2012-10-14-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Intervention and Magisterial Mission

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Monjoronson

TR: Allene Vick, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Michael: [Allene] The world is going through some perilous and chaotic times, financially, physically, politically, emotionally and spiritually. It is understandable that in times like this people yearn for divine help. In answer to the question posed, there will be no outward show of power. What will happen is a powerful dynamic inward transformation. Please come to me and ask for my help to learn how powerful you are when you work as a team with the part of God within. All things are possible. Please take time to come to me to learn how to nurture and develop the seeds of potential your Father has given each of you.


Future, Intervention

Charles: [Mark] Thanks for the invitation here this morning, Charles here to accept. In the discussions, I'd like to introduce concepts inherent in the human mind frame to be used to try and show in some distorted way, an example. When you refer to events of the future and predictions of the future and feelings of what is going to happen and all the dimensions of wondering as all humans do about their future, about the future of all that is, there are so many different angles and ways to look at this. I'll take this avenue of approach.

Imagine if you will a gigantic video game in that the end goal of this video game has been ordained from on high, that all paths accomplish all successful ventures of the participants in this game and lead to one victorious end, one place of having succeeded and accomplished and yet at the same time, each participant, every player that comes up to associate themselves with the game brings with them their distinct set of choices and decisions. They take their own distinct and unique route through this maze before them but finally in the end, if there is to be victory, it will be towards the ends designed in the game. That is what you see and perceive before you and that is how there can be a variety of truths about what you observe, that is, there is certainly a divine plan and it will certainly be in play throughout.

So in that sense there is divine intervention, or if you would call it that, rather it is a divine invention of the very game that you are playing. As well, there is the reliance within this entire mechanism on the participants, on how they engage with the process, the choices and decisions they make to navigate their way through this game which will determine some aspect of the game because all of the members are playing this game and making different choices and some are finding their way through at an accelerated rate while others are having difficulties bumping into obstructions and not understanding the rules and how to play effectively.

You are all together in this as it were, because you must work together to obtain many of the solutions that you seek in moving forward and preserving your existence. So there is overall, and you may always rest assured, an organization and a plan which takes into account every decision, every choice, every option that is executed throughout the entire scope of the process. Yet, as an individual participant, you are entirely responsible for navigating your way through these choices and around these obstacles and through the process that is before you.

Likewise, as a culture or as a nation or as a society you must work together and find ways through these mazes which are beneficial to you all. On a much grander scale, the same processes are happening throughout universes and universes. These are the same processes of individual choices and individual growth which contribute so vitally to the growth of the team, the growth of the family, the growth of the nation, the growth of the species and the race. These individual choices you make while you engage in the process do in fact contribute to the grand totals on the board if you will, the good energy that you contribute to the equation is tallied as such. The positive contributions you make are noted and are a factor. They become a factor in the play of the moment, the energy that is in the game at the time.

I understand this analogy is very crude but it may be effective given the times in which we are living. I appreciate the opportunity to bring forward this thought stream this morning. I will now allow the opportunity for others to access this portal, thank you.


LIght: [Mark] Good morning friends, Light here. I would offer another line of thinking for your amusement this morning. I would like to draw the contrast and make the distinction between that which so many consider to be so important and that which is out there, that which is going to happen, that which may come to befall you and that which certainly will impose itself upon you. Much concern is directed at these forces which will come into play or are seen to threaten to come into play and therefore one tends to prepare themselves for a defense as such and augment as will be encountered before them.

This whole approach of seeing things out there as being threatening, something to be concerned about if not worried about, brings you to a whole line of acting and reacting to a perceived threat to what is in its basic form, a fear. If one is acting and reacting to a fear they are invariably withdrawing themselves, protecting themselves, even preparing to defend themselves and all these acts are unnecessary expended energies. All these acts take a great amount of energy devoted to them for them to exist and survive and they create angst and doubts and fears throughout their existence. All this is a great drain and distraction on one who would live in the light.

So I would like to invite you to bring into your field of observation that your manner of approach towards whatever the game of life may bring to you need not be filled with apprehension, fears, and doubts before the game has even unfolded. Do not create the very things you are afraid will happen by fearing them or worrying that they may be true, rather follow your lessons and simply forsake them altogether, provide them no energy to exist. Expect only those things which are in the light and of the light and simply forsake all others.

In this way, no matter what may befall you, your world, your nation, your planet, all things will be encountered in a better state of preparedness. Seeing more of the light and carrying with you less of the dark energies will in every way prepare you better to encounter all that is before you than to build up a defense or concern yourself of how to fight against any change you see as inappropriate. Rather, just let them go. Don't accept them in your sphere and they cannot exist. This is the key, this is the golden lesson that all people need to learn. Things cannot exist if you do not give them energy. It is not necessary to struggle against them, it is simply necessary to deprive them of the life giving energies as all things are energy and require an energy contribution to exist.

So in all your consideration of what may happen, what might happen, what you are told might happen and what you feel will happen, what you perceive could happen, I tell you they are all real in the same sense that they are all variables in an equation, possibilities on a drawing board but no more than that at this point. As you move forward as events outside you transpire, your journey, your individual passage through, will be made immensely better and easier if you do not approach anything that happens with any sense of apprehension or fear or even profound concern or doubt. Such things are heavy to bring with you as you move into the light.

Just my thoughts for you this morning, you know I care deeply for you all. I feel as family with you and so I feel free to come and share my thoughts with you. I will remain eternally grateful that you have accepted me to do so. I bid you all have a good week, thank you all.


Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson: [Cathy] As was discussed earlier, you will not encounter a dramatic event when my mission moves to a more active and public level. I am in the process of altering my energy level to be compatible with the physical world you inhabit. This is a continuing process that is progressing as anticipated. I will also need preparation and the ability to connect with mortals as you are on the planet. In this group you have been made comfortable with my energy signature. On my part, I have great anticipation of your acceptance of my arrival. Many in this group have already accepted me and I am most grateful for your welcome. Around the planet there are similar groups with the capability of accepting me in this mission. The concept of forgiveness and compassion has languished in this world. In many locations it is not operational even at the basic level. It will flourish and expand as each of you bring it to the forefront of your consciousness and your daily activities. Together we will transform the planet.