2013-09-03-Truth Will Find the Way

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Topic: Truth Will Find the Way

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Truth eventually finds its way to the hearts of men. All of you have an Internal Compass guiding you towards truth. All of you also have a Revelator who is constantly offering higher truths and advanced understandings that can only be perceived when you open to spirit. This way, through the efforts of human beings filled with curiosity and faith, the realities of spirit start manifesting little by little in this world.

“Many of you have read the documents of Urantia and have marveled at the truths you have discovered in those pages. Your spiritual influences have validated many of the ideas presented in the book, being a testament to its authenticity to your mind, your heart, and your experience. However, you should not forget that the book contains very little revelation. Most of the truths expressed in the book are the records of the understandings and the personal revelations that many human beings have experienced. The book is only a collection of the highest spiritual human thought until that moment.

“Some of you have discovered how far a curious mind, motivated by faith and by the desire to be closer to the Father, can reach in the understanding of creation and the purpose of human life. None of these things were created to be a mystery. They were not intended to be kept hidden from humanity. The issue is that very few souls in this world venture to think independently and do not even consider the possibility that the Father is capable of communication directly and without reservation with each one of His children –just another expression of His unconditional love.

“The greatest revelations that will give purpose to your life and the great truths that will help you understand the mind of God better will not appear in books, nor will they be told by a voice thundering from heaven. The truths you need for your life and that will be beneficial to all will be found in your own mind and your own heart, when you decide to make a connection with the divinity that already inhabits you and to establish a relationship of trust, friendship, and true love with your Creator.”