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Topic: Dr. Sadler's Journal

Group: Serara.org


Teacher: Gabriel

TR: Ron Besser


I have at my disposal those passages selected from a destroyed Journal belonging to Doctor William S. Sadler, as he wrote them for his own memory about events of his life as a Doctor of Psychiatry and heart specialist that he shared with his Lena Sadler by his side. For those who would like to read about his life I recommend this brief biography on Wikipedia

These passages do not exist on real paper in my library, but they do exist in the Salvington records of the details of the coming of the Urantia Book to our planet with the direct knowledge and help of Dr. Sadler and his family and in-laws, the Kelloggs.

Today, started quite normally, but within 15 minutes arising from sleep and being dressed, I was summoned to the computer to take dictation from Gabriel of Salvington, ostensibly to take down a brief broadcast from Michael of Nebadon for an announcement he wished to have distributed. That turned out to be a ruse for something a little more substantial. Salvington wished to have me write out a little pre-history to the publication of the Urantia Book as it was prepared in Chicago, Illinois by the Doctor Sadler family.

In my preparation for what they delivered to me, I have to thank all of the celestial guard and their helpers to get me to sit still while this Paper unfolded. It is not my customary concern to ask what they want to do, but in this case I wondered why the secrecy of what they wanted me to do? No answer was forthcoming then, but several hours much later, I learned that Doctor Sadler finally consulted Michael of Nebadon to have him portray some of the background information partially disclosed here.

They (meaning Serara and Machiventa Melchizedek) prepared me to stand by while the permissions were prepared on Salvington for Dr. Sadler’s choices to place some of the record disclosed herein and I dutifully took down the material he allowed out. That material was summaries of what he wrote in his Journal according to the dates shown on our title page above.

Unbeknown to Dr. Sadler and with his wife, Lena, by his side as this was put together, another player asked to be included– well actually two other players, who were part of and coincident with the dates these disclosures were made from. Mrs. Piper from Boston is one who volunteered to tell her side of the story as it relates to meeting Dr. Sadler in 1904. Mrs. Piper (d. 1950), for those who do not know, is one of the world’s outstanding mediums on the planet, and it is through her that the idea for the Sadler contribution to produce the Urantia Book was relayed. Her work was with the Spirit Guide, Imperator, which is both a collective name and individual name for a team of revelators from Salvington on behalf of Christ Michael in the late 19th and early 20th century Urantia. Imperator was the prophet Malachi, who briefly speaks to us within these pages too.

I am indebted to Michael of Nebadon for publishing my papers on Salvington so that many can read what is really happening on Urantia at least as part of the Urantia revelation. I claim no special effort on my behalf in those Papers, but they do reflect the turmoil and disclosures outside of the primary Urantia Book revelation at this time.

It is at this time I would like Michael of Nebadon to speak in this Introduction to help you understand why he is doing this for the readers at this time.

Michael of Nebadon: I am pleased to work with the Scribe as he pretends nothing more than what he is, and I am happy to tell all of you that this work relates to what I want known on Urantia at this time.

I am preparing to arrive on Urantia as Jesus as soon as Serara (Monjoronson to some of you) wishes the entire spectrum of revelation to be ready the moment he arrives in the flesh. That occurrence is now certain to be within months of the year we currently are in. In this decision to publish portions of the history through Dr. Sadler’s remarks in his Journal, I wish to make it clear that the Urantia Foundation accidentally destroyed the Journal in 1975, by firing up the wheel that they use to burn sensitive documents in those days. Christy had asked the Board to review the Papers to be burned and no one thought to check the bulky package on the bottom carton and up in flame went one of the most important historical documents on Urantia.

Therefore, to make this Paper worthy of attention, I asked Gabriel to help Dr. Sadler find the excerpts from our copy to place on the record through this Scribe at this time. I am grateful we have the Scribe because no one else is up to the task, and we will be making further disclosures when we think the time is right to make them.

I am Michael and I thank you for your attention.

Journal Excerpts

  • 1904-1925
  • Derived from Information Sent By Gabriel of Salvington, Malachi, Mrs. Piper of Boston

Gabriel of Salvington, The Bright and Morning Star of the Universe of Nebadon, and General of all Angelic Armies; I greet you!

I am Gabriel, and I precede all messages concerning the official acts of the Creator Son of Nebadon. In the past few years, I have been given the charge to see to it that all preparations are being made for the Second Return of Michael to Urantia as the beloved Jesus. Those plans are now complete and we are taking stock of all the things we require to proceed with the final stages before the Creator Son acknowledges the work and is ready to use it for his sojourn on Urantia as Jesus.

We wish to prepare the history of the past to be more fully told as these momentous events soon to appear prepare themselves to stand on that past history to bring the present to its place with the Urantia Book and all those who helped to bring it into reality. For this, I turn to Imperator of Stainton Moses guidance fame of well over a century ago.

Imperator is no longer Imperator, but he now assumes the leadership as the great prophet of Israel, none other than Malachi the First, since there were other Malachi’s who followed his fame. We are taking the liberty of using Malachi because the Scribe knew him and has spoken with him in the past regarding his attempt to bring a major revelation to England in the mid to late 1870's. The effort was thwarted by the news that Malachi did not find the time or place for the right vessel to take the information and follow through on its development.

Our work then had to be transferred to the United States. Malachi went to Boston to the great medium history remembers as Mrs Piper, who is yet of some considerable fame today among the specialists of history on Urantia. Mrs. Piper spoke to me recently and asked who the Scribe was that knew of the transfer and of the work that was being brought to her from England. We informed her of the Scribe and spoke of his work to the people on Urantia. She replied that she did not know what that meant but that she wished to see if she could work with the local universe Supreme to obtain some insight into the world of revelation that would make history on Urantia make better sense concerning the indicting of the Urantia Book. We have allowed her to fold the following message into this disclosure which is some of the unrevealed history of the Urantia Book from 1904 to 1925.

This Papert now centers on a recording of the former Mrs. Piper played back to the Scribe as she recollects the history of the beginning of the Urantia Book until the Contact Commission took over the work in 1928, and when Machiventa Melchizedek entered the picture.

Mrs. Piper

  • A Message to the Scribe of These Transmissions

The Experience I Had in Receiving Malachi and The Resulting Product Called The Urantia Book

I am Mrs. Piper. I recall that the last of the great prophets of Israel was brought to me by the one I then called Jesus who appeared one day in early 1904, on my balcony in a side street of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In this recording I am about to tell you that the last of my visions was on that day and that I heard a sound on the balcony that actually frightened me to the point I walked to the door to the balcony with a pistol in my hand.

When I opened the door, there stood a very real man to me who called himself Jesus. I did not immediately connect the historical Jesus with the apparition, but he insisted that I do so, and when I did, I nearly fainted with the pistol still in my hand with the lever cocked to fire. Jesus removed the pistol from my hand and after many apologies we got down to the business at hand. He laid the proposition before me as follows:

He told me that Malachi (then known as the spirit director, Imperator) was going to prepare a revelation about the universe and including the work of Jesus and the meaning of his life on earth. I was overjoyed to hear such a thing, but I also knew that there were other revelations being done in the name of Jesus, and I was concerned that I would be only one in a line of revelations that were not possible to divulge fully the life and times of Jesus.

In my work that day, I heard Jesus say that a large undertaking was in the process of being placed in the hands of people who would publish the large revelation for a later day. In this I was glorified in my own spirit and hoped that I could proceed with a little more knowledge of what they had in mind.

My thinking– or to say more directly– my mind was full of ideas, but I was instructed to follow what Gabriel would tell me as how to proceed. My mind was full of predictions and possibilities, but I never knew exactly how they wished to proceed, as I was instructed to turn over all methodological papers and notes to a Chicago person identified to me as one Doctor William S. Sadler. On one fine spring day in 1904, there was a rap at my door, and I admitted a splendid chap who identified himself as Dr. William S. Sadler.

He offered me condolences for the hour of his arrival, but, he said, “I had a train to catch in less than one hour back to Chicago.” I told him that I was prepared to stand with him in this endeavor and that I would make it possible for him to meet Michael of Nebadon when he was ready to receive instructions from me to him about what to do concerning the large revelation I was to provide as I understood it.

Our relationship turned business-like when he told me that he did not need me to proceed with the instructions, as he was receiving directions through a Sleeping Subject known to him and in whom he trusted implicitly. Then he turned on his heels and fled the scene. I never saw the Doctor again, but I did receive later telephone calls from him as the plot deepened.

Gabriel: This incident is spoken to in the Journal of Dr. William S. Sadler before it was destroyed by the Urantia Foundation in 1975. In this the individuals responsible felt they were doing “the right thing”, but we had asked before hand to one called Christy, that she would see to it that it was not destroyed so we could review the contents ourselves and leave it alone, as is, or destroy it on our orders. The Foundation personnel disobeyed and today we are left with a large gap in the history of the Urantia Book that is now going to be filled in with this remarkable Scribe’s ability to read contents and place them in the record below.

Dr. Wm. Sadler

  • The Years 1910 to 1925
  • 1925, December 31

I am in my study this evening, and I write what I hear in my mind as I write. It is extraordinarily difficult for me to hear what is being said, but I hear my name repeated over and over, and I wish it to cease. I am quite sure I hear my name called on high, but I do not understand what it is I am to do.

  • 1925, December 25,

In my heart I have decided to listen to hear the voice of God if I can do it. I wonder what they will do if I can not clear my mind well enough to carry off the idea that the voice of God can be listened to in one’s own mind? I recall last Christmas so well today, that I am wondering if I am the same person anymore? Could it be that I am writing my own obituary? It is deemed harsh to my mind that nothing is said in our Christian literature that such a phenomenon is possible even though Paul the Christian never tells anyone this secret of God communion. I wonder if it will ever be possible for me to hear Paul speak to these mysteries?

  • 1925, November 23

I am comfortable at last with the ideas that the Sleeping Subject [note: the Doctor used the full name of that person which has been hidden eternally as far as the contemporary public is concerned. It has not been divulged to the Scribe], is correct in what he transmits to paper while he sleeps. I can not for the life of me determine how he does it, or how it gets to the print he writes which is not in his true hand. I must therefore provide some test in order to make sure that I am not being hoodwinked into believing a fraud. In my estimation there is nothing he can do that will provide me proof of it unless God convinces me first that he is right in all of these writings.

  • 1924, November 21

Today I sit in a little rocking chair my wife, Lena, gave me last Christmas. I sit here pondering my life because I have been asked by one called a Melchizedek to take on a Christian revelation that I do not feel comfortable with. It is the same every time I hear the suggestion that I do something on behalf of the Church, the Church I abhor above all else and my affiliation with it for the early part of my life as a Doctor in a Sanitarium to treat tuberculosis. I now feel that my head is about to explode and I do not understand the depth of my depression at all. I have taken some spirits of oil of eucalyptsis, and it still hurts like a dagger in my brain.

  • 1923, November 21

My heart bleeds for the Sleeping Subject. I have seen him twice now since that first time in 1905, when I really thought he was passing before our eyes, so deep was his sleep. I am providing a brief description in my Journal here so I do not forget how this began.

In 1904, Lena Sadler and I were asked to visit a patient in our new apartment about a block south of my office at 533 Diversey Parkway. In that apartment, I heard what sounded like a yell and a bang. As I approached the apartment, I was sure there was battering going on and that I might have to call the police. At that moment the door flew open and the Mrs. shouted at me to hurry, because her husband had fallen into a deep sleep and she could not wake him. It occurred to me that perhaps narcolepsy was evident, but upon our examination, I found that he was just asleep.

[Scribe’s Note: I know that the timing of this visit with the Sleeping Subject is dated later by historians (they say between 1906-1911), and their traditional historical narratives exaggerate what passed between the Sadlers and the Sleeping Subject, as for example going so far as to state the voice of the Sleeping Subject suggested he was from another planet. Dr. Sadler has confirmed to the Scribe that this never passed between them although Dr. Kellogg swears this happened. The actual date of discovering the Sleeping Subject in 1904 shortly before he visited Mrs. Piper in Boston to receive instructions from the medium, as directed by his wife Lena who received this information from a note printed in pencil by the Sleeping Subject on a blank sheet of paper. The apartment the Sleeping Subject resided in was purchased in 1903 by Sadler’s brother-in-law, Dr. Kellogg at the request of Dr. Sadler, as he planned to use the apartment when he moved east as an office as well, but found the mansion for sale later at a reasonable price and took that as his office]

In 1905, Lena and I spoke to a doctor of psychiatry in Lebanon, Indiana. He spoke with me to teach me how to tell the difference between fake sleep and true sleep. I did not know the difference. He instructed me to watch the eyelids move side to side in a fake sleep, but in a true sleep, there is not motion of the eyelid. In viewing the Sleeping Subject, I ran into the problem of just why he needed such deep sleep, as I had determined he was not faking sleep.

In my estimation, there are only two reasons for the Sleeping subject to behave as he does. 1) He hates his wife; 2) He dislikes the light while he must concentrate to present papers to me, my wife, and my wife’s relatives. I finally have decided to write no more concerning this event because I suspect I will be badgered to release information I am still not sure about.

  • 1922, November 25

I am sure I have had a premonition of things to come. I swear I hear God speaking in my head, and that is difficult for me to assign good news as I distrust those who hear messages in their heads as I make them out to be either ill or unable to control the personality mechanism within the brain stem.

  • 1921, November 17

I am sitting here wondering what is happening as I have different chills up and down my spine and feel utterly changed in my attitude toward Mrs. Piper, whom I met in 1904.

I have never seen a good trance except in the Sleeping Subject, and even then I wonder why? The answer seems to lie in the deep sleep of the personal connection between the personality mechanism in the brain stem and the heart which is regulated by something or someone in order to bypass personality disputes between the giver and the receiver. In this I am sure there are good reasons for a trance now, but I still dislike a trance around me as I feel I am being watched from on high in a very analytical way. However, I must proceed with my work in the Forum established with me of my fellow professionals, and I wish them to continue unabated until I have some reason to call an end to it before it even starts.

  • 1915, November 23

I am almost sure I have a stomach ailment that is going to be a real humdinger. I called my wife to the study this morning, and I asked her what she felt I should do to relieve my stomach discomfort. She suggested Oil of Eucalyptsis, but I said that was too harsh on my stomach, and asked her what she though of praying for the end to the malady. She responded immediately and we prayed and, my God!, the stomach just stopped being a problem. I have now evinced my own evidence that something absolutely extraordinary was happening to me and my practice and my heart for God. In this I was estranged in my life by my son Bill this morning when he suddenly enlisted in the Marines without telling his mother or me.

  • 1913, November 25 (Thanksgiving)

Today, I am quite weary of the world. I carry no earthly need except to hear my own voice, and I‘d rather not. In this I am seconded by my wife of thirteen years although we had married young we performed a second ceremony to be sure we were married the first time, since I was truly unsure whether Mrs. White has the authority to marry us in the first place.

  • 1905, June 14

Today is my first birthday without Lena, who is never out side of my view for years. I am writing this in my new Journal which I hope records all that I have to do without going into details that are of no use to future readers of its contents. In writing this Journal, I intend to make all of what I do make sense since I seem to be involved with a project that is being brought to the United States from London, where a man by the name of William Stainton Moses is or had proposed work on a major disclosure for Jesus and the meaning of his life on earth.

  • 1904 April 07

This date represents my first meeting with Mrs. Piper in Boston, and I am unsure what value she is to my mission. We have recently returned from out west where I have resigned my positions with my employer, and now I am working hard to find another place although I have roughly decided to obtain an office in Chicago near the lake front. In any case, this trip to Boston leaves me somewhat tired and I am anxious to take the train back home and rest. My hopes are that the revelation will be a great success whatever it is I am asked to do on behalf of the Piper interests which seem to be connected to the medium Moses in London.


The Prophet of Israel and of the Tribulations of the year he spoke to the King of the Kingdom of Saul to later be known as Israel, and also to be later known to the Second Isaiah as the “Prophet of Old.”

I am Malachi and I salute the Scribe for taking this vast enterprise on well before we were prepared to speak to all of you about how the Urantia Book came into existence from England to the United States, and then eventually to the world at large.

In my preparation for revelation with Stainton Moses, I made the mistake of having him listen so intently I could not get him to easily work as he more and more wished the social aspects of flirting and remorsefully abetting one you all know as Emma Hardinge Britten. These two personalities were excellent transcribers and mediums, but terrible users of the language of love between them, and they since have met again on the mansion worlds to take on the teachings they were supposed to do on earth.

In passing I wish to congratulate Dr. Sadler for his choice to write a Journal even though it was destroyed without permission.

I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to Michael of Nebadon for allowing me this one last message to all who have followed the past stories about how the Urantia Book became a real book for publication. In this I am assisted by Mrs. Piper, and her work with me in Boston. I therefore now stay attuned as Gabriel confers the final step in the story through this Scribe.

Gabriel of Salvington

I am Gabriel. I wish to narrate a small part of the story unknown to all of you since you are not familiar with the process of revelation as it comes down to us to implement it.

In 1910, the heart of the world was swooned by none other than Houdini who proclaimed he could undo any knot presented to him and underwater no less. In 1915, Dr. Sadler was persuaded to see Houdini and related to him that he would appreciate if he, Houdini, would sway people who attended his soirees to obtain an affidavit stating that all of the work of the Houdini troupe were bound by secrecy to hold nothing more than their breaths when underwater, and that no special arrangements were made with other human agencies or even with the supernatural.

In that conversation with Houdini, Dr. Sadler told him that he was partaking in an extraordinary work for a book one day, and he would appreciate hearing Houdini’s side of the story meeting the devil. Houdini complied, and spoke at length about Caligastia and how he used Houdini to set up the apparatus that would astound the audience at his shows. In telling this, Houdini clearly stated that he refused the request of Caligastia to hold seances in which he, Houdini, would receive information to help his show succeed even more.

Dr. Sadler spoke no further about the incident, because there were reasons afoot to prevent further discussions between Houdini and Sadler. It was deemed dangerous and not of use by Michael of Nebadon to include Sadler in the success of the Houdini shows that eventually, although accidentally, ended the life of the showman known as the Great Houdini due to a body blow by an over enthusiastic admirer.

In 1939, Lena Sadler died of breast cancer, and it was at the time he fell ill beyond the ability to reclaim his life momentarily. In that year, the lady doctor had forewarned her husband to take particular care not to become involved in disputes involving the revelation and the Forum. She warned her husband on her death bed that the time was coming to be challenged in his work as head of the Forum, and that he would be subjected to the likes of Caligastia in order to kill the cooperation that would produce the revelation in a book form. While the Papers had already been received, addition parts of the book showed up in 1935 and in 1937 a complete revision was ordered as in 1942 when the draft was finalized.

Mrs. Piper

  • Her Relationship to Dr. Sadler

I am a spirit medium. I was so on Urantia, and I am so on mansion world four. I work with Stainton Moses and Emma Hardinge Britten on the mansion worlds to teach the ability this Scribe already has.

I knew Dr. Sadler briefly. I knew him as a gentleman of great promise, but I feared for his life as he went about the world with a big stick to knock down seance rooms and expose the frauds of which there must have been millions.

His work was described to me as both petulant and boorish to my style of humanity. However, it was noted to me that he had the ear of the Creator Son, and while I knew him as Jesus, he never told me more than to say that Jesus was at the foot of all that was transpiring. I took him seriously and I waited for him to produce a small book which I could read, lay aside, and then go on to the business of my chattel which then consisted of my husband William.

In my endeavor to meet Sadler, I was accosted by Malachi (Imperator) not to issue any statement until I met with one Dr. Pearson.

[Scribes Note: There is no Doctor Pearson, but there is a Pearson Magazine published before 1910 and with whom she had a publishing relationship including writing retorts to unfair criticism by hostile clergy.]

They (Scribe: Personnel at the Magazine? It is not clear yet who is aiding her. It could be one of her Guides when she worked with the Imperator group.) told me that the house Sadler lived in (533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago) was haunted, and that I was not to further engage myself with the doings at that address.

I relayed this information to Dr. Sadler by telephone in 1907, and he told me to get out of his way while he reconstructed the bottom floor for his offices which later were turned into a meeting room along with other facilities. I then met Dr. Pearson at one of my Soirees, and he told me that the life of the Sadlers would be difficult unless they removed that visitor living there after death.

I persuaded Dr. Pearson not to invoke the clause we worked with to keep us both honest and fair to the public, and that was not to say anything unless provoked by unfair criticism. I am not sure how this all went off, but I can tell you that the last time I spoke with Sadler on the new telephone gadget, I could hear in the background a voice I attributed to the displaced person in the Urantia grid [Scribe: This is a term not originally known to Mrs. Piper but that I asked this term to be inserted in her place of the term, the “outer fringe of life after death”. The Urantia grid is a mind/ life support area on earth for the morontia soul for those who must then decide to rise to the Light presented to them by the angels and where they are then transported to the mansion worlds for resurrection or the resurrectional sleep].

The “Grid” was not my choice of words as you know, but since the world is changing so much I am happy to use the term here, and I understand it is to be taken down when the Creator Son arrives in his Second Mission to Urantia as Jesus. Nonetheless, I heard Dr. Sadler say on the telephone that he could hear another voice, and I concurred. It was then that the black gauze of death proceeded over my face and I exclaimed for the Doctor’s health to relieve the entity of its misery and bring its cause to the Light. Dr. Sadler was beside himself and refused to move beyond his placement at the telephone. I immediately contacted my spirit guide to ask for a hearing before the Court to adjudicate whatever was there with Dr. Sadler.

As I later understood when I arrived on the mansion world myself in 1950, that Michael of Nebadon was preparing to extract all the left-over World War I abductees out of the Grid for resurrection. In this I concurred with his actions and made my Spirit Guide release me from his hold [Scribe: I.E. go over the head of the Guide and directly engage Michael on behalf of the entity] and to bring Michael in his place. Michael held me well, and together we prayed to Father that the misery of the one caught in the Grid would be dissolved and released into the Light.

At the moment of dissolution of the entity-like creature, I heard what sounded like a loud pop or bang, and immediately I received the vision of a child, the actual creature who inhabited 533 Diversey Parkway. I am a woman of great ability in the psychic realm. I hear and see things no one else does, and when I heard the loud sound, there appeared a sweet picture of a little girl who showed signs of great harm done by a shell that struck her dead in France in the Franco-Prussian War.

Dr. Sadler was out of his mind. He was aware of a big sound in his ear, but he saw nothing or heard no explanation. While I could hear on the telephone his concerns about what I was saying, I was treated to a vision in which the room Dr. Sadler was in was being healed. By that, I mean any effects of a living entity, even a small child, was corrected so that the Doctor could proceed with his work in the revelation away from these influences. This was the last time I spoke to Dr. Sadler and I wished him well in his work for the bringing of a large revelation to Urantia.

Doctor Wm. S.. Sadler

I am the individual who speaks to you today as I was spoken to in 1912 by the little girl Mrs. Piper has told you about. Her name was Liseé Montobaun [Scribe’s Note: I spelled the last name dictation phonetically as no direction for the spelling was given for it.]. Her life story flashed before my eyes that day, and I heard her cry for her mother and her father. Her life was forfeit on earth, but Michael lifted her to the Light and today she resides on Mansion World Four, as she has grown so rapidly in the love of the Father, she is nearly ready for fusion today.

In my experience with Liseé, I must tell you that I never heard the sound Mrs. Piper did, but I did hear Michael at that date exclaim that she was released for ascension, and that her life was not forfeit by the whims of Caligastia. I am never to find her guilty of anything either, except there is left in my memory on the mansion worlds, that she had something to do with my fright of spiritualism, and that I must be careful not to overdo her (Mrs. Piper) work as it affected me that day. I am never far away from Liseé even today, and Lena and I have somewhat adopted her life to be around us as we work through our term on Mansonia.

I gave my wife, Lena, a stipulation that if I could not agree to the book work, that she could take it on herself if she wished to do so. She said she would take it on only if I consented to participate, and so we left the question wide open until events cemented my desire to write a book about the Sleeping Subject.

The Sleeping Subject worked at the Chicago Mercantile Board, and in his heyday was known as one sharp mathematician. He died peacefully years after his service and before the Urantia Book was published. All ought to know that, and he was mostly unaware of his contribution to our work in the mansion.

Gabriel of Salvington

I am Gabriel of Salvington. We have provided our readership with more information than is available even in the spirit record mansion world residence may receive. It is our hope that we soon may develop a regular discourse about the production of revelation, and how man himself is part of the disclosures.

Christ Michael

We conclude this romp through a partial disclosure of the events leading to Chicago as the place to reveal the work of the Urantia Book. In this brief Paper we have upset some of the standard traditions used by Urantia Book historians, but that happened because there is no real work available to check against to obtain the facts that led us to De. Sadler.

Much more could be written, but we have curtailed this Paper to a minimum of disclosures to ensure that there is plenty more to tell the readership when the time comes to say more about the history of the Urantia Papers disclosures.

May all be in my peace.


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