2014-01-03-Soirees into Morontia-ville


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Topic: Soirees into "Morontia-ville" and Consciousness

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Hello, my friends. This is Merium, indeed, here to join your party. You know how I love a party! Elena: It is so good to see you, Merium. MERIUM: And we are glad to see you. It has been a long time. It always seems a long time between visits. Elena: It does, indeed.

MERIUM: I won’t harangue you about the value of good habits, only encourage you to drag us around with you more consciously, and instigate these soirees into “Morontia-ville” more often – Moerontia-ville being a place where we gather. Rumi speaks of a place in the field, in the clearing, and invites us there to gather and we do. We also enjoy meeting here in these classrooms between fellow students and the Parent Teacher Association.

What a lovely season it has been, all in all. I wanted to spend some time today with you on the merit of having a divine life. I think I’ll let perhaps Tomas deal with it.

TOMAS: Greetings. This is Tomas. [Elena: Hey, Tomas!] TOMAS: I hate to disappoint Merium but I am not prepared to hold forth on her suggested material. I would like to discuss with you something else. [Take a deep breath, Gerdean; we’ll wait for you to catch up.]


I wanted to talk a little bit about the mind, and the sundry parts of the mind, in terms of what you experience when you attend such gatherings as these. It is so little understood by the world at large: by your peers in the world, and your associates in kingdom-building. Yet lightworkers far and wide have been tapping into another dimension and feeling the effects of higher vibrations, because, in part, of the revelation but also because of the times in which you live.

It is a time of reawakening, and so new perspectives will be applied. It is necessary, in order to encompass as great an expanse of time and space as your consciousness can allow. You can see further back into history now; you can see further into the future now, and so the very dimensions of your perceptions are changed now from when. … 50 years ago?

The mind is – and we have discussed this, the mind, many times – the mind is an incredible gift bestowed upon the mortal races of time, to enable them to adapt, advance, function and progress, egging evolution on, eventually and ultimately to god-consciousness itself. And so the mind, although as yet imperfect and incomplete, nonetheless serves.

The subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious all participate in the consciousness of consciousness, that super-consciousness which is your place in the universe, your contribution to the divine, your point of reference, your niche, your right to be here, your inheritance as a child of God. What a triumph to become a child of God, in this period of time through which you have evolved, from the time of life implantation, through the ages and ages of development: physical, chemical, mindal, even spiritual. And so we meet at this place, this morontia-ville, to begin to assimilate and accept the truth that as you evolve into a fifth epochal dimension, it is not only possible for you to have developed some morontia reality but anticipated, and after the many set-backs this particular world has had, we are particularly rejoicing in the steps that have been made over the past few decades.

So I would like to mention today that when your mind opens on certain concepts that enable you to feel enlarged as a conscious creature, guard against the fears and insecurities that will come to pass – either from within your own fear-based existence, or from that of others’ who fear your willingness to take risks of a faith nature - beware of that tendency to pull you back into conformity. Refuse to let fear paralyze you from doing what Spirit would lead you to do. Being lifted up and led by the living God is not a mere metaphor; it is the basis of existence of all that is. Trust it. Depend on it.

The mind that you were given to help you here on Urantia in this life, will not survive. Even now it is falling away in pieces.

Elena: Because we’re getting older, you mean, or …?

TOMAS: Those pieces which served you earlier but have no reason now to remain. They are relics of a long time ago past which no longer concern the needs of the day. Picture Pie Town, and any early community with the anvil and washtubs and fences. See those windmills, barns, become as postcards of another time; they fade from view, become nostalgia. They take with them, when you leave them, memories … details of relationships and environments that, while of value in the process of experiencing the life, need not remain when life’s lesson has been learned. There are new lessons ahead and in existence. And so your mind will simply stop lugging a lot of stuff around. It will retire portions of itself until eventually you will be living on the cosmic mind, the divine mind, the morontia reality that you are becoming.

Don’t think you are there yet! So I don’t want to see anybody strutting around telling folks they have lost their mind completely and have become infused with cosmic insanity; it confuses the issue and draws negative attention to these otherwise profound and evidentiary expressions of personality that constitute your being as a cosmic citizen.

Your only fight is the good fight of faith, the fight against fear. Don’t allow fear and your own belittling or the nit-picking of others get to you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Rise up. No excuses. Live. Live as if God was in your presence all the time, every minute, even now, as He is, He does, and He will, every day, as is his contract with you -- to secure eternal life for the both of you as one. We’ve already begun…. We begin again …. We will persevere …. And at each step of the way, we are encircuited by and witnessing ….

That will suffice for me this afternoon. I know that you fluffed up the pillows, Elena, but I seem to have gotten them all bunched up again. Let me give this back to Merium. She seemed to indicate she wanted something said.


Elena: Yeah, but before you do, Thanks! I mean, this is good stuff! I’m really grateful. If feels wonderful to have you and-- But thank you so much. Happy New Year, dear Tomas.

TOMAS: Happy New Year to you, too, jolly one. I am glad you enjoyed my New Year’s message.

Elena: “Trust it. Depend on it” I mean, it doesn’t get better than this! That’s’ good stuff! “Live! Live as if God was with you every moment.” Great stuff! So thank you.

Phyllis: And my gratitude is for “Don’t let the nit-picking get to you.”

Elena: Yeah!

Phyllis: We need to be reminded often.

TOMAS: Every day it seems you need reminding; some days more than others. Well, I am glad to have had this time to spend with you, daughters, and I will see you again anon. Amen and farewell.

MERIUM: And I will be glad to sweep in to the space he vanished from….

Elena: You can fluff now, to your heart’s content!

MERIUM: I shall swish my skirts and raise the dust and dance as I do.

Yes, I guess I wanted to spend a moment on Consciousness. But Tomas rather adeptly tied it into his words. I really have nothing exciting to add. I do hear there is a question floating around. Some one of us has asked about finances—seeking financial counsel of some sort. Would you like to add to that?

Elena: Well, my friend says, “I’m very uncomfortable with the way I am handling my finances; I need some guidance on that.” And I’m speaking for him now. I know that he is very intent on being successful at helping others through this clinical massage, but he also has a need to be a bit more financially solvent than he currently is and I didn’t know if that was a question to ask or not but I told him that I would ask. So, he was hoping to have financial guidance, and speaking for him, that’s the best way I can say it.

MERIUM: That was well put. Let me see if there is anyone here who would like to address that. (Pause) No one is running up to volunteer. [Laughter]

Elena: Well. Maybe when he comes himself.

MERIUM: The fact that the purpose of the teachers is to stimulate the soul’s growth, seems to point to the soul of the questioner as much as to the question, inasmuch as the question is a reflection of the questioner, and without feeling the soul, without discerning the energies that reflect the emotional part of that situation, it would be a crap shoot to try to guess.

Elena: So when he comes, …

MERIUM: Yes. He best will reflect his concerns to which we might give a meaningful response.

Elene: Then if I might ask another question, because you wanted to talk about consciousness. I feel that I have made a lot of progress in getting much closer and communicating with my divine self, but I would so very much like to be more conscious of that, and I don’t know -- stepped up the process --but on the other hand, it can happen today or tonight as far as that goes, but if there is something I could do better. I’ve been paying better attention – better than I had been, but your feedback on that would be appreciated.

MERIUM: Consciousness is at least a big a topic as personality. It could take the next two years to come to a thorough understanding of character and consciousness, sociology and consciousness, creativity and consciousness, but consciousness does indeed incorporate it all, the full Monte, the whole nine yards: the subconscious, unconscious, conscious, hyper conscious, super conscious, and Lord knows what other consciousnesses they have not singled out to give a name to, to study. We perused a new book today having to do with the difference between the male mind and the female mind, and you do understand being students of the Urantia text, that the minds of men and women are different, they operate on different circuitries and so they cannot understand each other; they must transcend their differences in order to function maximally.

This really is the challenge in a nutshell as far as minds are concerned. You have around you those who are functioning on the most base animal level, enjoying the guttural grunts of the beast. You have those who have been brought to their knees and have risen to the challenge. You have the used and the users, the abused and the abusers, the givers and the takers, the secular, the sacred, and the profane all and many more types and kinds of consciousness and personalities at different levels of consciousness, of awareness, of themselves, of others and of the relationships that exist or do not exist among and between them.

With such an array of incompleteness and imperfection, it is almost impossible to find those minds which are sufficiently compatible to be able to transcend their obvious differences in an appreciation of those things they have in common which provide a healthy sense of fraternity. There are of course those who hang together because they each provide an excuse for the other and their behaviors. But you also have those who bring out the best in each other. The discernment of these many types of personalities, with their associated consciousness is something your psyche is busy with all the time. The first adjutant mind spirit is automatically assessing circumstances so as to assure your survival. The other mind spirits are constantly functioning to lure you into those experiences which will call forth that n you which will benefit from the experience and apply it to your experiential wisdom. So a natural part of your life is making mistakes and learning from them.

You must make the choice and then destiny will attempt to accommodate your choice but if it goes against the grain of deity consciousness, it will fade away; it will become tied up in itself such that it cannot move, cannot advance, inviting stalemate. But at any point you can withdraw your consciousness and make another choice, a choice that gives you the spiritual liberty to follow the wiser course being revealed to you, so that you need not destroy yourself in the process of creating yourself.

I fear you have had a double whammy.

Elena: Well, it isn’t …. I don’t think it was what I was asking, but maybe I was using the wrong words. I mean, it’s good stuff, but I feel I’m kind of on a path that is making a better connection or striving to connect with that part of God which is inside of me, which I am calling my divine self, and I would like to be more aware and in more contact that I’m conscious of, or more aware of that is more recognizable. or more tangible. I don’t know … I suppose …

MERIUM: Yes I understand what you are saying, but let me add this to my earlier words. This could be just a new tier to learn the value of another truth. You may be being a new generation seeker of signs. If you want to see God working in your life more often, you need to will that to happen.

Elena: I think I am, so thanks for the encouragement.

MERIUM: Yes, and I don’t perceive you as merely repeating affirmations, but actually discovering the miraculous.

Elena: Well, do you have any advice for me?

MERIUM: There will be times when you will have no contact whatsoever and no consciousness of contact. You will be acting totally on faith. And perhaps you are beginning to experience some of the earlier preliminary lessons leading to that. Yes, it is so much better when you can be aware of God all the time, to see the twinkle and feel the warm fuzzies, to have the confidence and the assurance in your heart and in your soul such that it is virtually tangible, palpable. You can organize your life in accordance to divine pattern, and then there are times when you have no idea what’s going on, where you are, what for, or who cares. Keep going anyway. You are being stretched. More is being expected of you so that you can do and be more than you would ever have expected of yourself. Have faith. Trust the process. Believe.

What about you, my lovely Phyllis? Have you questions or concerns?

Phyllis: I do have a couple of questions but I’m not sure they are appropriate. One, is there is anything more we need to know about radiation at Fukushima and is there anything that we as people [???] understanding?

MERIUM: What an interesting pendulum your clock provides, from one extreme to the other; from one side to the other you swing in perfect harmony and grace; from perfection to disaster without losing a stitch. No, I am not going to focus on the travesty in Japan; it is a wound upon the world which will suffer but will teach bitter lessons, much like the plague or smallpox was a stimuli to the research and vaccines that curtailed its wrath. Peace in our time is still a little ways off, and these are the kinds of side effects of hostilities.

The opposite side of that is the opposite side of your question; what is the best for everyone -- the peace that passes all understanding – selflessness -- love for one another in the most meaningful sensem that being the father/child relationship, the care that goes on between the elders and the children. Humanity must grow up and as it grows up, its institutions must grow up. And not until they begin to act parental toward their own mother earth and its denizens will the battle be won.

It is not your battle, but it is one that affects you and one that you can influence. And we do that by setting forth that which is right -- true, beautiful and good - as well as do-able. If it isn’t doable, it can’t be done. Only can and will it be done when its time has come. This is a part of the long struggle of evolutionary existence. Lessons cannot be learned without a struggle, especially if you are not willing to learn from the experience of others. And everyone is subjected then to those in a position of authority who essay to determine the rules by which you will abide.


Someone really must come in here and throw these pillows around for me. It gets very weighty very quickly. Your minds, hearts, souls, suffer under a heavy weight. Gird up the loins of your mind for fruitful service and for joyousness for there is great joy in knowing who you serve, and what for, and with whom. What a profoundly satisfying luncheon, ladies. This has been a very good way to launch the New Year.

Elena: We could not have had better company; thank you so much. Did you have a message for Gerdean?

MERIUM: Dear daughter, Gerdean, you will take these words to heart. They speak to your lament about your daily struggles fighting this disease you carry, understanding that you do not do it alone, but that you are accompanied by spirit reality. God himself witnesses your experience and rejoices in the clarity of perspective you provide for the Supreme. Great is your reward in heaven, even today, as you see Him and the Divine Minister at work in you and through you.

Happy New Year!