2013-11-04-Your Responsibility as Universal Citizens

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Topic: Your Responsibility as Universal Citizens

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “You could separate the development of an evolutionary world into two big stages. The first one takes place during the times when evolution occurs naturally and it ends with the appearance of creatures with the capacity for moral choice. The second stage starts with the growth and development of human civilization. The only difference between these two stages is that during the first one it is nature who leads evolution. In the second stage, the inhabitants with superior mental capacity and spiritual potential have as much influence as nature in the development of planetary reality, even becoming up to certain point independent of nature as civilization advances.

In this moment, Urantia is experiencing a transition period towards the second stage. You are starting to assume control over everything that happens in your world and the weight of this sacred responsibility has not yet been awarded the necessary importance in your minds. Many occupy themselves in manipulating the natural resources to satisfy their immediate needs and the needs of their group, without a second thought about the consequences for the future. This is the typical outcome of a society where the technological advances greatly surpass the spiritual advancements. The majority of you think only about the material and the immediate, happily forgetting your responsibility as universal citizens of building a reality that promotes the ideals of the Creator.

Your technology advances with great steps but the challenges that you must overcome seem to become increasingly more complex. This should be enough to suggest to you that your failures will not be found in science, politics, or any other material discipline. Even now, with your current level of development, you already count with everything you would need to solve the most urgent problems in this world. What is missing is the discipline to search individually how to become better, how to be the best each of you can aspire to be. You need the ‘hunger for rectitude and thirst for justice’ that inspire you to pursue perfection and consecrate your life to the will of your Father, which is the best path of all.

Understand once and for all that this world will not change until each and every one of you has changed. If you truly wish to do something to improve your world and end all suffering, wars, and all the problems you see out there, make an effort to find the voice within your being and follow His advice to become one more agent for the creation of a higher reality. Nobody can make another human discover her hidden divinity, since it is an individual task and a glorious enterprise each one must begin on their own. When the hearts of all human beings overflow with love for their neighbors, the problems that now seem too great will be a thing of the past, and the true age of light and life would have started in this world.”