2011-12-25-Intervenion and Equality

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Topic: Intervention and Equality

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Damascus Scribe: “We are here, and we are powerfully aware of each other's presence. This is good, and we are ready, so let us now begin and discuss interventions and also equality.


“Firstly, the interventions that you are most familiar with are in your market, and I do agree with you that your day to day traders must be finding it nearly impossible to obtain any kind of reliable price discovery. It is true that in market manipulation interventions make for glaring inequality between the manipulator and the independent trader.

“This is where Celestial intervention is so vastly different from the utterly greedy insider behavior on the (stock) exchanges. You see, my dear and willing student, all of thinking creatures that can accept the reality of the Creator Father are in His eyes considered to be entirely equal. Not one Archangel is dearer to Him than is an ordinary human. Not one king or queen is greater in His eyes than are their Guardian Angels.

“It is merely in human eyes that some are seen to be greater than others. It is in your eyes that both, Akhenaten and Dante, Nostradamus, and some political figures, are larger than life. However, to the everywhere reaching Mind of your Creator, all of these are on par with you, and every one else, despite the former of historic accounts having been used as vehicles of intervention. Indeed, terrestrial life cannot run smoothly without intervention being enabled to at times thwart creature free will.

“Before creation, even before time began, the great Master of all of Paradise did foresee all of what was to happen into infinite eternity, and wisely placed the characters and individuals in both the locations and the time frames where they intervened in the past and will forever more intervene whenever such intrusion is required. Intervention therefore counteracts the fickle and sometimes not so fickle human free will decisions, negative and positive, that could so alter the required flow of events.

“Your free will decisions and actions are what separate you from puppets on strings and animals, where interventions need never or rarely occur. As it is, our universes inhabited by myriad creatures of different kinds, with their eyes and minds on what you think or do from moment to moment, guarantee that interventions -- grand and small -- are instigated when needed. To you such actions may seem random, may mostly go unnoticed, may seem to be glaringly ill-applied, or even unfairly absent in someone’s dire need, but this is not so.

“Everyone playing his or her part resembles a single colored stone of varied hue in the ever-more complete giant mosaic that is representative of your diverse and interacting terrestrial lives. There truly is a reason for everything, and everything has its reason. The mere fact that such is not clear to you requires you to have faith -- a most prized character trait in all of His domains.


“I am the Damascus Scribe. Enjoy your year-end celebrations.”

George: “Thank you dear Scribe.”