2014-01-12-Focus on Rehabilitation


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Topic: Rehabilitation

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come together today as one heart, one intention, and we thank you for connecting us in your ONENESS that our heart energies and thought energies may be directed towards the furthering of the Magisterial Mission and the unfolding of your divine plan upon this world. You know the incredible changes that need to be conducted here and of all the challenges that we face. As the light continues to shine upon this world, shining upon the error and the corruption, help us to overcome that and move into the victory of your plans being implemented here. So as we open ourselves to you, we thank our helpers for stepping into this circuit as well to assist us and to direct us where we may do the most good in service to our brethren, to Michael, to the plans of correction into this world. Thank you. May your will be done.


SERENA: Welcome, everyone, to our Magisterial Mission call today! This is Serena and I am here today to conduct the energies for your focusing efforts. As some of you may be aware, I am the liaison and Chief of Staff of Monjoronson to the mortals of this world. I am here to facilitate what is now streaming in from the higher realms of the Cosmic Mind into your energy systems that these energies may be translated into various frequencies that will up step you in ways that will support your transformational efforts and serve as a springboard for more of the energies necessary for the materialization of the Magisterial Mission.

Your participation is very valuable to us. We endeavor to reach many humans to encourage them to open to these currents of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE that is helping the Urantian consciousness outwork the energies of the rebellion. Much of what is occurring is behind the awareness of your consciousness, and yet you know that something is growing, something is changing, and that it is no any longer the old status quo mentality that is operating—there is another channel, another current of thought that is creating a major wave upon this world’s consciousness, and you are contributing to this wave that is now ready to become a larger wave. Not just a ripple, but a mighty wave that will help your brothers and sisters open to the LOVE of the Father within them.

To that end then, today we invite you to focus on what has been provided to you by means of support through the endowment of the energies of REHABILITATION, which was begun last month. Take a few moments in your own heart to feel your need for the REHABILITATION of this world, and in terms of your own REHABILITATION, what you would like to see rehabilitated within your own being. Let this word then settle upon your mind and heart and let it speak to you as we come close to you and support you through these circuits. Receive us and receive this energy of REHABILITATION. (Pause)

This world is very precious. Much is being provided to you to help you deepen and further expand your connection to this world. As these rehabilitative energies minister in your minds, let your love deepen for this world. Is it precious to you? Do you wish to participate in greater service towards its rehabilitation? Let your hearts open! Let your motivation and desires to serve expand! For it is in this expansion that you will be able to apply more of these rehabilitative energies, not only for your own lives, but into the planetary fabric of consciousness in the various ways you are guided.

What we seek are those individuals who have the highest level of devotion and dedication toward healing and transformation. It is the desire of the heart, not just a construct or concept of the intellect. Those of you participating in this forum have, by and large, already answered this question. But you can always go deeper in your desire and motivation, and to begin catalyze those potentials of spiritual growth and action that are seeded deeply within your beings. As I speak these words, continue to focus on your motivation to serve and the need for these rehabilitative energies to move deeply into the deepest core of your being. (Pause)

We are here to support your efforts, large and small, to be of service to your brothers and sisters. We invite you to prioritize that as the highest and most important activity of your lives, for in so doing, this world will receive more support from us. The time is upon you when you have many wonderful opportunities to share the good news with your brothers and sisters. Truly it is a ripe time for gathering and to work in these fields of transformation.

So when you look at your brothers and sisters before you, simply have that attitude of service. Sometimes you will have no need to speak any words, as it is just a matter of letting the energies from your hearts to touch theirs. We invite you to practice this more, to speak less, to love more. In this way, more circuits of LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE can be connected between you and another person or persons, and the Spirit can operate, sometimes beyond your language. But it is the language of the heart, and it is nurtured by Spirit, and it is the motivation to be of service that calls in the Spirit.

As you practice this each day with your brothers and sisters we will meet you there, and you will gain much joy and experience in ministering in the Spirit. Continue to receive as these words and energies of REHABILITATION strengthen you for the coming tasks at hand. (Pause)

We invite you to move focus over to the world. As you have done in the past, project that line of energy from your heart to the globe and visualize the REHABILITATION energy to spiral around the globe in a counter-clockwise ribbon from the North to the South Pole. As you do this, feel your love for your world, especially to let its preciousness speak to you. This will help your own connection to the planet be augmented and motivate you to catalyze those potentials for more devoted service. (Pause)

Circuits of MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, DIVINE JUSTICE are all parts of this REHABILITATION energy. So let your hearts be full of joy as you continue to project this desire from your heart for these energies to be more tightly woven into the fabric of your world’s consciousness. (Pause)

There are mighty legions of angels who are preparing certain circuits to open to receive these endowments that you are co-creating with us; places where there has been much resistance to opening to Father’s LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE. So feel your love for your brothers and sisters who are still in resistance. Let your desires for them to be free of their burdens be a part of your hearts focusing now. Feel your desire for your resistant brothers and sisters to open to the power of MERCY and FORGIVENESS, especially forgiveness of their actions—self forgiveness—that they may receive MERCY and open to Father’s LOVE and the better path of RIGHTFUL ACTION.

As we have invited you to do in the past, project your gaze—your focus—into those areas, circumstances, conditions of planetary life where you would wish to see healing and transformation occur. We will follow your gaze and focus and minister with you into these areas of planetary life. Take your time. You may visit as many locations as your wish. What we encourage you to develop in focus is this fervent desire and passion for healing and transformation to be seeded in these places. (Pause)

What you are providing is a necessary means for human will to come more into the divine dimension. As you focus upon these various places and circumstances, ask for more celestial and angelic support to poured in, and especially to be applied upon the resistance that more hearts may open to the Father and His LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE. (Pause)

We will conclude by lifting our gaze combined together to our Paradise Creator Deities. Join with me and our celestial host spending our final moments together in worship. Let your hearts open to the joyful appreciation of trusting in the Father’s plan being implemented here on this precious world.

Father, receive our acknowledgement of your divine plan streaming forth from your domain of perfection to embolden and enliven the children of this evolutionary world. We thank you for your plans of creation, for the development and ascension into the ways of Light and Life. We give you thanks for the children of this world who are participating with you in this undertaking as it is so rightly your will and your way. Receive our appreciation, Father. Thank you. (Pause)

My dear sisters and brothers, let us turn our gaze to Urantia, and see it resplendent in the GLORY of Paradise. One day this world will truly reflect that in her own unique way. You are establishing more of those seeds of potential in helping the foundation to gain strength for the Father’s WILL to be more fully implemented here through the lives of the children of this world.

As we have encouraged you in the past, we invite you to plant these seeds of Paradise GLORY into the earth plane. You may wish to visualize yourself standing on the earth and the words PARADISE GLORY are being infused into the earth. You are taking great care and time in planting these seed words into the soil upon which you are standing, and the Father’s GLORY is shining upon you, moving through you into the earth, helping these seeds catalyze and activate. What is contained in these seeds of PARADISE GLORY? Well, it will be your joy to co-create with your indwell Father Fragments. Spend a few moments seeding in this PARADISE GLORY and know that you are a part of it.


May the GLORY of the Father and all of His creation stimulate new potentials of devoted service within you. During your stillness practice, spend some time focusing on these REHABILITATION energies and know much is occurring. You are all moving into something much larger than you can even imagine. Transformation is upon you, my dear brethren. Let it carry you into each day anew, expanded, and ever more aware of the Father’s LOVE alive inside of your being. Good day.