2012-11-30-Conversations with Monjoronson 65

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Topic: Discerning Validity of New Information

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



  • Dec. 4, 2012

“This is Charles. We wish you to delay publishing #65 until after the first of the year. You may determine this to be a humanly cowardly thing to do, but it is the most prudent in view of the tremendous program and social damage that would otherwise accrue. The delay will assure the soundness of this transmission, which would not be validated for mortals until the clock and calendar have accomplished their work. Even publishing it after the first of the year will cause immense damage to those who are peripherally interested in the Correcting Time. Mortals seek consistency in all that is associated with God and God’s work. This will never occur as long as this program has the co-creative relationship at its core of operation. The validity of Christ Michael’s work in this co-creative relationship can and only will be validated in the years, decades and centuries ahead through its good works. This is why you are called Agondonters – your work in faith that God’s ‘good’ will prevail, even without personal and conscious evidence of His presence. Lastly, you are welcome to post this note to #66 and #65 when they are published. s//Charles, Mighty Messenger to the Triumvirate of Christ Michael/Nebadonia, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Monjoronson.”]


Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we ask you to draw near and bless our session today with our Avonal Son and his staff. We give our thanks for all that you do for us. Amen.


MONJORONSON: Good morning, I am here.

MMc: Good morning. Before we get started, is there anything that you would like to share with us?

  • The development of events is quickening

MONJORONSON: Only that the development of events is quickening its pace. The vibration of your world is increasing, which causes greater dissonance with lower energies. It causes difficulties with those people who entertain those negative energies of thought and emotion and psyche. Thank you.


  • The ABC Summaries

MMc: About a year ago, I came to you and asked questions off the record about the ABC Summaries. Those sessions were very helpful for me, at least to help me understand how those summaries deviated from the universal standard. They were in error in many respects and at the time, not wishing to embarrass their creator(s), we waited to publish the majority of those sessions until after the first of the year. Well, here it is at the end of another year and we have more predictions and more dire predictions from the same individual or individuals. I can see the same type of deviation from the universal standard in their work. You are familiar with this, of course? (Monjoronson: Of course.) Would you like to comment about it before I go on?

MONJORONSON: (Long pause.) Please proceed with your questions.

  • Confusion over recent predictions

MMc: I for one have stopped paying attention to these predictions; in fact, I have stopped paying attention to whatever comes out of this source. There are others who agree with me, and still another group who are confused. It is for this group who are confused that I am concerned for, and for the individuals who are putting out this disinformation. What is the extent of [the author’s] confusion?

MONJORONSON: I would like to step back from discussions about [the author] at this time, and retrace your steps a moment ago when you talked about those who know that these predictions are not congruent with the universe and the development of universal plans by our Father, the First Source and Center and Creator. You spoke then of the group who are confused and your concern for this group, and you skipped from that to talking about [the author.] Let us first discuss in more detail those who are confused, as it is this group who is of concern to us.

MMc: I believe that [the author,] and the individuals that he is involved [with,] that are putting out this disinformation, are also in this group that is confused.

  • These predictions are not congruent with the Universal Father’s plans

MONJORONSON: Yes, you are correct. What is of most concern to us, concerning this confused group of people who publish this material, is the primary individual who does not question these statements that come from him. He is the archivist for thousands of transcripts, which have been dedicated to the truth, the consistency of which is evident throughout the totality of them, with only minor exceptions, and yet one who has read these thousands of transcripts is now producing transcripts and statements from himself which are gravely in error, and at greatest variance from the mass of material that has been stored in that archive.

The gravest situation is that he is not questioning his own thinking, or questioning these statements that come through him and comparing them to the vast body of truth in the archives. He is also not questioning those statements that came through him one year ago, which were proven to be in error after the first of the year when those predictions failed to come forth as truth. This tells us that the mind mechanism of this individual is gravely out of adjustment and is no longer trustworthy to convey truth as it is incapable of examining and assessing what comes through him. This is a grave situation as these transmissions have been distributed to thousands of individuals [which] approximates 11,000 – 12,000 people who have been or will be influenced by these erroneous statements.

I discuss these things with you now, only because you raised the question. It is not our place to raise these issues unilaterally, but that you have raised the questions and so we answer them. We, as you know, have been very passive to be active and forward in this work. We wait for our mortal cohorts to ask questions, to engage a co-creative relationship and then begin the long lifetime conversation of living faith and action in their lives with us.

  • This self-deception is similar to the situation of the Lucifer Rebellion

The next grave situation is the individuals who are part of publishing of these erroneous documents and statements have come to accept these as valid and truthful, and have disregarded last year’s spate of also erroneous publications. This is self-deception, which is typical of many mortals who wish to affirm what they believe by selectively accepting those statements and publications which support their point of view, with neglect and disregard other statements which may bring those erroneous beliefs into question. This is very similar to the situation of the Lucifer Rebellion where thousands and hundreds of thousands of spiritual beings, who had been created and brought into existence, did not exercise their capability of discernment. This is why discernment is of paramount importance in our teachings to you, and the workshops and classes that have been promoted by us. Discernment is necessary by everyone in God’s Universe to hold the light of God—literally the light of God—against all statements that they hear during their existence, which may be for millions of years.

  • Discernment is a primary responsibility of each mortal

Next, the issue is that those who do discern, and who do know the difference between truth and untruth, and this tremendous variance of statements, which are inconsistent with the Will of God and the good of the universe, do not question this, but they let this come forward to sully the thoughts of those who are gullible and naïve, and who are less capable of mind to question these issues. Your raising this issue in this conversation is of primary responsibility and shows that you have a discerning mind, one of leadership in capacity to question the acts, thoughts and publications of others. This takes tremendous courage, as there is a social conscience in this community of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, which acts against the light of God through withholding their courage to make these facts known. Social conscience of others in a group is very powerful, it is very similar to peer pressure that teenagers experience. Social conscience of a large body of individuals is negatively reinforced through a lack of challenge. There is a statement by one of your social philosophers, which states that “Lies can maintain themselves as long as men of righteousness say nothing.” Therefore, saying something about this situation allows us to operate powerfully with you, to support this revelation of light concerning these publications.

You may think that my statements are strong and that they are critical; they are strong, but they are not critical. We do not criticize or castigate or denigrate any of those who have published these materials. The strength of these statements I am providing are for those individuals who are confused of mind and who have truly not developed the skills of discernment to apply the light of God’s truth to all statements and all publications. Does this make sense so far?

MMc: Certainly. You covered a lot of ground and I’ve got questions that I’d like to ask at the end, but I can ask them here just as well. The question is: Should I be speaking out more in those venues that I am aware of that speak of this information from these sources?

  • State what is consistent with God’s rule of the universe

MONJORONSON: We would advise you to not speak so much of opinion, as what is right and what is consistent with God and God’s rule of the universe, and the process of evolution and development in human activities. You can state these things by simply saying that these statements are vastly inconsistent with what has been said before. Do you understand the gist of and direction of my advisement?

MMc: Yes, I do. Rather than being critical of it, just simply state that it’s not consistent with what we’ve seen before, and ask that the individuals make their own determination.

MONJORONSON: That is correct. It is one thing to assess and evaluate and discern the message; it is quite another thing to then say something opinionated about the individual who made those statements. Quite literally, they are very distinct from one to the other. There is a quality of relationships in the universe which everyone respects—everyone except those who are new to universe social relationships, that the message is not the messenger, and vice versa.

MMc: Yes, I agree. The other question is: can we use this publicly, or should we continue in the private mode for the moment? And that should be a question that is asked at the end of our session today.

  • Cleaning up the mess of Caligastia and Lucifer

MONJORONSON: Let us deal with it in real time at this moment, please. We would not be serving God’s Truth if we did not publish this material. It may, however, be edited by yourselves to remove naming names, and to make it “socially sanitary,” but we would be doing less than Christ Michael’s work to not continue to clean up the mess of Caligastia and Lucifer. We would be doing less in diligence if we did not share this information. We are still in the clean up process and we would not want to maintain any lack of clarity. We want to be wholly consistent with Christ Michael’s mandate to move forward, and not to let these smudges of darkness become larger than they are.

MMc: Understood.

MONJORONSON: We can deal with the other issues which are more privately held, and you can make the decisions during the edit process of what to publish and what not to.


  • The safety of the archives

MMc: Are the archives safe?

MONJORONSON: No, they are not. The archives have been a continuing, festering sore to our administration for quite some time, in that they could be sacrificed almost overnight, because of their electronic nature and their fragility of storage. We had tried to forestall this by having [the] archive mirrored in an off-site location that would be operationally separated from the archives mechanisms in Pennsylvania. This has not been clearly completed, and therefore, any mirrored images that exist now are also susceptible to compromise. Do you understand?

MMc: I hear you; yes. I was involved with trying to set up those mirrored images. The biggest problem is funding.

MONJORONSON: Even $1,000 in multiple terra-byte hard drives would be of great assistance, if they were simply copied—just the contents were copied onto those drives.

MMc: Simply someone going in and copying the archives at this point in time, and holding them for a future time when they no longer become available, or they’ve been sacrificed, would be very helpful, I understand.

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is one thing to store a document if it is simply text, and does not involve pictures and graphics and so on. It is the operational system that is very large, that manages those documents. It would be helpful if there were simply a copy of all the documents in archives, much as you would see copies of books and manuscripts in a library.

MMc: Let us speak more about this in the future.

MONJORONSON: We hope that you see then, how we have been striving to safeguard the work that we are doing for Christ Michael, that we have back-up systems. However, what has happened with the TMarchives is that this was a mortally initiated activity, which gathered our support, and we earnestly have supported it and continue to do so, while at the same time striving to protect it. Your little movement is very, very fragile. It is a new “rosebud in a snowstorm,” so to speak, in that its viability is truly questionable, and that it has not even taken into account for itself the principles of social sustainability and the three core values. One thing must develop after another, and therefore, this product of the Teaching Mission and the introduction of these missions to the planet, has been one where you would state, “Well, do we introduce the chicken or the egg?” And so, we have introduced the “egg” and have let it grow in its embryonic state. It has been only very recently—we would not say years, but in months—only recently has it begun to break out of its shell to become strong enough to stand on its own. It is the viability of this young chick as a cultural phenomenon that will eventually change the whole of your civilization that is very tender and very fragile. To lose these documents would be a travesty, but not impossible to replace over time. It is time that is against us now, that we must be effective in all our movements, without loss of projects or missions or accomplishments that we have achieved so far with you. Thank you.

MMc: Were you indeed done, or was there more?

MONJORONSON: I am finished with this thought. There are more thoughts available, but let us continue on, my friend.

Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, Leadership

  • The movement is very fragile at this point

MMc: The number of workers are few and the movement, as you say, is fragile. It is only now starting to branch out. I agree. It hasn’t developed a sustainable look; the people that are leaning on the area of the Teaching Mission are not happy with the Magisterial Mission and I’m afraid that is partially a problem with a person that they see as head of the Magisterial Mission—at least the [person who is considered by some to be the] human “head” of the Magisterial Mission.

  • The Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are two distinct parts

MONJORONSON: Most unfortunate! These are two very distinct missions. The first is for the personal spiritual upliftment and education—and even training of individuals—whereas the second, the Magisterial Mission is for the social upliftment and training and education of the masses of social organizations on your planet. This lack of distinction or discernment is partially our fault, as we did not emphasize this distinction in the beginning, and secondly, it was integrated into the same database as the Teaching Mission or the archives, which gave it the look or functionality of the Teaching Mission, which, of course, it is definitely not. Over time, meaning decades and centuries, this distinction will be eminently clear, and the distinction will be very useful to those who come later. We are not going to worry about that, but move forward aggressively, with the social efforts to uplift your cultures, then your social organizations—both governmental and non-governmental, commercial and private, and otherwise.

MMc: [With] the personnel in the Teaching Mission, was there ever a plan that those persons that benefited from the Teaching Mission would take part in the Magisterial Mission also?

  • Did the plan include those from the TeaM to participate in the MM?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. There is truly a need for people who have evolved spiritually in the Teaching Mission to become the proponents of social architecture in your world, with us co-creatively. We need individuals who have proven their steadfastness in faith, as an individual, and these people become the draftsmen, the architects with us in designing and bringing into existence your new social structures. Does this answer your question?

MMc: Yes. Can you see the rub here is that… as I said, the individuals in the Teaching Mission, or at least those leaders that I can see, identify [a certain individual] with the Magisterial Mission, and because of that, they will not participate in the Magisterial Mission. (Monjoronson: I understand.) I believe that was what I said in the first place. Yes, I can see that these are two different organizational entities.

  • Mortals must see God as the Leader, not other mortals

MONJORONSON: Let me add clarity to your situation. Once again, mortals are confused in mind about who their leaders are. They must see God as the primary image and archetype of personality, and as a source of all good, and discontinue looking to organizational heads as representing that archetype. This is simply very primitive thinking, and inappropriate, particularly for those individuals who are striving to enlighten this world. To identify a mortal as representing our organization is clearly erroneous.

MMc: Very good. Can you say a little bit more on that?

  • God-centeredness is the fundamental tenet of the Teaching Mission

MONJORONSON: Yes. Let me move sideways for a moment: There will always be confused people, and truly, confusion is often a choice mortals make to avoid taking sides or finding the most effective route forward. Being confused allows one to avoid the responsibility of their own life to take charge and move ahead. Confusion is a state of ineffectualness for all concerned. We have striven in the Teaching Mission to make the fundamental tenets of God-centeredness very, very simple and very, very clear, and that if one accepts these and actually integrates them into their living process of thinking, speaking, and deciding and taking action, then this indecision, this uncertainty, this confusion would be non-existent.


  • Confusion is lazy thinking

The state of confusion is actually due to lazy thinking, [which comes because] the individual has either not been trained to be an effective thinker, or does not have the mind mechanism mature enough to make those kinds of decisions. In that regard, there will always be confused individuals, but they are innocent as children. Children are confused as well; they are confused because they are ignorant, they haven’t been made aware of all the factors—or the significant factors—for making decisions. They haven’t been trained in the art of discernment or the art of inquiry as to how to ask competent and capable questions to reveal clarity and develop clarity in the topic that is being discussed. Lazy thinking simply avoids asking questions and accepts what is given to them from any and every source that is in fair agreement with their history of thinking and decision-making. There is not much to be done about this, except to love them and accept them and wait for them to cross over to begin again their educational process to come into full enlightenment to the point where they can make a conscious, intentional decision about whether to continue on the ascendant journey or give it up. Our patience is perennial, it is millennial, it perhaps borders on eternal for some of us, and so we will not give up on those who are confused.

  • Our “real leaders” are not human leaders

MMc: So our real leaders are you, Machiventa, Michael, Nebadonia, the Father, and not our human leaders in this ongoing quest during the Correcting Time.

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

MMc: We should not be confused, so when individuals are saying that they don’t believe in you because a certain human individual put you forward, is [because] they are confused in their thinking?

MONJORONSON: Either they are confused or they refuse to accept evidence of our work. What is remarkable, my friend, is that—and most difficult for us, of course—is that the same holds true for your political and commercial leaders is that an individual who has risen to eminence—socially, economically, politically, militarily—arisen to eminence upon the pillars of truth and enlightenment and diligence and faithful actions, can eventually stumble and make erroneous decisions willfully, or through the degeneration of their mind mechanism. So you have a doubly, and triply difficult way to proceed in your lives, as you must continue to question even those who have proven faithful service to their fellow brothers and sisters of humankind and to our Father. There is always the eventuality that they may stumble and fall, either intentionally and consciously, or through the travesties of time and degeneration of their brain and their mind mechanism. This is most difficult. You can see how we have worked so hard to develop firewalls against the inherent difficulties mortals have with them. In a degenerate, difficult society that has immense potential for good, its individuals are the same, but they always must work to guard against their deterioration and laziness and even conscious wrongdoing.

MMc: Yes, a society that has an immense potential for good, but it almost never lives up to that potential in any way.

  • Recreating our cultures from within

MONJORONSON: That is correct. You see our efforts on the surface; what you do not see are our efforts globally to literally reinvent your cultures and to bring about those bits of “yeast” and “nutrients” that support a new culture or right thinking and right action and right development. Where the safeguard of the culture is within the social mechanism that involves many people across nations and trans-nationally and internationally, so that there is a uniformity of truth revelation that can be generated from local individuals and teams to validate truth and to invalidate those statements which present themselves “as the truth.” You are seeing the very surface, the veneer of our work when you speak of the archives, and you speak of this human organization of committees and groups and associations, and their work to support each other; what it does not show you is the tremendous work that is going on in your world by our midwayers and angels and Melchizedeks to not just regenerate your cultures, but to recreate your cultures from within through processes which may not appear to be highly spiritual, but change the way people think about themselves and think about others. When these two influences meet, then you will see a tremendous change take place in your world.

  • Asking those revealing questions and exposing vulnerabilities

Unfortunately, many of you will not see that. You are the forerunners of a new culture of a new civilization on your planet. We have begun with you. It requires immense courage on your part to speak as you have today, to ask those questions which require great revealing and great exposure to the vulnerabilities of your humanness, in yourself and in your friends and associates, and people you work with. We see and sense the gravity of your concerns for this—what you would call an embarrassing situation—which may make you look bad, because others do not want to hear the answers to your questions and embarrass those individuals who have promoted themselves before the work of Christ Michael. This is certainly challenging work. You are developing the depth of character, the strength of character that will last through your ascendant careers and be manifestly evident in your aura, your signatures as Finaliters and those who go on to become Mighty Messengers, who will traverse the universe. You will carry that signature with you throughout all time and eternity. This we know for sure.

MMc: Thank you. I don’t have any further questions today. Would you like to say a few words, or should we end it there?

MONJORONSON: I have concluded my message with that last statement, thank you.



  • Our “rocks” of steadfastness

MMc: Let me say that I certainly appreciate your being “a rock;” that is each and every time I come to you, I find the same personality and that same universal standard I have come to identify with them and with you, and I certainly appreciate your being there. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome! One of the signatures of divinity is an unwavering love for the truth of God, as God’s light shines through the universe from one end to the other, throughout all time. The “rock” that you speak of, the steadfastness, is essential to assist you to discern what is true and what is not. Just as the archives contains many hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful, wonderful lessons of truth and goodness, and provides the bedrock of solid existence of Christ Michael’s work, so too, they reflect the divinity of the Sources from which they came. This fact of discernment is essential for those who are lacking in mental capacity, but whose faith expands and is far larger than even the most intelligent of humans. This is the truth of steadfastness of God’s love for you, which we strive to express in this mission, working with Machiventa, and Christ Michael. My staff and I appreciate their steadfastness, their unwaveringness and the sureness of Christ Michael’s plan, which is now being unfolded in the Correcting Time program. Thank you and good day.

MMc: Thank you.