2013-06-02-The Theater of Life

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Topic: Theater of Life

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Jack, Athena

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Good afternoon, this is Merium. Hi! I wasn’t going to tell you who I was, just because there has been this talk about whose words matter what, and what you want is the message and the messenger is no matter. But I thought again and determined that the show must go on -- the theater of life as it is given to evolve as a reality with you, its players, and audience as well, but also, of course, those who deal with sets, lighting, props, costuming, advertising, managerial concerns and so forth. Life’s a stage and we are all players. This afternoon I am in the company of Athena, a celestial artisan, who has been influencing my presence.

0802-AB Jack here.

Reneau: Hello!

JACK: I just let the girls go so I could bulldoze my way in here to visit for awhile. Hello, yes.

Reneau: Do you have words for us, Jack?

JACK: I probably do. I usually do. Reneau: Jack, can you give us any possibility of rain?

JACK: There is a possibility of rain, yes. That possibility will be sustained throughout the monsoon season.

Reneau: Oh, good. It’s so dry. (Pause) Our monsoon season? Or somewhere else?

JACK: Your monsoon season. That’s the one you’re worried about, isn’t it?

Reneau: Absolutely. Look at that poor stressed pine tree out there.

JACK: That pine tree is dying of old age.

Reneau: Probably dying of lack of water, too.

JACK: I am reminded of when I first started communicating with mortals several decades ago, and how many hours of enjoyable chats we had as we grew along spiritual lines until such time as we were able to carry on a meaningful conversation. I’m certain there are those who might conceive of that comment as being quite critical or demeaning somehow, but that’s not the case at all! The process of trying to make contact with the consciousness of humanity has been a long time coming! We have watched evolution take place. We have played our part in it. And we have somewhat of a good perspective on things -- at least as far as our level of it is concerned.

I admit that there are levels of concern on many other planes and for many other personalities in service to the universe, but that’s okay. As long as I am doing my job where I am, I am doing what I am supposed to be doing at this time and place in the eternal now -- as if I could be anywhere else, or if I felt I could be anywhere else, I would perhaps be gone by now already, but it seems for one reason or other I am copasetic with where I am.

Reneau: Well, we’re happy to have you, too.

JACK: Well, I am glad of that. It makes our communications flow much more easily when I am in a hospitable environment, as anyone would testify. Some people feel hospitality one way, while another might feel it somewhat differently, and so what is hospitality to one may be an uncomfortable comfort level, while for others it may seem exceedingly severe. Kind of like culture, they change depending on many things. They don’t live in the tropics like they do in the hinterlands, and yet those who find themselves in a place for a given period of time will adapt and take on the changes that are necessary to survive and thrive in the new circumstance. Some fare better than others. But this is all part of the process of living on the evolving worlds.

I’ve been here when it was a lot more primitive and probably I have developed a bit of a thick skin about some of the things I’ve seen. I am not saying I am not without acute sensitivity regarding things “spiritual,” but the material world in and of itself, the animal kingdom, as noble as it can be at times, and exquisitely beautiful, yes, is far removed from where you need to apply yourself. In other words, you need not worry about the animal level as did your ancestors; you have a whole different set of problems to deal with than they did and these problems are getting to be very sophisticated. They not only affect your senses, they affect your mind! And so your mind is being led around, bounced around, pulled and pushed and pummeled pretty much all day long. But you don’t necessarily notice because your adjutants are tending to that type of thing, that level of being.

Yes, indeed, I admit I was wool-gathering. I was remembering in the good old days of my contact with mortals what a long way we had to go before we got somewhere. We spent a lot of time fretting over stuff that was really a lot of filler in your life that wasn’t necessary at all, something that needed to be corrected, and as the Correcting Time continues, some of the others are learning some of the fundamentals of what it is to … to what? … to be human. I’d like to give it a little more than that, but that’ll do.

Reneau: What do you do all day?

JACK: Are you talking to me?

Reneau: Yes.

JACK: I’ve answered this question before, probably several times. I’ll give you a quick response. Maybe it will stimulate your memory. There are different kinds of midwayers; that is to say we are in different categories related to how we serve. There are communicators and guards and sentries; there are liaison personalities.

Reneau: Do some fall in the messenger category?

JACK: Yes. But there is a communications category that we fall under, those who are designed to communicate with the races, and so we try to cultivate a relationship with you. Unfortunately, for a long time, you feared us completely, thought we were evil.

It’s remarkable how much you people fear evil and you don’t even know for sure what it is, but there is something in you that eats up fear like you should eat your vegetables. There is no need to relish fear the way you do. Fortunately, for most people, it is a phase in their life that they go through. Not everyone stays in that fierce fear zone, but it’s a rare person who leaves it entirely.

Fear is a natural part of you as long as you are human -- in the flesh, corporeal, temporal, finite. If you have a body, you are meat; you are prey. And as I was mentioning earlier, there are devices now that not only capture your attention and lure you by and through your senses, there are those who are able to induce your mind to take certain courses and directions, thus influencing your destiny, with or without your conscious awareness of what is happening. Some people would call it brainwashing; some would call it mind control; some would call it subliminal advertising, but it would be to influence you to think or do or say or believe or buy something.

You (“you” plural) can make your lives much simpler if you rise above the lower levels of comprehension and grasp hold of some of the higher levels of group function so as to encourage and stimulate that which you want to promote. Naturally, it is apparent when and what you promote because we can see the energy coming and going around these activities. We know where the wheeling and the dealing is going on. We monitor those areas. That puts us in the field. We may have a large territory or a small intense set-up, maybe one over vast periods of time and others short-term. It depends. We work for the seraphic planetary government.

Reneau: I’ve been following the situation in Syria. Is there going to be a resolution over there? Eventually? It’s been over two years!

JACK: You are asking me to get out my crystal ball.

Reneau: Oh. I was just wondering how negotiations are working, from your perspective.

JACK: Wait a minute. (Pause) I’m not allowed to answer that.

Reneau: Okay. Gotcha. Send our best wishes.

JACK: Indeed. The attitude of gratitude, or thankful positions, or happy accolades are always a breath of fresh air. It is not a very advanced world, for all of its technological wonders. There are some civilized areas, of course -- gracious, paradisiacal wonderlands of peace and harmony -- to help balance the dire, starving, needless, unjust, pitiful circumstances that are elsewhere. We work there, too. We are greatly benefited by the assistance on occasion of cherubim and sanobim, the lowest level of seraphic life, as well as the primary midwayers who also carry a great load of responsibility for uplifting these worlds that were led astray by the machinations of one errant Son who thought he knew better.

ATHENA: This is Athena, coming in in Jack’s stead. I needed to talk to you a bit about creativity, about creation itself, and about how it is that you yourselves are creators … not only creators in the sense of architectural design and construction, decoration and that sort of thing, but concepts, such as Jack indicated when he cautioned you to be mindful of them, being able to shape your destiny, and encouraging you to cultivate the gift of being able to affect the course of the destiny of others, and this is where creativity is most effective. It presupposes already that you are open to suggestion and without preconceived notions of how a topic can be portrayed, even solved or rectified, but it can do that, creativity can do that, and you then can become players in this state of being that gives off an energy that affects others. Thus you do have a responsibility.

You who have superconsciousness have a responsibility. And even though so much of it is speculation and can be said to be directed by many directors other than God, it is all a part of the theater of life and can bring about a picture, a pictorial or drama, or historical treatise that would teach and entertain and edify and thus give you cause to take a bow, in the sense that you had served and served well, based on the accolades you had received in the smiles on the faces of those who enjoyed your work. All this is part of the theater of life.

You have some say, although not complete control, over who you will allow to direct you, what stage, in what town you will play upon, what audience you will prefer, or better relate with. But it is still a play and “the play’s the thing.” It’s a drama … tragedy and comedy … romance and mystery … even side-shows.

It’s your nickel.
Win a prize.
Wear a costume!
But be wise.

Thank you for having me.


MERIUM: This is Merium. On behalf of Jack and our friend Athena, I am going to sign off for the afternoon with thanks for your company and hope for the future. Bye-bye!