2012-12-20-New Declaration of Independence

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Topic: New Declaration of Independence

Group: Monjoronson.com


Teacher: Michael, Thomas Jefferson

TR: Felix Caro, Aronolac



Forward By Michael of Nebadon: (T/R: Aronolac)

Michael of Nebadon: This document belongs to the people of Urantia; not just the United States for whom it was originally written. The document is written so that it includes all people of all classes of governance. They belong to God just as all Americans belong to God.

People have inalienable rights, but they do not have license to kill or maim their fellow countrymen regardless of their thoughts or deeds that lead them to feel they are owed vengeance. Our work on Urantia commences December 31, 2012 right after the Declaration of Independence is read to the world via a television circuit that all will see on their televisions that day, sometime after noon New Year’s Eve.

Hold these truths to be self evident: Nothing on Urantia remains sacred anymore except that which the Father has decreed in its place. Bring to the New Year that which will sing and that which shall be lasting unto the Christ Child of Glory on High.

DOCUMENT: The New Declaration of Independence:


The Unanimous Declaration for the Mortals and of the Ascending Mortals of Urantia

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the God-believing people to dissolve the physical and spiritual bonds which have them connected with those in control and positions of power who have shunned Divine Mercy and rule with greed and self-contemplation, and the evil that they embrace and is the center of their lives. This action is absolute and rightful and holds no consideration for whatever ideas of equality the oppressors of rights and liberty may be embracing.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, in spirit and matter, that they are endowed by the Eternal God with His Divine Representative to guide them and certain unalienable Rights that are His gift to every mortal creature in the entire Grand Universe, that among these are a Life to live as the mortal chooses based on his free will, the Liberty to do and live as he wishes, and the pursuit of Happiness based on his personal desires and goals, while experiencing life in the flesh or during his ascension career.

That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men that are destined to serve as much as to lead, with love and humility, with the consent of those that have chosen them to perform those roles. That whenever any form of leadership becomes destructive and obstructive to the Divine Right to live free and in peace, it is the Right of every mortal on Urantia, with the Eternal God’s permission and His assistance, to reject the evil that drives the oppression and to eradicate the system that perpetrates it, and to institute a new form of Governing system that will ensure that Men can Live Free to make their own decisions as to how to better do God’s will while respecting the free will and decisions of their brethren.

The Rights of Men are absolute and no tampering by the established Government shall be allowed, as the obvious intention of said action is to be construed as contrary to God’s mandates and in detriment of the equality of every mortal. In order to avoid establishing problematic forms of Government in the terms just mentioned, their systems will be supervised and advised by celestials, with the oversight of the Magisterial Son present, until such time that Men themselves can be trusted with the Government with minimum supervision. Any attempt to mislead or oppress by any form of established Government will be summarily terminated, with the possible extinction of those responsible. The mortals of Urantia have suffered long enough under the yoke of tyrants and oppressors which sought only power and self satisfaction regardless to the consequences to those that they were entrusted to lead and protect.

The Sovereign Son of this Local Universe, Michael of Nebadon, does not recognize the “divine right to rule” of the “royal families” now in existence on Urantia, and so their reign will be terminated as an initial step towards equality and true justice. The Free Men of Urantia will no longer be “subjects to a crown” or to any mortal family for that matter, only to the Eternal God and the hierarchy of Divine Parents that exists from Jerusem to Uversa.

The history of the present Presidents, Kings, Queens and Dictators is a history of repeated abuse, oppression and injustice towards the God-believing and spiritual-living mortals of Urantia, as well as a history of willing obstruction to the mandates of the Eternal God and the establishment of fair rule centered on spiritual principles. To prove this, let facts be presented as evidence.

They have directly worked to undermine rules established to guarantee equality and the good of the common citizen, regardless of race, creed or belief.

They have directly influenced the creation of laws in order to further agendas that will only benefit them in terms of increased control and power over the population.

They have worked to instill fear into the hearts and minds of the population so that they are deceived to willingly relinquish their freedoms in favor of a non-existent desire to provide them with Liberty or Security.

They have incarcerated and killed many who dared to question the evil Governments, and established laws to prevent denouncing said Governments.

They have conspired to destabilize populations and entice them into wars based on their racial differences and their beliefs, with the intention of appear on scene as the “saviors” and be allowed to establish Governments sympathetic to those that secretly instigated the wars in the first place.

They have used scientific and medical knowledge in detriment of the well-being of the people, with the intention of enriching those that control the applicable agencies.

They have lived with evil in their hearts, in memory of the great deceiver Lucifer, and continue to guide their existence based on his tenets of sin and iniquity, while rejecting the Eternal God’s Mercy.

In every stage of these Oppressions, the rightful mortals of Urantia, as well as celestial messengers, throughout history have Petitioned for the respect of Rights of Men, their Liberty, as well as for the acceptance of God’s Mercy, but this has been answered only with more abuse and injustice. Said Governments and ruling classes are not recognized by the Eternal God or the Sovereign of this Local Universe, and thus are unfit to continue in existence on Urantia.

They have been warned time and time again, and solutions have been sought to try to solve the spiritual problems faced by Urantia, but the persistence of evil and sin forced the Eternal God’s hand and has now caused His direct intervention to eradicate evil from its root, with the disruption of normal evolution of Man on Urantia as an important consequence.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Ascending Mortals of Urantia, assembled with permission of the Sovereign of Nebadon and with the Eternal God’s blessing, Declare in His name that Urantia is to be forever free of evil, sin and iniquity, as well as of the rule and abuse of oppressors and tyrants. That no more shall the Eternal God’s plans and decrees be disrupted, and that the memory of the grand deceiver Lucifer, be forever confined to oblivion, as well as the deceiver himself already has been. We have prepared this Declaration for the good and well-being of all mortals on Urantia, and in recognition of the Eternal God’s Love for all of them.

Drafted by Thomas Jefferson with the help of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and John Adams.