2012-07-09-A Spiritual Renaissance


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Topic: A Spiritual Renaissance

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Michael

TR: Paul Conklin



My son, a spiritual revival is blowing in the wind. Do you feel it now? These are the days that I looked forward to for so long. When my children began to awaken in increasing numbers. Don’t you recall that I told my first century followers that they would do works greater than these? The children of that generation thought they witnessed amazing things through the Creator Son. They did indeed witness amazing things, but that was a mere whisper of what is to come. The wonder of it all is that my present day earthly children will begin to perform amazing feats of spiritual je ne sais quoi [I know not what]. Mysteries that have lain hidden for centuries will begin to see the light of day. And it is because of all of you my children. It is all because of you. Surely, I could have performed amazing feats that would have flabbergasted my first century children, but what would that have proved? I did not come here to earth to perform magic tricks and to distract with feats of daring-do. I came here to demonstrate the will of the Eternal Father while clothed in flesh. My life was cut short, but what I started continues. What I started continues through all of you.

When future generations look back at this time in man’s history, they will be amazed. They will be amazed that you all accomplished so much while you were largely cut off from spiritual help. They will marvel at your faith. How could you have had so much faith when you could not see? They will have the help of so many spiritual teachers. Just as you now look back at those that graced these shores two thousand years ago, they will look back at you and your era with great love and fondness. You are the spiritual giants that those of future generations will look to. It is your amazing feats of spiritual artistry that will cause them all to pause. If you, from a generation of so long ago, could ascend with so little help, then their journey would be a piece of cake, so to speak. If you, those of you from this present generation could ascend while awakening from the last days of the Lucifer rebellion, then nothing would be impossible for them. Don’t you understand my children? Don’t you understand? You go through your days largely ignorant of the impact that you are having now. You are largely ignorant of the impact that you will have on future generations. You can’t see it my children. You can’t see it. But I can see it. I can see it.

I have already seen your great acts of spiritual artistry and I marvel. I marvel at the goodness of our Eternal Father. Little children, mostly blind of what takes place in the invisible realms, take the lead in a spiritual renaissance. This spiritual renaissance will be unique to this generation. It does not mean that future generations will not also have their spiritual discoveries. They will. But you, but you my children are living in a unique period of earth’s history. What will happen here in this generation will never be repeated again. You will set a fire that will never be put out. You will set the whole world on fire. The trees and the skies and the oceans will be set on fire. You will set a fire to hearts long asleep. This spiritual conflagration will spread and spread. It will not stop until every man, woman and child discovers the Father within.

How do you think I feel little children? After so many years the things that I accomplished on this world are beginning to bear fruit. It may have seemed that what I accomplished was slow in coming to fruition. But I tell you that it was not slow at all. I also set a fire. But that fire you could not see with your physical eyes. A fire. A fire? “Where is it,” you ask? Unseen by your eyes my Spirit of Truth was moving through the hearts of the first century generation and beyond. It adapted to each succeeding generation. Now, here you all are, two thousand years removed from those days. Do you think that the conflagration is dying out or is it getting bigger? From my vantage point there is no stopping this spiritual conflagration now. All the puzzle pieces are in place. This is the day. This is the generation. These are the ones that will do works greater than I have done. My earthly home is becoming a star. Every year, every decade, every century, more gases coalesce. Your earth is a star becoming more massive by the minute. Yet, its massiveness will not result in a supernova explosion. Its massiveness will consume hearts from every shore, every town, every city, every country on your good earth.

Let me watch now as I witness fires jumping the tree line. From heart to heart and from soul to soul I see it. I can feel the warmth from your fires here on my home world. Who would ever have thought that when the earth was blighted and scorched by the relentless sun that a fire would be set? A fire was set that day and this fire cannot be put out. You children of this generation are stoking those fires anew. An entire universe sees it. An entire universe sees it now. They see the hearts of all mankind burning with the love of their beloved Father. They have discovered that the fire was not outside of them. They discovered that I set a fire and the Father fanned the flames. Try you may you will never be able to put out this fire. This fire will burn for generation after generation. And it is because of you my children. It is because of you! Future generations will bend their knees in thankfulness and in gratefulness that you started a fire that cannot be put out.

A spiritual renaissance is at hand, it is at hand. Do you feel it now? Do you feel it? These days, these days, will never again be repeated. These are the days when a world is set afire. These are the days when light and life is born. Light and life is born in the hearts of all my earthly children. Let me weep with joy. These days, these days that I longed for, are here now, they are here. Go forward my children. Go forward. Do works greater than I have done. You will impress me with your great works of spiritual daring -do. Because of you a whole world will be set afire. Set it ablaze my children. Let me watch. Let me watch as hearts on my good earth catch on fire. When you go to your rest, you will arise. You will arise to glory and thanksgiving and everlasting life. You didn’t see it. You didn’t see it. But I see it. A generation steeped in the faith of their Heavenly Father set a world on fire. They set a world on fire. “Oh Father, Oh Father,” I say, “a star is born.” A star is born. Forever and ever the light from that star will shine on the cosmos. And it is because of you my children! It is because of you!