2011-10-27-Unconditional Forgiveness


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Topic: Unconditional Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “The subject of forgiveness will come up time and again. To forgive is not always an easy thing to do, but it becomes important and tough training, as well as a matter of the heart, when we add the term ‘unconditional’.

“What exactly is meant by unconditional? The best example thus far on this planet are the words spoken by the Master when he was unjustly nailed to a cross, and in his time of agony, still sorrowed for his unfeeling and unthinking accusers and could say, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

“Such is unconditional forgiveness, for who knows the sorrow and grief of the human heart better than does God?

“You may think that you have forgiven someone, but if the memory of the occasion when forgiveness was needed still burns in your heart, and still evokes emotions, you need to forgive all over again, until the ‘sting’ is gone, and the memory has faded away.

“That is the meaning when one of the Apostles asked, ‘Master, how often must we forgive someone who has wronged us?’ Jesus answered, ‘Not seven times, but seventy times seven’ -- meaning into infinity.

“At this time I still would like to add another word to unconditional forgiveness, and that is mercy. This is a necessary component to unconditional forgiveness and we might as well add another ingredient, which overshadows all, and that is love -- brotherly and sisterly love.

“This is mentioned time and again in your olden records; ‘to love one another.’ Unconditional love is just that. It has no strings attached. It is indeed a very rare commodity on this planet, and yet this is a requirement for those who seek to do God’s will with a sincere and honest heart.

“This is a necessary part of your training towards self-mastery on the way to perfection. I know I have given you a plateful here to think about, but once you start to seriously practice these values, you will notice how much easier life flows in ‘a happy and satisfying groove’.

“Ponder this and make unconditional forgiveness your own.”