2012-04-19-Monjoronson Dialogues 3

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Topic: The Soul

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vicki Vanderheyden



Dear Father, we so humbly ask you to support us in this communication so that we may engage in dialogue with Monjoronson for the purpose of a public forum. Allow us dear Father to hear not only with our ears, to perceive not only with our mind but to receive through our hearts. We approach this session with gratitude to all those who facilitate this process. Amen

Monjoronson: Good Evening, Little One. Vicki: Good Evening, Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Are you ready now to share in some discourse together?

Vicki: Yes, it feels like an appropriate time. Since our last public transmission, I have received many responses from other readers requesting answers to their specific questions and I’d like to take the time today to address a few of these. Is that agreeable to you?

Monjoronson: Yes. Let us begin with your first question and see where this flows in our dialogue.



Vicki: O.K. First, for purposes of clarity, would you define this world that we humans reside in as a three dimensional or four dimensional world?

Monjoronson: Much depends on your perspective. Neither is correct or incorrect depending upon how you perceive it. In truth you do not exist wholly in a three or four dimensional world but in a multi, multi-dimensional world that is subject to your perceptions. There are times when you are engaged in an activity that takes you outside the perception of time, where you lose all track of time and which you may describe as 3 dimensional. But it will not be long before you once again become aware of the dance of space-time. You look at the clock only to discover that an hour or two has passed and then your perception changes to a 4 dimensional reality. Now, consider yourself entering into an altered state possibly through meditation where in your mind’s eye, you have traveled beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension into a dimension with no number such as you travel when entering the morontial place and from that place lies the possibility of tapping many other dimensions. It is a matter of perception. In saying this, realize that your perceptions and perspectives are subjective: meaning they are subject to your own personal orientation and the definitions and beliefs you’ve given them. As you can see, there is not a black and white answer to this question. There are many shades of grey as each of you has your own unique perceptions.

We as spiritual beings are not concerned about whether you define or view your current reality in this world as 3rd, 4th, or, 5th dimensional. What to us is most significant and encouraging is that you are considering the possibility of multiple dimensions and discussing it, for this indicates that you have reached a readiness and perhaps a willingness to perceive and connect to our world, the spiritual world. In turn this opens your mind to the feasibility of communicating with us. It is then that you begin to consider possibilities that move you beyond your material existence and that allow you to conceive of those possibilities that exist outside of your current reality and your current beliefs.

Reality, Teacher Contact

Vicki: Would you say, Monjoronson, that this is an example of how we create our own reality?

Monjoronson: Exactly. It is also why we encourage those who are asking questions about complex concepts, to seek their own answers by engaging spirit themselves for only they understand and can engage spirit in a discussion of the path they have taken to ask these questions. This is why when you seek an answer to your question through an intermediary, you may consider it to be insufficient in its response and why answers to the same question differs from one human being to the next. It is always better to design your own path of questions that lead to a logical sequence from your own framework of thinking.

Vicki: O.k. So do you have any tips in how to help us receive answers on our own to these questions that are complex?

Monjoronson: Yes. Let me try to help you with this process. When you entertain a question and direct it to a spiritual teacher, begin this dialogue by first imagining and then sharing what you think that answer may look like. This allows your spiritual teacher the opportunity to help you define what you do and do not understand. From that answer, you will often receive another insight or question, one that may require more detail or clarification. You may then find you have another question to ask. Again approach spirit with the next question and your current perception of what that answer may look like. With each consecutive question you ask and the insight and answers you receive, you are building a path with your spiritual guide toward a more complete understanding. Remember, there may be times when we respond to your question or your attempt to answer it, with another question for you to ponder. This is part of the process we engage you in. Be patient in that you may not acquire an immediate understanding at the moment from a spiritual response you receive. It may require more time for you to mentally process it. However, in your pondering… an answer may surface quite unexpectedly at a later time.

Vicki: Thank you Monjoronson. This was helpful. I cannot stress what a thrill it was for me to find myself independently capable of receiving insight and answers directly from spiritual teachers. I won’t deny that it takes time and considerable practice but for me the surprises still keep coming as I grow in my ability to hear, to engage in conversation and to experience altered states of consciousness. To have a nurturing and ongoing friendship with spiritual beings such as you is well worth the effort expended. I find it personally transforming and it has truly changed my life.

Monjoronson: We appreciate your comments little one for we too experience great joy in the relationships we develop with each individual that pursues communication with us. There are many benefits that one receives in developing the skills of spiritual communication now as material beings. These benefits extend across the veil and continue as you shed your physical shell and pass to the spiritual world. It becomes a natural, non-threatening process that has the capacity to provide comfort, safety and sustenance toward your well being. We as your spiritual guides have much to offer, much to share and yet it requires openness, a freedom on your part to release yourself from the confines of your current beliefs and the fears that accompany them. This is not always easy since many of these thought patterns that restrict you have been ingrained in you for the span of your lifetime. However once you take this courageous leap, a universe of possibilities awaits you.

Vicki: Well, with this discussion, are you still willing to answer some of the questions that others have submitted?

Monjoronson: Of Course. However, little one, it will be up to your discretion to choose which questions you wish to ask and my discretion as to how I choose to answer them.

Vicki: (laughing) That sounds….workable! At times though, I may dissect these questions, if that is agreeable.

Monjoronson: Most certainly.

History, Ufology

Vicki: Here is the next question. It is not a new one but one many are still pondering.

“The evidence seems to point to multiple examples of advanced civilizations achievements in our planets past. Was there a time in our past when our brothers from other star systems were actively coming and going on planet earth and openly engaged in various activities?”

Monjoronson: This question falls into a category that we as spiritual beings are limited in answering for you. Not because we refuse to acknowledge that others who are not native to your planet visit at times, but because there is still much within your reach of scientific investigation and research for you as a human race to discover on your own. I will say, that if you pursue this question using the human resources that currently exist, you may be surprised at what many of your own progeny in the past have been able to accomplish without attributing this to alien visitation or intervention. I ask you, that just as some of you today receive significant mind endowments and spiritual insights, what is to say the same did not occur in the past? Exceptional individuals with well developed intellectual and spiritual communication capacities lived throughout the history of mankind. That is the furthest that I will go at this time in answering this question, my friend.

Vicki: Here is set of numbered questions from a member of our audience:


Question 1. “I am beginning to understand that the past, present and future do not exist sequentially but rather simultaneously within the time stream because God exists in every moment and encompasses infinity. Does this means that I exist also simultaneously in the past, present and future.”

Monjoronson: You are correct in assuming that the past, present, and future can exist on a continuum simultaneously. As to your existence on this continuum, this is a difficult question to answer in that whatever I would give you in a way of an answer may distort your perception of the truth.

We do not wish to discourage you from pondering the simultaneous nature of the past, present and future, for there is much to gain in the pondering. However understand that within the limitations of your current 4 dimensional existence you lack the ability to experience this in a way that will provide a full understanding of this concept. It may seem as if one question leads to a continuous loop of other questions which then lead you back to the first. Have patience my friends, for when you cross to our side, you will have the opportunity to discover and experience this to a fuller understanding.

Vicki: Question 2. “Is it possible to develop an awareness of simultaneously living alternate realities?”

Monjoronson: It is not impossible. Understand though that much depends on your definition of alternate realities. You may consider from your definition that just asking this question and then exploring the options of yes or no leads you into somewhat of an alternate reality itself as you momentarily leave the boundaries of your current 3 or 4 dimensional awareness. Again, this is a question that deserves to be answered through the person who is asking it so that we as spiritual beings can approach you with further inquiry and an answer that reflects your understanding as well as the path you’ve taken to get to this question.

Vicki: Question 3.” If my reasoning is correct, why has Monjoronson chosen this moment in the time stream to be present on earth instead of another or does it truly matter since events are occurring simultaneously within the time stream?”

Monjoronson: You are actually asking two questions here. In reference to the second half of this inquiry, that is like asking…why should I get up in the morning and go to work or school? As a spiritual being, you have chosen to enter into a life on this earth plane at this time for your own learning experience. In your current status as human you are encased in a physical body and subject to the conditions, events, and boundaries that surround you in this space time continuum. There is purpose to your existence for you are one of billions that interact with this material world and the individuals that currently reside here. No matter how large or small, you play a significant role in that every decision, every movement you make or do not make affects either directly or indirectly every person, place and thing that you share this space time continuum with. In addition this also affects us in the spiritual world as well for we are all interconnected. In turn you learn from these experiences providing opportunities for significant growth that assist you in progressing along the path of your ascendant career.


My choice to manifest on your world during this particular place in time was determined by the current conditions on your planet and is seen as having the potential to produce the best results toward the social growth and spiritual upliftment of humankind.

It will be a learning experience for me as well. I too will play a significant role in that at this time your world is in dire need of help. As a Magisterial Son, I will provide a presence and perspective that has long been lacking. In turn we, you and I are given the wonderful opportunity to contribute to the experiential realm of God the Supreme and to actually share in His journey as He experiences all that there is. Do not think, all that exists and will exist is already defined in this universe. You currently reside and function in a universe where potentials are generated but free will reigns. That can drastically affect the path and outcome of these potentials.

Authority, Truth

Vicki: Before I present this next question, I have one of my own that is related. Often in these transmissions, we humans reference other sources such as the material we read and the programs we review. And at times some of us even ask you for an endorsement of these sources. How does spirit approach the discussion and inquiry of human generated sources?

Monjoronson: We do not discourage you from referencing, quoting or acknowledging these works in your communications with us, however when you do so, understand that we are respecters of all human beings and honor the chosen path and the development of each individual regardless of race, creed, or religion. We wish to engage you in discussion of the concepts and ideas that you encounter from these sources rather than explore the viability of the book, program or human source as a whole.

It will take you eons in your ascendant career just to grasp higher levels of truth from sources and experience much more extensive than those you find in your world. However, there is much that has been written by humans and some that has been co-created with spirit that is relevant and valuable to your development, your understanding of social and spiritual concepts. In reading from many sources, you are expanding your awareness, and your options to choose from a variety of perspectives in defining what truth is to you. This is a part of living in this material world where resources are plentiful and available to you and where you spend useful time exploring them. We encourage this as we also encourage you to contribute to these extensive libraries that are made available to you and others.

This does not excuse you from the discernment process. We ask that you consider how you interpret the content of these sources. Some of you approach these sources with a literalism that defies the possibilities of anything else existing beyond the limitations of the printed word on the page. Others find one source and even in the presence of inconsistencies, do not discern the contents or feel the freedom to explore other sources.

Understand that even those you reference as having originated from spiritual beings have required a co-creative process with human intervention. Once they have been placed in the minds, and in the hands of human beings to receive, interpret, edit and disseminate, they are invariably altered. It is not much different than in your current investigations in physics where you are finding that just to observe a phenomenon or to initiate an experiment, changes the results.

We accept the paths you follow for there are many options, many paths to the Father where for some, one point of truth may remain elusive for long periods of time and for others it may be evident quite early. However, we will always encourage you to seek higher levels of truth in ways that allow you the freedom and openness to question and discern without fear.

Out of Body Experience

Vicki: Thank you Monjoronson. This reader is curious about a man by the name of Robert Monroe, who was the founder of the "Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences." He created a "gateway" program using sound waves to facilitate Soul Travel. And he asks the following question: “Is this gateway program and its use of sound waves a viable tool for facilitating Soul Travel and/or spirit communication?”

Monjoronson: First, the word ‘soul’ is an issue when answering this question since there is much variation among you in how you define the word, soul and within that variation there is more than one answer that is valid depending upon the perspective that is taken.

Keeping in mind that there is no prescribed program on earth that can fully accomplish for you what you must accomplish for yourself, I can offer you this much: The viability of such a program is that sound waves are indeed vibrations and do indeed encompass a component that is part of the communication process between human and spirit. So yes in some ways, this may facilitate the communication process. However, there are many more components involved in this process that determine whether one is successful in actually traveling to the edge of your 3 or 4 dimensional plane and then crossing the membrane that allows you to travel to or achieve communication with the spirit world. Paramount to your success is the ‘desire’ to do this and the ‘belief’ that you can.

This is similar to those who find drumming an effective tool in facilitating altered states. Each individual that participates in a drumming exercise will have a different degree of success. If they do succeed in their travel to or communication with others on the spirit side, their experience will vary considerably. Much has to do with your own perceptions. You may even share with another the same definitions of dimensional reality and yet as you enter an altered state, your experiences may be vastly different according to how your individual predispositions and beliefs influence your perceptions.

For example, how you perceive this altered state determines whether you define this as travel or not. Understand that you as 3 or 4 dimensional beings are still quite limited in what you can experience on the spirit side. Some may grasp one piece and others a completely different one or you may grasp the same piece and perceive it very differently. This is why institutions of this nature are significantly adding to the understanding of these phenomena as they engage in the collection of both qualitative as well as quantitative data as sources of research. There is much that cannot be explained or understood if one is purely seeking quantitative data to define experiences that are quite individual and qualitative in nature.

Vicki: Your reference to the soul as one concept with much variation among us in how we define it seems to beg for some clarity that perhaps we could all benefit from. Are you willing to entertain some of these questions?

Monjoronson: Certainly, Let us give it a try.


Vicki: There was a time when I thought the soul resided within the physical body until during my readings, it was suggested that the body is instead encompassed in the soul and that the soul extends as a field far beyond the confines of the body. This made more sense to me. Can you speak to the validity of this idea?

Monjoronson: Yes. There is validity to this idea. If you consider that all matter and energy has a vibrational aspect, then you realize that vibration extends beyond your physical ability to detect it. You can then possibly perceive your soul as part and parcel to a much larger soul yet it is defined by its own vibration level. And so it is easier to understand that the force field of these vibrations extends beyond the physical body. However we might also say in a metaphorical way that your soul is ‘tethered’ to your physical body until the time you choose to release your soul from the body or until a time the physical mechanisms of the body disintegrates to the point where the soul is automatically released from the body. As a material being, your soul does indeed extend beyond the physical boundaries of the skin that encases you and it does interact with energy fields beyond these boundaries.

Vicki: And so from my perspective, is there also validity to the existence of one soul; that being the soul of the Father or First Source as some may call it, that encompasses all of our souls?

Monjoronson: In simple terms, yes.

Thought Adjusters

Vicki: This does bring another question to my mind, Monjoronson. When contemplating the indwelling of the pre-personal Father Fragment, our Thought Adjuster, where does it reside? Can you help give me a visual picture of this?

Monjoronson: Yes. Let me give you this metaphor. If you were to contain your soul within a boundary and imagine it as a glass of water, the water would then be your soul. As you are indwelled with your thought adjuster, the Father Fragment, it would be as if a dropper of blue dye were added to the water and dispersed throughout your soul.

Vicki: Hmmm… I can see that…it makes sense. But then we know that at the time of our passage to the Morontial world, the Father Fragment leaves our soul for a time until we are awakened and reassembled as Morontial spirit beings. What happens then with this metaphor?

Monjoronson: It would be as if the Father Fragment were temporarily evaporated out of the water or as if it were distilled from the solution itself.

Spirit of Truth

Vicki: Again, you’ve given me a very simple yet clear picture for my simple mind. Here is another similar question. Then at the time of the Pentecost, when Christ Michael endowed us with the Spirit of Truth, how would you configure that into our metaphor?

Monjoronson: That will require a different perspective in that it is best to view the Spirit of Truth as a potential, a learning potential. Each time you seek within for answers to your questions, or as you seek within for clarity and discernment, you further develop your ability to discern truth through what we will call the consciousness of Christ Michael for it is he, your creator, who provided you with this direct connection. The Spirit of Truth is a circuitry that has the potential to grow and develop within you as you make use of it.

Vicki: Is it like a ‘use it or lose it’ mechanism?

Monjoronson: Not quite, little one, for one never loses it, but one can develop it and hone it. It grows from your inquiry and develops from your understanding in its ability to help you discern truth.

Vicki: Does it mean that the more you use it, the better able you are to discern truth?

Monjoronson: Perhaps, but not necessarily…for again I say truth is in the eyes of the beholder. You must be able to approach this spiritual circuitry, with the humility and openness we’ve referred to many times so that you can overcome misconception and erroneous belief and open your mind to other possibilities. However, when you approach your inquiries with humility and openness, you find a broader base of options to explore and these options provide you with a larger repertoire of understanding to draw from. Often you will find yourself revisiting those pieces that have an element of uncertainty and if you are sincere in their quest to be open, you will eventually be guided to what we may call higher levels of truth that assist you in establishing a fuller understanding.

Vicki: I remember reading in an earlier transcript that you too, as a Magisterial Son have the capacity to encircuit us with the Spirit of Truth. Would you expand upon this?

Universal Voice

Monjoronson: Certainly. In my capacity as a Magisterial Son for your planet and its realms, I contribute to and function within this circuitry, this consciousness; called the Spirit of Truth. It may seem as if this is an overlay, something that lies over the current circuitry provided by Christ Michael’s consciousness yet in reality, it is more in unison. As you increase your capacity to hear spiritual beings and understand how we function, you will learn that we often speak in unison. Though this may be a new concept for many of you, there does exist what one would call the universal voice where when a question is asked, it is from the aspect of consensus and unison that you receive an answer.

Vicki: You spoke to me about this concept before and I’ve had many questions. Would you mind if I present a few of these for the benefit of the public audience?

Monjoronson: That would be fine.

Vicki: Ok. Who are these spiritual beings who contribute to the ‘universal voice’?

Monjoronson: All who desire to contribute and feel capable of answering the question.

Vicki: As one who has participated in the consensus process at different times in my life on Earth, I’ve found with some groups that the process of consensus does not always produce the best results. What then on the other side guarantees that the answer be accurate or that those who participate are providing the best to answer the question?

Monjoronson: In the spiritual realms, there are many who can provide adequate answers to human questions and few who participate without that capability to accurately respond. There is no reason on this side to compete or misrepresent your ability to answer a question beyond your understanding. Only those who can answer that particular question with certainty participate in the process. In fact, it may be interesting for humans to know that there are those morontial beings on this side who listen carefully to the questions humans ask spiritual beings for humans often receive answers through the universal voice that benefit those who have already crossed. So, by asking questions, humans not only contribute to those in their material world but also to those who are relatively new to the spirit world as well.

Vicki: That is a very interesting perspective. Do you contribute to the universal voice, Monjoronson?

Monjoronson: Of course and there are situations in which I also access it for my own investigations. There are times, when you, little one ask me a question that I answer you directly as one and there are other times you receive an answer in unison where I speak through the universal voice. As you know, little one, there are often many who observe and on occasions contribute to the responses in these transmissions.

Vicki: Yes, there have been occasions when I can actually tell when more than one spiritual being is present and other times I cannot. But I’ve never been able to detect when you are answering me directly or in unison with others.

Monjoronson: Unless you were aware that there was a group present and responding to your inquiries in unison, you may not be able to detect this.

Vicki: Is the universal voice the same as the ‘collective consciousness’ that I’ve heard many humans refer to?

Monjoronson: Collective consciousness is what exists on the human side. It is a consensus of what we will call non-absolute truth from human consciousness at any given moment. Universal voice is a consensus of truth from spirit consciousness.


Vicki: Monjoronson, the concept of truth is often confusing to me especially when we talk about absolute and non-absolute truth. Would you expand our understanding of this concept?

Monjoronson: Of Course. Let us approach truth from two definitions. First, there does exist what we will call Universal or Absolute truth and that is a belief, or a fact that is always true. It is a solid truth, an absolute truth that requires no qualifications and is true in all circumstances. And second there is that truth that truly lies in the eyes of the beholder for it is subject to circumstance. It may be true for one time, one individual or one circumstance but is not true for all. It may be true 99 times and then not true once. This second form of truth is not a falsehood or lie; it is variable and non-absolute in nature and subject to circumstances and qualifications at that moment. As you ascend in your understanding and development, you often encounter this non-absolute level of truth and only over time will you begin to determine what is universally true and what is variably true.

Vicki: Then when we receive an answer from the ‘universal voice’, is it based on absolute truth or variable, non-absolute truth?

Monjoronson: That is a very good question. First know that there are actually very few absolute truths compared to non-absolutes. Then consider that much depends on the question being asked and the circumstances surrounding it. You might say again, that if your question received an unqualified consensus of 100% of those contributing to the universal voice, it may likely be an absolute truth. However, being a process of consensus, responses from the ‘Universal voice’ are often subject to the best answer one can receive at the moment under your current circumstances so many answers require qualification and are then considered variably true.

Vicki: Can you give us an example of an absolute or universal truth?

Monjoronson: I can tell you from my level and place of existence that God exists. However, at your level of development, experience and point in time, this is not a truth that is fully accepted, fully experienced or free of qualification. You may have a sense of absolute truth, but you primarily function in the realm of variable truth.

Universal Voice

Vicki: Thank you Monjoronson. Can you tell me why you think it is important for us to understand about the ‘universal voice’ at this time?

Monjoronson: It is another extension of knowledge we can provide beyond your current understanding that gives you a picture of how things function on the spirit side. We as spiritual beings participate in a cooperative environment, where all are encouraged to participate and are equally valued for their contributions no matter how large or small. We interchange from student to teacher and back to student in the learning environment as you will, when you participate with others on the spirit side. There is an understanding, respect, courtesy and deference that is given for what each has to offer regardless of one’s level of divinity. It becomes natural for one to step aside and allow another to speak when it is appropriate. Whether the speaker is of high divinity or a newly arrived spiritual being, all contribute, all benefit and all learn.

And with this glimpse of how the ‘universal voice’ functions, you may learn ways in which this could be conceivable and indeed more prevalent on your planet than it is now. It requires that humans be less partisan, less hierarchical, less egotistical and more inclusive, more compassionate, and more open in their approach to decision making and group dynamics as well as individual need.

Vicki: It reminds me again that as a teacher, I felt I learned more from my students than they learned from me.


Monjoronson: Yes. You have an expression about profound remarks made by young children that illuminates this reality. You refer to it as, “out of the mouths of babes”. And that is indeed one way we grow and learn on the spirit side. It is perhaps easier for some to identify the times I’ve offered them a piece of wisdom, however there are many times when humans enlighten me with a perspective of their current existence that prepares me for my future incarnation as a human.

Vicki: I can see that there may be many adjustments for you to make when you incarnate in human form.

Monjoronson: Absolutely. And though you may not be aware of it, you have demonstrated for this audience what we talked about earlier: how one question to spirit coupled with the beginning of your conception of an idea led to further questions and conceptions which eventually led to a fuller understanding.

Vicki: Well isn’t that amazing! Though now that I think of it, it doesn’t really surprise me Monjoronson, since many of our conversations lead to places I could never imagine at the onset of the first question.

Monjoronson: Then you may also be able to understand how those asking the same question and receiving initial insight, may then find themselves asking a different question next that would lead them down a completely different path of understanding, a path that may have more meaning specifically to them. Are you getting my point?

Vicki: Oh yes! I must say, it will be a lot easier when you are walking on this earth with us manifested as a physical being. Then we can ask our questions and have the guarantee that we all heard the same answer.

Monjoronson: (laughing) I can understand the comfort and assurance that this will bring. However, realize little one, that in the answering of your questions, there will always be the possibility that each individual will walk away with their own interpretations of the same answer I give. It is inherent in the unique qualities of your minds and the diverse paths that you follow to reach an understanding.

Vicki: Oh! I hadn’t looked at it that way… but how true.


Monjoronson: Shall we bring this session to a close?

Vicki: Yes and thank you Monjoronson. You’ve given us much to think about.