2013-06-16-N. Idaho TeaM


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Topic: Value

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Teacher Gorman, LIGHT, Charles

TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Group Prayer: We open up ourselves that the light is able to touch those areas of darkness in our psyche, those places that don't get much air, those places that we've locked down with fear. We open all of this up to the effects of your light. We not only seek for this light, we beg its swift return. We stand before you today, firm believers in your light and in your love. We ask a unified voice for all people struggling with the human conditions of darkness seeking light, thank you.

We ask that you open our hearts to receive the love and healing that is coming to us, that we can become stronger to be of more service to all of our brothers and sisters as we move forward through these difficult times because it is our desire and our intention to be of service to you Father, Michael, Mother Spirit and all the many beings that are working with you towards the dawning of Light and Life. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you.

We thank you for your hands that extend and hold us up in times when we can't stand alone.

Divine Parents, on behalf of those who are not present with us this morning, we install them in our circle by virtue of our will and we would work together to direct and bathe the light of your love, the healing light on our brother Mark, that he has peace and healing in his throat and that all be made well and that he be strong in his faith that this is so. Likewise Divine Parents, we ask that you similarly bathe with light our member Mary who is not with us here this morning, that this week goes in for a biopsy to check for cancer in her throat. May your light surround them both and all of us and may we execute the faith that we are capable of having, so that we trust and believe, Divine Parents, in the truth that all is well, and so it will be, and to sidestep the wave of fear. Help us to have enough faith to just simply let it go by and not wash over us.

Help us to shine our light out onto the world to bring the healing.


Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends this morning, it is I, Gorman here to step in and to share a few words in support of the conversation this morning, the crux of that conversation being value, what is value, and more specifically, what has value. What on one hand seems treacherous to one, on another hand may seem valuable to another. It is what the moment demands that is valuable, and I mean in the sense that in a moment of clarity you are able to see, comprehend the value of things. It is like the song says, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."

This is like value. When you see that you have made a mess out of your life, in that moment you see the one redeeming salvation of your life and it is valuable and it is God. The value connects you to the greater sense of being. You could all walk around in a sense like you had a million dollars in your pocket. It is like an attitude, it is a sense of being, it is a feeling of value, it is a secure, comfortable, trusting and warm feeling, it feels good. Value makes you feel connected, not necessarily special, just connected, acknowledged. Value makes you sense that what you are seeking and what you are believing somehow brings circumstances into your life in a way in which nothing else can.

Value brings you to the point of seeing, that what another person needs is more valuable that (than) what you have, an opportunity. The value is the ability to see the truth in something, the worth of something. You cannot necessarily place value on earthly things. It is true that you need these earthly things, you need resource, you need commodities, and just like in a spiritual life, in a real life you want things that you put into your body to have value. You want the things that you use to live your life to have value. Value brings meaning because it connects you to a greater aspect of yourself and this is [in] a spiritual sense.

Even negative things have their value. All things have value. The greater mind of the universe believes that what has happened on your planet, though negligible, has potential value, value that can only be learned in the lessons wrought in your daily lives. But it is like anything, there is only value in good advice if you follow it, otherwise they are static words, nothing more. But if they enkindle the fire of courage within you, you may take these same words of advice and turn them into a great resource for yourself. This was definitely true when the Master was here and advised his fellows and followers of the Fatherhood of God and the spiritual vision of the brotherhood of man.

Jesus understood the value of what was coming to the planet, the indwelling of Thought Adjusters in humans; this divine spiritual gift, like a newborn child, was released into the minds and hearts of all men from that day forward. All of you know what value is. You have value in your soul, in your lives, in your relationships, in your relationships with others and the relationship with the spiritual self, with the human self. There is tremendous value in life's lessons. It is the process which is valuable, not necessarily the result. You really have no recourse to define the result, to even own the result. It is the process that you own, it is the process that you have, the process of life, the momentary and daily devotion. This is what you have and this is your value.

I thank you for allowing me these few words. I will allow this platform for others to speak to you. Thank you very much, have a good week.

Light: [Cathy] I wish to join with you in this circle of love and light. I bring also the strength of the Father's love. Together we have great capacity to reframe the situations of this life and bring the darkness into light. I have learned much about faith from my creation. I have continued to bring with me this aspect as I have grown and developed. It is with much gratitude that I bathe you in light and healing as we gather in the nest we have created together. Through our combined faith and commitment we can reflect healing out into this needy planet. Let's proceed with love to shine forth the Father's light.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles here, delighted to be engaged with you again this morning. Let's talk more about inherent value and where it is found in any given circumstance or situation. Let's consider the act, for instance, of forgiving. The greatest value contained in an act of forgiving is not to the one who is forgiven, not to the one whose perceived transgressions are absolved, but to the one who develops the strength of character to be the one to absolve another in their own perception of transgressions and thus forgive them.

This journey that is taken, of forgiveness, is of greatest consequence, has the greatest meaning and value to the one who has the harder time of doing the forgiving, the one who must extend the greatest effort and overcome the more challenges and being the one who rises above the circumstance and apply the greater awareness and understanding and thus come to the point of real forgiveness. The one who has the position of being forgiven is not nearly so impacted by the process. They may not even be truly aware of the process yet they facilitate the process. But the ones who must rise to this challenge and must come to the point of true forgiveness is the one who has derived greatest meaning and value. Once having arrived at this place of forgiveness, then the one who has been forgiven is shown an expression of grace as a result of the efforts of the one who has come to this point of forgiveness.

And so, throughout this journey of relationship between two individuals, there have been layers and layers of meaning and value to be taken from this circumstance. So it is with all these journeys of spirit, these expressions of ones individual spiritual awareness. So it is with the act of loving and being loved. The one who does the loving rises to the great experience and is then expressive of this value that they have learned and the one who then is loved receives this gift of grace and is transformed by the expression of this higher value having been expressed.

Every time one conducts themselves with conviction of faith, there is another great opportunity to derive meaning and value for circumstances before you may appear overwhelming and dark and foreboding, even full of fear and doubt. Therein lies such great opportunity for one to rise above the circumstance and view it from on high, from a place of faith and having done so, to manifest this awareness of faith in an expression of conviction which transforms the very circumstance and demonstrates to others the value contained. Whether it is the value of perception, the value of awareness, the value of process or the value of expression of these attributes, there is always much meaning and value to be derived simply by virtue of the process.

So in this way, I invite you to look at the phrase "fear not" because each and every one of these circumstances has what you might refer to as "the silver lining." Surely they may appear as clouds on the horizon, each opportunity, the opportunity to forgive your brother, the opportunity to love one another, the opportunity to navigate through injustice or even evil, but each one of these clouds contain the silver lining of the process that it brings to you, the opportunity to rise above the muck and mire of the circumstance and view it from on high from the greatest perspective you are capable of, and having done so, even if nothing else happens, there has been great value and great meaning inherent in the process and you as an individual have embraced the opportunities that these storm clouds bring and you have grown and changed as a result of your willingness to bring faith into the equation. This faith gives you the power to rise above and see from on high the greater mean ing and purpose of the circumstance.

Perhaps the purpose may be simply to provide contrast, to nudge one in the direction of choice and so, one should be thankful for such contrast. Perhaps it provides the opportunity to take action if one is so motivated in the leadings of their heart and one should be grateful that a circumstance arose that prompted you to act in faith. For without these clouds that roll over the horizon, wherefore would you find all these silver linings? So even though it may appear dark and stormy and there may be fear and anxiety associated with this unsettled pattern, I invite you to see that each cloud has this golden opportunity, this silver lining present and to go seek it out, take it in, absorb it and utilize it to propel your spiritual growth to yet even greater heights.

One day you will look back and see all these challenges as the gifts they are rather than viewing them as the burdens and struggles of a mortal life, but this may take some application and time before you are able to truly perceive this as is often the case when one is in growth mode. Only upon reflection can you truly glean all the value and meaning that was contained in the opportunity or circumstance you find yourself in. But fear not, as the Master has said, because fear, as was mentioned, detracts you from the mission of finding the silver lining, the value and meaning contained. It acts as an even greater stumbling block and one would do well to have a greater command over the influence of fear in your lives.

This too is a lesson and has great meaning and value attached to it, to learn that one has the choice over entertaining this fear, embracing it, bringing it in or sidestepping it, allowing it to pass, acknowledging it but not engaging it, being in awareness of it but rejecting it. How else would you have these fertile opportunities for growth were it not present in your experience.


Thank you for the opportunity to shed some more light on the mortal and spiritual perspectives. I can assure you with words that all is well and getting better but you will not know the certainty of this truth until you have had some lapse of time and embrace of greater experience. But, perhaps such words may build in you a greater faith, may bolster your courage to move forward in faith and to be at peace in the process and to more and more each day, fear not. I pray that those with ears to hear take these words in and let them nourish their soul.

And now I take my leave in gratitude of the opportunity provided. I benefit greatly in my spiritual growth as well from this process and I stand in gratitude for the opportunity, good day to you all.