet, well… I have your attention. We Midwayers are meant to encourage you, but still, sometimes this needs to be done with conviction to have any effect.

“Truly, whilst so much time is spent by the majority of you in being entertained, are you aware of what your government is doing, what your banking fraternity is doing, what your large corporations are all about? I guess not. Have a wake-up call before you find yourself edging closer and closer towards semi slavery to the elite minority, with more of your young ones involved in the taking of what belongs to others, yes, in war. However, no matter the circumstances, our work, the Midwayers’ task, will always remain with spirituality, totally, irrespective. I see I now have your attention away from the worldly mundane.

“It is regarding spirituality that we wish you to develop, to garner, to cultivate, a mind of your own, to understand that it is in the wrong fashion that the Mithraic religion came into being… for the people to be controlled. There are, indeed, few of you that will resent these feelings of dependency, guilt and insignificance to bother to deny life to, and disavow the borrowed Mithraic dogma you are taught from the time you are a child. It needs a rebel and they are the rebels that contribute. It suited some of the early teachers to adopt that dogma of eternal guilt of making good, and of sacrifice and redemption in order to help spread the Christian beliefs, not spread the Master’s true teachings.

“And even though you may at times feel that passing on our thoughts, our conversations in transcript form, our teachings and what we impart, is like pushing a snowball uphill, think of how we see it, for even now, after 2000 years of additional thought, of great human minds of extraordinary reasoning, there are still those that will turn on you and claim that these dogmas are the requirements of the Creator. Much of religion deals with control, and does not even touch on logical thinking. Much of dogma dealt with what was long ago imparted on mediocre minds, not the soul-felt that therefore lives in your hearts.


“Carry on. Be outspoken. Be outspoken with our words, and those of your indwelling Spirit. You are making a difference. This is ABC-22, almost convinced you were never going to talk to me again. I say goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you, Chief.”