2011-11-27-Perfection and Completion

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Topic: Perfection and Completion

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mentori

TR: George Barnard



Mentori Spokesperson: “Perfection and completion are two different things, and neither of these two ‘states of being’ are adequately understood, so I wish to speak to you about these states, from the human viewpoint, as well as from the viewpoint of the Mentori.

“At birth, a human child must be seen as entirely perfect in spirit, although at the same time entirely incomplete. Simply put, there has been no time or opportunity to either do something wrong, or learn and progress in any way. The time-space environment of our terrestrial worlds will soon enough see to it that the human child will have every opportunity to behave in an imperfect way, as well as better him- or herself if so taught, shown and or desired to become. We deem the human aspect to be adequately explained herewith.

“The reality of the Mentori, however, needs more of an explanation, as they (Mentors or Teachers) are somewhat new to you on this planet, whilst the inauguration of such Mentori groups dates back to near the beginning of the time-space universes. I am a rather regular Spokesperson or Communicator for this group, the fourth applicant to join this faction of nine members in total. And, whilst you might occasionally find larger groups, a nine-member group is about the largest for the purpose of human education.

“Generally, groups have three, five, or seven members -- for obvious reasons, when votes must be taken -- and the applicants (members are drawn from Midwayers, Cherubim, Seraphim, even Archangels, but by far the largest numbers are from Unrevealed Celestials, and occasionally former humans are included. I am a Secondary Midwayer, long ago released from duties as my home planet is in the final stage of Light and Life. Whilst I’m free to fuse with the Thought Adjuster of lengthy cooperation, I serve as a Mentor for a season.

“Here we qualify all members of all Mentori groups as being innately perfect or perfected, with only some members having their fusion on hold, most not fusion candidates. Perfection attainment is not their goal, because they were created perfect and chose not to deviate, or they hailed from time-space and perfected themselves. The only aim of the Mentori is to bring selves closer to completion in wisdom, and in service to all that are created in time-space, risk abject failure, to perhaps one day excel above all those created in perfection.

“I speak for our nine, and send you our love.”