2011-11-13-Right-Mindedness, Ascension Mindedness

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Topic: Right-Mindedness, Ascension Mindedness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Michael Xavier



PRAYER: Thank you, Monjoronson, for encircuiting us together today with one mind and one heart as we come before the spirit of the living God to bring to our planet a greater level of light and awareness for planetary transformation. We ask that you encircuit us all together today with Michael and Mother.


MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Light integration, through collective endeavoring, as you are all collectively and co-creatively joining together through your anchoring of light energies through your hearts minds and souls, will prove to be a powerful tool for the energy and planetary transformation that will and is taking place. I wish for you at this time to hold the energy of ASCENSION MINDEDNESS as we go into the energy work that we will be bringing to the planetary spectrum of consciousness this day.

As these energies are integrated with the collective, you will begin to see the lower vibrations and the lower thought forms come to the surface of the higher planetary spectrum of consciousness. As these thought forms surface, we wish to remind you to remember to hold the thought form of LOVE and FORIVENESS for this unity of mind and heart. You are all playing a part in healing, not only on a personal level, but on a planetary level as well.


For the news media of your sphere, which so prevalently runs stories of the lower forms of thought, we wish for you to hold the thought forms of light as we add our collective energies to your minds and hearts and soul-minds. Hold the thought form of RIGHTMINDEDNESS for these news organizations. Visualize in your minds, if you would, the major news corporations and media outlets, and over them picture the word RIGHTMINDEDNESS melting away error and as the TRUTH and LIGHT integrate into these avenues and outlets that are so prevalently used on the sphere of Urantia to bring forth information to the masses. It will prove to be a higher mindedness of energy and light that will bring to the masses a higher level of collective love and light as these energies come in. So hold this thought form as we encircuit you with our energy. (Pause)

Human minds that look at things from a one-point perspective can much better see the big picture when it rises above a higher level or plane of view. So too, as you all are light workers and anchoring the higher light and vibrations and frequencies that come from the higher dimensions of light—the realms on high. You are bringing the higher level of awareness to the lower levels of consciousness and awareness. As these things merge, remember always to hold LOVE and FORGIVENESS in your hearts. There is a grand influx of energies that are now being disbursed and encircuited in your sphere, not only singularly as personality, but collectively. As light workers you are all doing your part in holding these frequencies and vibrations. So when you work together, remember always to be mindful of those things that may come up that are not of the light, and as they do, dismiss them. So when these things are seen by the light workers and those who seem to hold these higher levels of frequency and vibrations, you are doing your part by simply holding the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE within yourself to be the greatest witness of all.


So we wish now to encircuit you more with the thought-form of ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS, as this thought-form is now within your awareness collectively on this circuit. Hold this thought-form and we will be bringing in our energies with it. (Pause)

So many are ready to move forward into the light but are ignorantly perpetuating dark thoughts and forms of consciousness. So as these energies integrate, you are doing your part in simply being a reflection of God’s love, of God’s light, of Michael and Mother’s essence. In holding my spirit, you will bring forth higher mindedness through the planetary collective. You are now in an age where you will begin to see tremendous changes, not only on the face of the sphere and the reality of the collective, but also personally on deep etheric levels of your soul self. So be mindful, too, each and every one of you, as these energies integrate within yourselves, to release those things that are not of the light, and we will always help you do these things from our realm.


Moving back now to the sphere and the light that is now being integrated with the planet and the consciousness on a broader spectrum, we wish you to hold the thought-form of FORGIVENESS OF SELF and FORGIVENESS OF THE COLLECTIVE. You cannot have forgiveness of the collective without having first forgiveness of yourself. So as we hold the thought-form of forgiveness, we will be encircuiting through you and acting as a mesh interlinking your hearts and minds to hover over, so to speak in the collective, the words FORGIVENESS OF ONE’S SELF. As these energies integrate within each one of the ones who are able to receive this knowledge, that God—that Spirit—does not judge you, that forgiveness is simply something that you can allow to happen within yourself and transform. Be mindful of the fact that many are unable to do this at this time, and we are using the energy and light as a catalyst to bring forth a greater level of awareness in this.


Bring now into your awareness, MERCY MINDEDNESS: Mercy of one’s self, and also of your neighbor, mercy for those thought-forms that many do not believe deserve mercy. Mercy is simply the use of heart in the midst of holding power over someone. So as you bring in these greater levels of love into your awareness and mercy into your own spectrum of consciousness, so too this will be as a fragrant flower to those who are ready and willing to accept this for themselves.

Imagine if you will, Urantia being lifted from a dark place into the light of healing. As Michael holds Urantia in his hands—your Creator-Father—allow the light from his heart to shine forth onto this sphere and see growth: see the trees and spirits blossom on the face of the world. As these things are growing and as light is being integrated, we will add our energies to yours. As Michael holds the sphere in his hands, so too Mother Spirit Nebadonia holds the sphere in her heart. (Pause)

Every cell in every living organism is affected by these energies collectively when there is intense focus brought forth from a collective thought-form or mind set. As these energies integrate within the spectrum of consciousness, so too do they affect everything on a cellular level. Raising the frequencies of these cells will allow you to come into a higher vibratory state, to hold more light. We are always here to give you our love, to be with you, to guide you and lead you to greater levels of awareness, to greater facets and aspects of service.

As these energies are integrating now, envision if you would, no war, no pain, nothing but LOVE and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH in operation as people come together as one heart and one mind in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, knowing that every action, as a rock thrown into a pond ripples forth from each individual action, so too each individual action affects the whole. So as you hold these energies, you are affecting the ripples and vibrations of light as these things are immersed in the planetary spectrum of consciousness. Envision, in your mind’s eye, the world in which you see settled in LIGHT AND LIFE.

Things done in these levels of thinking are the first steps toward making this a reality. You are much more efficient and powerful as a group when you do these things, but so too when you do them in your own personal stillness, these things have a great effect on the whole. We feel the desires of your hearts, your minds and your spirits for this to become a reality. These thought-forms of love that you hold in your hearts are very powerful catalysts and we are multiplying with our energies. Every man, woman and child that has a beating heart: imagine them for a moment beating as one. So too, the sphere Urantia: her heart beats with yours as you are all one family, one mind, one heart, one body. Feel the spirit of your celestial guides and helpers from on high move through you now as we, too, are beating our hearts with your own. In this awareness, you will realize that we are aware of you as you are aware of us, as Urantia is aware of all of us. (Pause)


Hold the thought-form of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. So too, those who perpetuate things not in line with divine order will become aware of their actions—that it is not only affecting their personal reality, but that they are affecting the whole. This will not be sustained in the line of divine will in the short future. As these ones are brought forth, remember to shed your FORGIVENESS and thought-forms of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE on these ones, for working on this planetary level of awareness and healing, you must too remember that if these things are brought into your awareness, and they are a part of you. Remember to shed HEALING within your heart. Hold the thought-forms of LOVE and to see everything through the eyes of the Paradise Father, as he accepts you as you are. He never questions you but simply knows that you are his child, that you are special to him just as you are, and he would never change a thing about you. So hold these views for all of those who are unable to forgive themselves.


I thank you for receiving me today. I leave you always in peace, and may blessings flow throughout the day and the week and the Thanksgiving holiday ahead.