2012-08-24-Who AM I Father


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Topic: Who AM I Father?

Group: Goodyear TeaM


Teacher: Melvadorin

TR: Georges Douyon



Who am I Father?

To understand this question that has been preoccupying your thoughts, I will begin by saying to you that you are my child, a uniquely loved and cherished child of the eternal One; you are also a child of the supreme and a finaliter in the making. I can choose many different concepts to imprint into your mind that would help to describe who you are, but what would these concepts really mean to you? Would they resolve your preoccupations in discovering who you are? Would you ever be fully satisfied with my answers? Will you know who you truly are?

My child, there exist only one path to help you understand who you truly are and settle your thoughts once and for all. I AM now revealing to you that in order to understand who you are you must first understand who I AM. When you come to understand who I AM then you will know without a shadow of a doubt who you are. Your creator father Michael, during his incarnation on earth, became gradually aware of who he was, and this he was able to achieve by constantly reaffirming his desires: Let your will be done Father and not mine.

It is not by accident nor by chance that your Creator Father Michael has decreed: I AM the way and the life and the resurrection and whosoever believed in me shall not perish but shall have life abundantly. All of the answers to man’s greatest spiritual mysteries are waiting to be discovered, simply by analyzing the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

And so it is my child, the more you choose to align your will with my aspirations, the more divine you are becoming and the more divine you become, the closer you come to understand who I AM. When the moment of my choosing is at hand, when we finally merge together and become forever undistinguishable, you will know without a shadow of a doubt, and with all the memories of the eternal past, who you finally were.