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Topic: Portals of Energy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT, Charles, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris



Light: [Mark] Greetings to my dear friends and family, I am Light, very pleased to have been acknowledged for the relationship and bond that we share between us. It has been such a great pleasure and joy to be with you as we have worked together to anchor the light, even to create the portal, and now to strengthen this connection and create for use by others, this pathway.



We have done such good work together, had such positive effects and all the while, I call you to witness, it has been with joy and in love and in peace that these great acts of effort have been done. When you do great works of spirit, the energy required to execute them comes with the service opportunity and you always end up feeling a little charged even though some of your energies have been exhausted. There is always more in the cup to be shared and so you find that you never grow too weary to keep pressing forward when you are driven by your hearts desire to be in service.

All the while that we have been meeting and contributing our energies to the formation of this portal and the grounding of the energy field, we have been doing the work that we were created to do, to be expressive in spirit and manifest these expressions in service. I am well aware that in your lives as humans, your interaction in this realm of spirit with me here are far fewer episodes than the episodes around you in which the material aspects of life are demanding and require your attention. You do so many things in the material world that we marvel at times that you make any time at all for your spiritual component so I am always greatly pleased and treasure these times we spend together for I know they are few and far between so far as you are concerned.

You will all witness as well that the more we come together in this way, the easier it gets, the more sense of each others presence that we have and the more comfortable we become with this aspect of our beings that we share. Practice does indeed make perfect in these regards and those who are well practiced certainly show evidence of mastering the skill they are pursuing. I enjoy the opportunity to practice with you once again, to contribute our energies collectively and co-creatively toward the united goal of building this portal, constructing it with our intention so that it may be a useful aspect to all those who wish to explore it in spirit.


We may be likened to the construction workers who toil for months or years to build a bridge to span across a waterway and then after having spent years of their lives in this location dedicated to the cause, they return to other service opportunities but they are comforted in the fact that what they have built endures and services a great many. So it is with our portal project. What we do here is not only an immediate and direct benefit to those of us involved but it stands to be in service to all. It exists outside the direct influence of any one individual but is a result of the direct influence rather of many individuals.

This very same principle and phenomenon is how the paradigm of the collective consciousness of man will be transformed by those active participants who wish to build a pathway to goodness, build a means to truth, fashion a way to get to beauty because they desire to do so. Then these are added to the collective consciousness and this becomes available to all. These bridges and avenues and portals become as the many streets that lead to the city center.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to rub energy signatures with you again today. It is always a joy and pleasure to be with you and an even greater joy to work together for the common good. Go in peace, farewell.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you all this morning, this is Charles here to briefly connect with you, be a part of this circle of light, a part of acknowledgment and support for the portal, the pathway into light consciousness. You will find in the future that it has been tremendously important to have this project called the portal. It is a focus of energy, it is a focus of heart love, friendship, of connectedness to something spiritual and eternal. It is a creation of a light energetic portal as it is to be used for different things from time to time, the most important being your focus, this collective focus, this collective energy, this positive energy.

Again this morning I just want to acknowledge the portal in its splendor and with that acknowledgement I leave my peace and my love with you, not to disconnect but to continue at another time. I thank you this day.


Michael: [Cathy] My child, I hold your world in a loving embrace. It is indeed true that I will bring every one of the lost to the love and light of The Father. Together we will hold the hope and love force to draw the misguided and the lost, to demonstrate the way to forgiveness and right pattern. The true pattern of the universe will bring correction to the errors on this world. I am available to help each of you, you only need to ask to let me come in. It is my most joyous privilege to join with you in action and love.