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Topic: Undreamed of Spiritual Power

Group: ABC Summaries


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Ron Besser



On February 08, 1941, the one-time detective, Harry J. Loose, sometime associated with the organization which produced the Urantia Book, wrote a letter in which he stated:

“It [“a tremendous book”] has been thirty-five years in the building. It is not mine, but I had something to do with it.” [Page 100, The Sherman Diaries, Vol I; Compiled and Edited by Saskia Praamsma with Matthew Block (2002, Square Circles Publishing) ISBN 0-9666705-4-X

I bring this affiliation to the reader’s attention because it was also Harry J. Loose who instructed that he had achieved what some considered exaggeration and bragging to be able to do what we sometimes call remote locating. Remote locating is the ability to use the spiritual asset of an indwelling Thought Adjuster to move the entire system that constitutes the life and presence of a single individual to be able to be transported across the universe circuits and visibly appear in another location while remaining also visible elsewhere.

Four days later on February 12, 1941, Harry Loose again wrote a letter to Harold Sherman who had asked Harry to tell him what the possibilities of our paranormal abilities could do if we might develop these capacities of mind and spirit to the maximum on earth? Sherman felt that many of us could reach personal development to the point that such a way could be found that would allow a personal self-projection to result in being visible and recognized elsewhere at the same time the projectors of such energy could remain and be seen in their home or bed at the base of such an operation.

Harry Loose wrote that remote locating was possible because he could do it himself. Remote locating added the ability to speak and deliver messages to other far-flung human locations quickly to bring about the relationships which resulted in the disclosures of the fifth epochal revelation through the so-called Sleeping Subject.

“What would you say if I told you that the astral*[see note 1] is perfectly true? The

nearest to me of my order**[see note 2] is a Catholic priest in one of the South Americas. I told you in the beginning of this letter that I had been on a long journey. So I had. I had been to visit him. I spent some twenty hours away from here. I have an appointment with him to visit here in April. We visit back and forth quite occasionally, under perfectly normal laws. We generally meet in our little local park where we can sit and watch the children. He can only stay ten hours because of his church duties. He comes home to dinner with me a noon time but he cannot eat anything. Air and water are necessary to him, however. Maybe when you are here, he will visit. I would like to have you meet him. I know that you would enjoy talking to him. He will be perfectly visible to you. When you understand these laws you

will be able also to so operate.” (Ibid, Page 103)

Note 1: The term “astral” was a description given by Harry Loose to provide the

idea that there is a web of neurological construction surrounding us that one could travel over just as a nerve impulse can travel over our own neurological system in our bodies. Harry Loose often compared himself with the astral plane itself for he had reasoned that when one develops these abilities, one merges with the natural constructions as one does with one’s own body and nervous system, and that we need only slip into a superconscious liaison to achieve movement from one place to the

other and to become visible in that [astral] body.

Note 2: “. . . of my order” is a phrase Harry Loose choose to designate his universe

status. Mr . Loose had an unusual achievement on Urantia in that time, and is very rare even today. While the universe may not call a human who has achieved a prefusion status where it is an open secret that the Thought Adjuster is either about to depart the indwelling through a pending fusion status as truth and fact on Salvington and Paradise, but it is time delayed on earth by permission of the authorities, it is not recognized or understood on Urantia as a state to be achieved for the good of the realm. But such a status allows transport to be able to move about the universe

relatively freely through the astral plane.

Seventy years have now passed since Harry wrote these things to Harold Sherman, and almost to the day these seventy years later, the entire subject has come up once again in recognition of the training of a group individuals elsewhere near the South American country that figured prominently with the Catholic priest spoke of in the letter from Loose above.

Today we are hearing this:

The Melchizedeks are training a selected number of people to achieve in the astral what Harry Loose used to achieve his work in remote locating. In describing that this can be achieved today, Malvantra Melchizedek first talks to the group about the use of the brain and its capacity which our scientists say we use so little of.

The amount of normal brain usage for most people is in the 5 to 10 percent range, but Malvantra points out that few people ever can get up the courage to utilize their full potential. This inability to use much more of the brain results in a redundancy that few people realize is one of the causes of Alzheimer and other diseases of the brain. Non use may cause a condition in which the brain shrinks or retrogrades into senility even without a disease. The chief ability to overcome the Alzheimer onset in those who are able to contact spirit through the Adjuster is to prepare the mind to overshadow the material brain through frequent periods of silence and meditation. This practice resets the chemical organs known as the ductless glands to inject chemical antioxidants and other hormones that prevent plaque from building up in the brain itself.

Malvantra Melchizedek spoke on February 4, 2012, about training groups around the world that will achieve what Harry Loose spoke of earlier: The ability to remote locate using the wherewithal of the universe’s grid system that is now fully operational on Urantia once again.

Malvantra: The assignments that you will receive later will be of a level that we cannot yet explain to

you for the moment. Therefore, your bodies will have to be adapted so that you can learn to “travel through space with your body and soul”. You will than go to places and speak to the local people of these locations with our help, and then pass messages from us to them which they need to hear. These people need to see a physical presence which you will give them.. Most human beings still have many difficulties in making personal relationships with

celestials they do not see.

There is also the genetic aspect. Not everyone has their psychic senses developed to be able to do this.

You now you use only 5 to 10% of your brain. So for what do you think the other 90 or 95 percent serves to do?

These reserved capacities serve to develop the greater intelligence to be able to support a

much broader Cosmic Mind or morontia mind endowment and through them, to obtain the

capacities to hear clearly our voices and in time to see us.

Mind and brain usage of far greater far capacity is an upgrade is received and done during

meditations or during the sleep of many people. The more you do meditations, more parts of your brain will be expanded and be available for your use. We can say now that in your group you already use between 40 to 80% of your brains. This gives you the capacity to pick up the Universe Energy and transmit it through your sixth (6) chakra to the receptors found in other people, to other regions, avail to disasters, and war zones and help the living and

the invisible souls go to the Light.

The more you will use these capacities, the more you will use the Light Anchors***[see

note 3] for these purposes, the more you will develop “the latent abilities of your brain”. It will transform your DNA, it will transform all your cells in much more Light and it will

transform your brain.

That is what we are achieving with you here and to what you are reaching out by having the

patience to do these long meditations regularly, consistently. The capacities you will have

in a few years will be amazing, tremendous and very difficult for us to explain you.

[Note 3] For those who are not familiar with the term “Light Anchor(s)” they are

described as energy vortexes that can be established and placed anywhere the grid can make use of them. These light vortexes touch the ground at their base and extend many thousands of feet into the atmosphere and may be as wides as 5,000 feet or as small as to be able to fit in the palm of one’s hand and stand but a few feet tall. The Light Anchors are used for several purposes of which we know of two: They connect directly to the energy grid (or that neural system Harry Loose called “the astral”), and they facilitate healing in the body and in the psyche. Healers construct their own vortexes for their healing work, and many psychologists develop the vortexes by thought and have them available for treatment for schizophrenia (now frequently called Bi-Polar disorder) and other regressive diseases of the mind-brain where there is chemical imbalance or the fear level is so high it defers to flight

instead of standing to face the problem and solve it.

Malvantra (February 6, 2012)

We have two more items to add to this paper. After long and careful consideration,

we Melchizedeks have determined there are no reasons these papers should not be called “The Flurries” - this is a term originally thought of by the editor of these papers to described the release of information that is helpful to a wide range of readers that are not especially caught up in the Urantia Book, but do appreciate the spiritual aspects of life and how to make use of spirit and energy to achieve a better


We also appreciate that there are reasons for not disclosing all of the information that

comes along with what is extracted to be part of “The Flurries”. In this case the description I provided about brain capacity is part of a much larger lesson given to a group in Central America who is working to provide the essential elements of use that will change how Americans, and perhaps the world, will look at their diseases and their cures. We wish we could provide all of you these lessons today, but since we have not entirely worked out the cures of what ails so many wishing to achieve spiritual work with us and their Thought Adjusters, we must now remain, for now,

on the sidelines of these developments.

Secondly, we wish to address the use of the Urantia Book and its terms that have

caused some problems in its dissemination. We are not criticizing the Urantia Book or its use, but we time and again notice that when the book is introduced, so often the

highest and purest spirit in the universe is described as an Indwelling.

We would very much like to see this usage changed in a way that denotes that while

the Adjuster is indwelling and invisible, there is a personal aspect to its presence that is completely overlooked by persons familiar with the Urantia text. Please find it in your everyday delivery that describes this phenomenon within the mind as the PERSONAL PRESENCE of the Father. It is very important to achieve a sense of a personal interest by the Father with every living son and daughter on Urantia. People who do not know you or the book or the Father, can make a personal connection to that which calls them a son or a daughter, and we, and our universal Father, and your Melchizedek brothers know this is the way to the hearts of those you speak to. When you appeal to the intellect which one does when referring to Father as indwelling, it becomes an event of thought and not of ministry. The heart receives and heals

through ministry while the mind is beyond understanding what is the first priority.

Additional Editor’s Note:

As many of you may have noticed there is presently a reduction of information coming out that was released through The ABC Summaries. These Summaries presented the really new updates from the Magisterial Mission camp and from the headquarter worlds of Jerusem, Salvington, Uversa, and the Havona outer circle of planets through the focal force station presences of the Master Spirits. There continues to be plans made to continue The ABC Summaries for production and future dissemination when the universe is able to bring to justice all those who have bidden the Lucifer rebellion farewell, but maintain an allegiance to some of the philosophies of the deposed rebels. While there is no danger to any human now living on Urantia, there is a danger to the proposed Magisterial Mission, and so long as that concern exists, the ABC Summaries have to be placed on hold.

Monjoronson states (02/06/2012): Today we hold the evidence of the goodwill of

all of you as you read and follow the exploits of our spiritual and morontial family and their alliances with you and each other and all of your determinations to do good, just as Jesus was said to do during his bestowal on Urantia. In reviewing this evidence we wish to state that there are many more ABC Summaries coming, but they must be kept at a distance from all those who would make use of them to undermine our plans to become evident to their eyes and ears on Urantia. To this we will comply by saying that the next Summary, when it can be released, will deal with the personnel who will incarnate and be available to all of you in the flesh. Until then, we have noted a change in style to accommodate releases of information that can be quite useful to all of you yet does not compromise our

plans to be heard as the Magisterial Son.

Editor: While Malvantra has given the reader some idea why this release is under the banner of “The Flurry”, let me explain what you may have already deduced anyway. Like a flurry of snow or some activity, there is a brief burst of creativity to hear a gust of words that may just brace everyone’s hope that a more substantial release will follow the flurry. I believe this to be so, but until we are able to provide everyone with the assurances that important new material is forthcoming shortly, we will content ourselves with enjoying the flurry of thought this paper represents.

This release is through the BCC List subscription which will prepare The Flurry when there is reason to do so, and The ABC Summaries when something is said that affects the spiritual work on Urantia.

For those who wish to subscribe to these releases, send me an email asking to subscribe to aronolac@comcast.net. For those who do not want the material sent to them, please use the same email address and let me know your wishes. The BCC List is reaching in excess of 240 recipients at this time.

Thank you, Ron Besser