2011-09-22-Angels and Default


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Topic: Angels and Default

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel, Aaron

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu (hardly serious): “So here is the master teacher of meditation and altered states of consciousness, and he is taking forever and three more days to get a move on. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. You know how incredibly patient we are. We shall just hang around until you decide you are ready at last. Fine! Now let me connect you with your Teacher, the eminent Samuel of Panoptia, who is there waiting for you together with Teacher Aaron.”

George: “This is tardy George and company. We greet you all.”

Teacher Samuel: “This is Samuel. We have discussed between us the subject of this evening. We have been informed of happenings during your day. We have prepared for you a lesson, more so information that may be helpful to many.


Firstly to explain; both Aaron and I have set aside a lengthy space of time on the Mansion World we presently occupy to be able to be Teachers for your particular planet. It is for us an honor to be working with you. It is also the home planet of Aaron, but it is the planet where he and I teach by our requests, and we are most honored to be working for your planet.

“For us to be able to put spiritual fusion on hold there were lengthy discussions with our Destiny Guardians each. Beyond earthly life, progress can be interrupted, the normal flow of movement towards Paradise can be interrupted for the likes of us to earn what you may call extra ‘universe credits’. We tarry on Mansonia Seven with myriad others, to be Teachers to your world in this Correcting Time, and in fact, each of us has more than one student.

“This was applied for and arranged after many discussions with our Destiny Guardians, who are basically also on hold. And so, perfectly agreeably, happily, un-hurriedly, are our Thought Adjusters on hold, still communicating with us, and making this kind of teaching possible. Under normal circumstances both of us would have been fused already, and working our way towards Paradise.”

“Specifically we want to discuss with you some of the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and Destiny Guardians. As you earlier today heard from Chief Bzutu there is not a single Angel or Destiny Guardian that has defaulted in the care of a human being on your planet. Not a single one going back some 2000 years. For the soul of a departed not to be taken to a higher realm would mean default on the part of the Guardian Angel, or the Destiny Guardian, whichever classification applies. No one has defaulted and so, therefore, it only must be seen as logical, rational, that there are no souls left behind on your planet.

“What is left behind on your planet is, as has been explained before, the debris of human life, the debris of human living, the thought forms that do not want to dissolve, that do not know how to dissolve or refuse to dissolve, or those which cannot yet be taken up by the time/space Deities. There is no job more important to and essential to progress of a Destiny Guardian or a Guardian Angel than to guide the human during their life and to see to the transportation by four-winged Seraphs of the human soul to higher realms.

“Whenever you hear stories of souls roaming this earth, this is possible, allowable, for only a very short space of time if there is a need for the individual soul to be aware of relatives that may be missing or away. Frequently, there is an opportunity given to many to view those things that concern them most, but within that day they are transported to higher realms. I hope that with this I have made clear, I have explained, the process of transportation, ascension.


I thank you for your time. I thank you for your attention. Both Aaron and I greet you. Till we speak again. This is Samuel and Brother Aaron saying, ‘Good evening’.”

George: “Thank you all.”


We apologize for the length of this transmit, and we also confirm that Teacher Aaron is indeed the one some will know from history.